Welcome to the Embedded System Design Group at the University of Notre Dame

More than 90 percent of existing computer systems are embedded systems consisting of both hardware and software components. As we are marching forward in the 21 century, embedded systems will permeate into every aspect of our daily life. Advances in process technology and ever increasing demand of smarter, cheaper, and power-conscious embedded systems have fueled the needs for better methodologies and tools to design, analyze, implement and deploy such systems. Our research group focuses on studying various problems related to embedded system design with emphasis on issues related to performance, energy consumption and reliabity.
Current Research Projects

   Temperature-Aware Resource Allocation and Scheduling (TARAS)

   Energy and Performance Optimization for Real-Time systems 
   Application Specific Acceleration Techniques  (ASAT)
Funding Sources

   National Science Foundation 

     Design Automation Program (Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award)

     Embedded and Hybrid System Program


     Embeddable Systems

   Sandia National Laboratories

     Compting Research

   Army Research Office 

   Hewlett Packard 

     Research Laboratories at Bristol, England 

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