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 Professor Rhodes at the kiln. © Robin F. Rhodes 2007. All Rights Reserved.

As its title indicates, the goal of this Project is the study and publication of the Greek architecture at Corinth. But more and more, the study of the architecture reveals unexpected connections and leads in unexpected directions.

It led to the mounting of an exhibition whose creation began and encouraged related projects in ancient technology. The experimental exploration of ancient terracotta design and fabrication through the replication of tiles from the seventh century temple on Temple Hill was carried out in the context of the Corinth Project Exhibition and then in the dissertation work of one of the Corinth crew members. In turn, the Exhibition's experimentation in terracotta fabrication has also led to a joint project with the Co-Director of the Demeter Sanctuary Excavations at Corinth, in which a terracotta kore from the Demeter Sanctuary is being replicated according to the ancient techniques indicated by the physical character of the original and the marks left by its maker.

The Project and its Exhibition have also led—directly in one case, less directly in the second—to the recent organization of two important symposia at the University of Notre Dame.



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© Robin F. Rhodes 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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