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Circle K is Notre Dame’s largest student-run service organization! We provide transportation to over a dozen service projects every week, which involves sending out hundreds of students to help, volunteer, and teach with some of the most incredible people and worthwhile organizations in St. Joseph’s County. Come to our bi-weekly meetings to sign up for projects and learn about opportunities for service and fellowship!

Notre Dame Circle K is associated with Kiwanis, an international service association, and is connected to other collegiate service clubs through Circle K International. Notre Dame Circle K strives to uphold the tenets of Circle K International, which are Service, Leadership, and Fellowship, and is defined by Circle K's motto, "Live to serve, Love to serve!"

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  • Circle K District Convention this year is February 28 - March 1. Please contact an officer if interested!
  • Come out on March 20 from 6 to 8 PM to help and have a great time! Activities could include running a carnival booth. Please sign up here.
  • Please come out and join us for this special events! It's from 5 - 7 PM on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The sign-ups are located here.
  • A great event to build connections with fellow Circle K members and members of the community! If you're interested, please email our Fellowship Chair: Hilary Johnson (hjohnso6@nd.edu).
  • The March of Dimes is this semester! More details will be posted here as the event draws nearer.
  • Please come out on March 4, 2015 to help out with cuddly puppies! Please sign up here.
  • Please come out on February 14, 2015 to help Circle K! Please sign up here.


Help immunize mothers and babies at risk for MNT!


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