Dorm Representation is a great way to get involved with leadership positions in Circle K! Dorm reps play an easy but vital role. They are responsible for club publicity in their respective dorms. This means that they hang posters and make announcements at the dorm's hall government meeting. This publicity is how the word is spread about Circle K. Dorm reps also answer any questions that people may have, or refer those questions to other people if necessary. Even if there is already one for your dorm, feel free to email any of our officers to discuss becoming one. There is no such thing as too many dorm reps! Don't be shy!

Alumni Hall: Chris Ferari (

Badin Hall: Julia Le (

Breen-Philips Hall: Amy Wang (

Carroll Hall: Rachel Thome (
& Kaitey Dages (

Cavanaugh Hall:

Dillon Hall: Chris Cortonica (,
Ben Gunning (
& Justin Brill (

Duncan Hall:

Farley Hall: Catrina Shaughnessy (
& Jane Coughlin (

Fisher Hall: Philip Wilson (

Howard Hall: Helen Zhang (

Keenan Hall: Billy Munch (

Keough Hall:

Knott Hall:

Lewis Hall: Maria Moreno (
& Emma Cooper (

Lyons Hall: Rachel Thome (
& Kaitey Dages (

McGlinn Hall: Christina Kappil (

Morrissey Manor: Sreeraahul Kancherla (

O'Neill Hall: Chris Mahen (

Pangborn Hall: Lindsey Paris (

PE Hall: Claire Troia (
& Monika Spalinski (

PW Hall: Tera Kavilaveettil (

Ryan Hall: Sarah Boegner (

Siegfried Hall:

Sorin College:

Stanford Hall: Diego Valenzuela (

St. Edward's Hall: Esther Lee (

Walsh Hall: Karmela Dalisay (

Welsh Family Hall: Bridget Galassini (
& Briana Nguyen (

Zahm Hall: Caroline Park (

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