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What is Notre Dame Circle K?

The short answer: the largest service organization on campus. It's led by devoted board members, more than 30 service loving project commissioners, and over 40 awesome dorm/college representatives, and we all agree: Circle K is a fabulous part of the Notre Dame experience. Last year alone, over 500 members completed 11,800 hours of service with Circle K. With over 30 weekly projects with transportation provided, it's an easy and commitment free way to do service. Explore the rest of the website, send us an e-mail (, or talk to a board member for more information.

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What is Circle K International?

With headquarters in (believe it or not) Indianapolis, Circle K International (CKI) is an organization for college students interested in serving their communities. It's sponsored by local Kiwanis Clubs (our sponsor is the South Bend Noon Club). Circle K spans all 50 states and 15 countries. This year, you could join 12,000 other students in the world's largest collegiate service organization. Learn more at the CKI website (

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How do I join?

You just show up to our meetings! They're held every Sunday at 7:00 in the Notre Dame Room in the second floor of Lafortune and usually last no longer than half an hour.

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How much commitment is involved?

As much as you want! You want to occasionally attend a project as your schedule allows? Great! You want to commit to attending a project every week as a commissioner? Awesome! You want to be a club or even a district officer? Very cool! We're happy with whatever level of commitment you choose.

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Does Circle K provide transportation to all of the projects?

As the largest service organization on campus, Circle K works closely with the Center for Social Concerns (CSC), which reserves vehicles on our behalf from Vehicle Transportation Services. While they must pay for the vehicles, they provide us with the vehicles free of charge. For this reason, it is important that if you have a vehicle signed out through Circle K, you use it! Otherwise, the CSC charges us for missed vehicles. Providing transportation to all projects is an integral and unique part of NDCK that aids in making service as easy for you to do as possible.

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Why would I pay dues?

To start, dues are not a requirement of Notre Dame Circle K, but they are a requirement of Circle K International to become an official member. The dues are $15 - if you pay your dues, we cover the costs of certain events for you. To give you a better idea of why you would want to pay dues, here's a quick real-life story: Imagine you just finished up your dream job interview. It was a complete success and your hopeful employer loves that you were a part of Circle K in college. As part of a routine check, he or she calls the CKI office to check your resume. You were a great unofficial member, but you did not get those dues into the treasurer. Your name is not recorded in the CKI database. Due to an "untruth" on your resume, you are not wanted with the company. In other words, dues are important if you want to be an official member of CKI. Important: because we do not want to charge people to do service, you are always welcome to do service with our club, dues paid or not. However, if you are looking for a resume booster, pay those dues! Plus, with dues comes a great t-shirt and loads of other membership benefits, such as:

  • Conventions (You get the chance to explore Indiana with some fellow CK Domers)
  • Job listings on the Circle K job board supported by Kiwanis International (Need employment? Kiwanis can help!!)
  • Membership to an international organization (Dues help to support less financially stable Circle K clubs in Africa, South America & elsewhere in 15 nations around the world)
  • Name recognition and a resume booster (it's not a reason to do service, but it's a plus).
  • Financial support from Kiwanis (Think The Apprentice song in your head)
  • Circle K International grants to clubs for large-scale service projects (Need an extra bit of cash for a service project? Circle K has got your back.)
  • Discounts at businesses such as OfficeMax and Better World Books(15% off all copies at CopyMax!!)
  • Right to vote in our club elections (It's even more exciting than the US Presidential election).
  • Insurance (A US$1 million liability insurance umbrella and a US$5,000 per incident medical insurance policy covers Circle K members during club activities and projects)
  • Leadership positions at the club, district, and international level.
  • Scholarships (Circle K International and the Kiwanis International Foundation offer nearly 50 scholarships to Circle K members each year. Plus, the Indiana District hands out 5 additional scholarships.)

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What is the board?

The Board of Officers for Notre Dame Circle K consists of nine dedicated members each year that lead the club. There are six elected positions (President, Vice President of Service, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Comissioners, Secretary, and Treasurer) and two appointed positions (Publicity Officer and Electronic Publicist). The final position is the President Emeritus, which is the president from the previous year. In recent years, the board has been expanded to include other positions as well. Check the officers page under 'Members' to see the current board positions. Officer elections are held every year at the beginning of February. If you're interested in running, contact the club president.

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Are there any other leadership positions?

Yes!! In addition to the board, we have dorm and college representatives, each of which assist the club with publicity in the residence halls and classroom buildings. Finally, the project commissioners commit to going to a project every week. Their responsibilities include driving to their project and turning in service hours to the Vice President of Membership.

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What if I miss a meeting but still want to do a project that week?

In the occasion that something comes up and you miss a meeting, have no fear! You can still sign up to do a project that week! All you need to do is check the calendar page to see what project you want to do, and then go to the commissioners page to see what commissioner is in charge of that project. Then, you can e-mail the commissioner and let them know you would like to go.

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How do the Club, the Indiana District, and Circle K International work together?

The foundations of CKI are, of course, the individual clubs and members. Each club is grouped into divisions led by a lieutenant governor. The clubs in our Lake Region Division are ND, St. Mary's, IUSB, and Tri-State. There are 13 clubs in the Indiana District, including ND, St. Mary's, IUSB, Tri-State, Ball State, Butler, Depauw, Indiana University, IUPUI, Manchester College, Purdue, Rose-Hulman, U. of Evansville, and U. of Indianapolis. We're led by our Lieutenant Governor, Kelsey Gower. Finally, the International Board leads all of Circle K International. It's comprised of President Josephine Lukito (SUNY Geneseo), as well as a Vice President and 9 trustees. Each district is assigned to a different trustee, who visits and advises the district throughout the year. Look for guests from the international and district boards at our meetings!

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What exactly is the "Kiwanis Family"?

Circle K is only one level of a huge international organization. The "parent" of it all is Kiwanis, an adult service organization comprised of nearly 300,000 members worldwide. Kiwanis focuses heavily on the youth of the world, and they play a special role in developing future generations of leaders. K-Kids clubs at the elementary level, Builder's Clubs in middle schools and junior highs, Key Clubs in high schools, and Circle K clubs at the collegiate level are all Kiwanis-sponsored organizations designed for community service and leadership development. Additionally, Aktion Clubs are made up of adults with mental and physical disabilities who enthusiastically perform service to help others. Together, there are over 600,000 Kiwanis family members in 92 countries.

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