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Hi my name is Braaaaaak!!

Brak says you'd better have a listen to these sounds! For those of you who are wondering, Brak is one of the hosts of Cartoon Planet, along with Space Ghost and Zorak, and one of the funniest guys currently on TV. This page is somewhat of a tribute to him. Cartoon Planet can be seen on the Cartoon Network.

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If you need an audio player (and you are using an IBM compatible machine), I recommend downloading Goldwave, a truly excellent sound editor. It will let you convert my sounds into a format you can use.


Even more Brak sounds are on:

Desch's Second Sound Page

Unfortunately the Desch can no longer take requests, as I have no way to get sounds from my VCR to my permanent memory space. But hopefully I have enough here to keep everyone amused for a while! If I ever figure out what to do, I will let everyone know!

Cartoon Planet Sounds:

  • Brak
  • Brak and Zorak

  • Brak and Space Ghost

  • Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak

  • Star Wars Sounds

    Other Sounds Which I Deem of Value:


    This all new section is dedicated to my favorite Brak or Cartoon Planet related links, and also to anyone who has a link to this page.

    Special thanks to the owner of the Brak Sounds Page for providing most of the Cartoon Planet sounds on this page. I feel I should mention that the Cartoon Planet sounds are probably copyrighted and owned by The Cartoon Network.

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