Left to right: Boyoung Yoo, Jennifer Long, Huili Chen, Prof. Tijana Milenkovic, Fazle Faisal, Yuriy Hulovatyy, Lei Meng, Vipin Vijayan, Joseph Crawford.



Prof. Tijana Milenkovic


Ph.D. Students

Joseph Crawford (Recepient of a Deans' Fellowship; ISMB 2014 Travel Fellowship)

Fazle Faisal (Advanced to Ph.D. Candidacy in May 2014; IBM Research Internship in Summer 2014; ACM-BCB 2013, ISMB 2014, and ACM-BCB 2014 Travel Fellowships)

Yuriy Hulovatyy (Advanced to Ph.D. Candidacy and gained M.Sc. degree in December 2014; ISMB 2014 Travel Fellowship)

Lei Meng (Co-advised with Dr. Aaron Striegel; Advanced to Ph.D. Candidacy in May 2014)

Vipin Vijayan


Undergraduate Students

Huili Chen (Recepient of a Reilly Center Dual Degree Summer Research Scholarship, 2014 and 2013)

Jennifer Long

Boyoung Yoo (Recepient of NSF REU Supplemental Funding, 2014 and 2013; ACM-BCB 2014 Travel Fellowship)


External Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Yihan Sun (iSure Program with Tsinghua University in China, Summer 2013)

Han Zhao (iSure Program with Tsinghua University in China, Summer 2012)


Former Undergraduate Students

Taryn Green (Recepient of the 2014 Steiner Award -- the only Winner in the Department; Recepient of a Grace Hopper Conference 2013 Scholarship)

Casey Hanley

Antwane Mason (Current Ph.D. Student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Vikram Saraph (Current Ph.D. Student at Brown University; Honors Senior Thesis, 2013; Recepient of a UPE Scholarship; ISMB 2014 Travel Fellowship)

Ryan Solava (Ph.D Student at University of Notre Dame; Recepient of a Notebaert Premier Fellowship)

Nicholas Taylor