We look forward to working with you to shape the future of Léogâne!


About the Workshop

A team of professionals from the United States led by the University of Notre Dame is partnering with the citizens and leaders of Léogâne and others working throughout Haiti to develop a Master Plan to rebuild the city. This process began with a planning workshop March 15-18, 2011. The workshop discussed the needs of the citizens of Léogâne in the areas of:

· Roads, Water, Storm Water & Sewer

· Electricity & Communications

· Education

· Housing

· Planning & Zoning, Downtown Development,

  City Wide Development

· Economic Development

· Public Services (Trash, Police, Fire)

· Health and Medical Care

· Human and Cultural Capital


while also considering central issues of transitioning and long-term sustainability, within the context of the community’s rich culture and religion.


Please RSVP. If you wish to participate or would like more information, contact:

How to get involved?

This meeting is open to all individuals and organizations who wish to participate in this process.


March 2011 Workshop Flyers


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We would like to thank everyone that worked hard and made the March workshop a great success! Although there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, it was a very productive week and a step in the right direction towards the rebuilding of Léogâne.  For those of you who participated in the workshop we ask you to please stay involved, as your input will be valuable.  Please check this site frequently as new information will be posted regularly.


Click Here for the information from the March workshop!