Circle K Celebration cake The history of Notre Dame Circle K is integral to understanding where it is today. Circle K has a fairly long tradition at Notre Dame, though the club has had a number of stops and starts. The current incarnation of our organization was chartered in 1995. Prior to that, Notre Dame had a club at various times, though the dates are not clear. In 1987-88, Scott Bearby of Notre Dame became just the second International President from the Indiana district. As of 2003, Bearby is still active in Kiwanis, serving as the Circle K Growth Team Coordinator for the Indiana district. Two ND students were Indiana District Governor in the time before our current charter: Thomas Schnellenberger (1975-76) and K. Scott Bicha (Connolly) (1985-86). Other than that, we know little about this period and efforts to gain information from Circle K International have failed because they delete information on clubs when they cancel their charters.

On Sept. 12, 1995, Notre Dame Circle K, sponsored by the South Bend (Downtown) Kiwanis club, was re-chartered by Brian Cullen and Ray Petrino. They envisioned the system of service that we enjoy: one where there are many projects at many different times. This, they felt, would attract more members, which would allow for more projects and greater flexibility for members. This was a novel idea at the time since most Circle K clubs did (and still do) a few projects a month and most Notre Dame service organizations either had a similar format or concentrated specifically on one or two projects. Notre Dame Circle K, as we know it, was born at this time.

Our founders Brian Cullen and Ray Petrino Though the club began with just a few people, by the end of the 1996-97 year, Notre Dame Circle K had an amazing 108 members. The following year, Notre Dame had more than 140 members, earning the award for World's Largest Circle K at International Convention. At this point, Notre Dame Circle K was one of the most respected clubs in CKI. The founders' hard work and big dreams paid off as proven by the current club of over 200 members performing enormous amounts of service throughout the South Bend community.

Member support, active officers, and continual dreaming and improvement of the club will allow Notre Dame Circle K to grow and serve South Bend for years to come.

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