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Application No.             Filing Date                                 Title

10/953,567                      09-30-04            Method and Apparatus for Separation and                                                                    Filtration of Proteins and Nanoparticles      

10/965,834                      10-18-04            Method and Apparatus for AC Electrospray

10/965,781                      10-18-04            Method and Apparatus for AC Micropump

11/117,632                      04-29-05            Method and Apparatus for Rapid Particle                                                                       Manipulation and Characterization             

60/655,437                      02-24-05            Integrated DC Pump/Electrospray

60/655,436                      02-24-05            Nanoencapsulation Electrospray

60/682,419                      05-19-05            Microneedle Mixer and Separator

                                      06-23-05            Nanotube Electrophoresis
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