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Welcome to our site! The Chemistry Graduate Student Organization (CGSO) is a group of graduate students within the Chemistry and Biochemistry department of the University of Notre Dame. Since CGSO's inception in early 2014, we have provided a solid foundational front for ND chemistry graduate students to organize and unite in many endeavors.

Our aims are multifaceted, including professional development, social interaction, and departmental service. Our main goal, however, is to act as a buffer between the department's adminstration and our graduate student population. We therefore seek to communicate as a united and cohesive unit to efficiently disseminate our collective views/opinions within the chemistry and biochemistry community here at Notre Dame. The CGSO is designed in such a way as to include all divisions within the department (organic, inorganic, biochemistry, and physical/analytical). All chemistry graduate students are welcome and encouraged to participate!

2014 STEM run
This could be yours! Join the CGSO, BGSO, and CBEGSO for the 2014 STEM run! This race will take place on campus Saturday, October 18 at 10:00 AM. There are two race distances: a Pi K (3.14 kilometers) and a Mole K (6.02 kilometers).

Registration is $15 and includes a sweet t-shirt! Register here!
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ACS on Campus - Notre Dame
ACS on Campus ACS on Campus is coming to Notre Dame Oct. 7th - 8th, 2014.
Since ACS runs one of the most prolific chemistry publishing groups in the world, it will be an excellent opportunity to learn all about the publishing process straight from the mouths of ACS editors (Wed, Oct. 8th, 900 AM).

The ACS network is enormous, meaning that a little bit of networking at this event can go a long way. There will be plenty of networking opportunities throughout the event, including a networking science cafe on the 7th (in the evening) and a networking lunch on the 8th.

Science careers that focus on industry and non-traditional paths will also be discussed (Wed. Oct 8th, 1245 PM). You’ll not only learn about bench scientists, but also chemists who work in management, patent law, regulatory affairs, technology transfer, technical communications, and information science.

Register (for free!) here!
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