Architecture in the Museum: The Corinth Temple Exhibit

    Entrance to the exhibition.© Robin F. Rhodes 2007. All Rights Reserved.

One of the most significant results of the Project has been the creation of a major exhibition of the 7th century BCE temple on Temple Hill at Corinth, entitled The Genesis of Monumental Architecture in Greece: the Corinth Project. Designed and directed by Robin Rhodes, it is an interactive, interdisciplinary, multimedia presentation of Rhodes's reconstruction of the temple and the process of that reconstruction. The temple is examined and recreated through casts of original blocks and tiles, an interactive computer analysis detailing the logic of the temple's reconstruction from its fragmentary remains, full-scale analytical construction models of the walls and roof of the temple, a detailed analysis of the original methods of tile fabrication, video and three-dimensional presentations of the methods and tools of tile and block recreation for this exhibit, a 1:25 scale model of the temple set in a video diorama of the Corinthian landscape, and, finally, a presentation of the significance of the Corinth temple for the history of Greek architecture, particularly for the origins of the Doric order. The exhibition was mounted in January 2006 in the Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame and is in preparation for travel. Anyone interested in the possibility of hosting the exhibition should contact Professor Rhodes at

An accompanying symposium on Issues in Architectural Reconstruction was held in celebration of the exhibition opening. The keynote address was delivered in the Annenberg Auditorium of the Snite Museum by Charles K. Williams, II on the topic of “Corinth: Reconstructing a City's Growth and Decay.” It was followed by a tour of the exhibition by Robin Rhodes. Symposium papers by Robin Rhodes, Frederick Cooper, Pieter Broucke, Bonna Wescoat, Richard Economakis, Phillip Sapirstein, John Lambert, Tomás Rivas, and Todd Brenningmeyer were delivered and discussed at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture.

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© Robin F. Rhodes 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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