Book for Math 20550, Fall 2013

We be using Stewart, Multi-variable Calculus, 7th Edition. Moreover we will be using the online homework provided by the book publisher for the 7th Edition. For the first two weeks access to the online hw and YouBook will be provided for free (from August 27 at midnight to Sept 10 at midnight). Access does not begin till August 27 at midnight. It is suggested that one delays buying anything till a week or so into the fall semester. After that period there will be several options available to obtain the requirement material:
  1. If you have Calc I or II at ND in the past few years then it is likely you have access to the needed online homework problems on EWA and have a book with the required material. When you sign up with WebAssign be sure to use the same username as you used in the past. This will also provide you with access to the YouBook. If you want/need a paper version of the book follow the suggestion below.
  2. At the bookstore you can buy a paperback (Hybrid) book and access to online homework and YouBook (e-version of the paperback book) (In fall of 2012 the price was $171.75). (Calculus: Hybrid Ed (w/Access Code) ISBN: 9781133112716)
  3. At the bookstore you can just buy access the online homework and YouBook apparently till the end of life of the 7th edition (about 3-4 years) (In the fall of 2012 the price was $82.75). (Calculus: Early Trans Hybrid Ed (Access Code) ISBN: 9780538738071)
  4. You can also buy online access and the YouBook directly from Webassign for access for one semseter or for access for the life of the 7th edition, about 3-4 more years. (Last fall the prices were $75 and $110.)
  5. If you want to have a hardback book, you can get a used 6th edition of Stewart Multivariable Calculus. The difference in content bewteen the 7th and 6th edition is minimal. They can be found for $20 on the web.

Tutorial for Math 20550, Fall 2013

You must sign up to the tutorial associated with your lecture. I.e. if you sign up for Math 20550-05 you should also sign up for 20550-51 or 20550-51. If you have an unavoidable conflict talk to the instructor.
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