Group Brief

TARAS &ndash We are a collaborative research group that focuses on scheduling real-time tasks on thermally constrained systems. Both uniprocessor and multicore systems are considered. The goals are to maximize system lifetime and work completed. Both classical optimization techniques and heuristic approaches are being used to solve the problem.


                   University of Notre Dame                    Xiaobo Sharon Hu
                                                                                   Tam Chantem
                   University of Michigan                         Robert Dick
                                                                                   Yun Xiang


This collaborative research effort attempts to develop algorithms for temperature-constrained embedded real-time systems on both uniprocessors and multicore systems. Due to shrinking device sizes and increasing transistor counts, most chips now have high power density, temperature, and hence shortened lifetime. Since it is expensive and impractical to design packages and cooling solutions to handle worst-case thermal profiles, we must rely on temperature-aware design techniques to reduce system temperature. We propose several algorithms to minimize or constrain processor temperature, both optimal and heuristic.


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