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Unless otherwise indicated at the end of a particular contribution, the contents of Common Sense are not registered with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Readers citing such contents in other works are requested to provide proper attribution to Common Sense. (Whenever possible, we would appreciate receiving a copy of the citation and attribution for our archives).

Articles should be about 1200 words in length, while letters to the editor should be no longer than 500 words. All contributions must be typewritten (and artwork camera-ready) and signed, although names may be withheld from letters upon request. All contributed materials must be received by the tenth of each month in order to be considered for inclusion in that month’s issue. Please send all contributions one of the addresses above.

The editors appreciate receiving ideas and suggestions for the improvement of Common Sense. Fire off a letter and let us know what you think.

As a truly independent publication, Common Sense relies on the generosity of its readership. Even the smallest donation, made payable to Common Sense and sent to one of the addresses above, will be greatly appreciated. For donations of $10 (plus $2) or more, we will send you (or the gift subscription recipient you designate) each issue published within the following twelve months.