The cornerstone of the geochemical focus is the ICP-MS lab. We have developed new techniques for accurate and precise determinations of high field strength elements (Zr, Nb, [Y], Hf, Ta, Th, U), an important group for determining petrogenetic models, and also the platinum group elements (Ru, Rh, Pd, Pt, Os and Ir: PGEs). The PGEs are present in ultra-trace abundances in geological materials (parts-per billion or less) so require careful analysis.  All of my students are required to master ICP-MS analytical techniques. 

Papers resulting from this work:

Chazey W.J. III, Neal C.R., Jain J.C., and Kinman W.E. (2003) A reappraisal of geochemical reference material BHVO-1. Geostandards Newsletter 27, 181-192.

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Ely J.C., Neal C.R., O’Neill J.A., and Jain J. C. (1999) Quantifying the Platinum Group Elements (PGEs) and Gold in geological samples using cation exchange pretreatment and Ultrasonic Nebulization Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (USN-ICP-MS). Chem. Geol. 157, 219-234.

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