Contact Information

Lab phone:
(574) 631-7831

111-113 Brownson Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

To get to Brownson and the Culture and Family Processes Lab look for the building behind the Main Building and the Basilica. That building will be Brownson. It is very important that you walk in through the door we tell you because Brownson is composed of different sections that are not connected. Walk to the side of Brownson that is facing the road that leads up to the Main Building. The only door with stairs that is facing the road will be the door that leads to the lab. Walk in through the door right in front of you and the lab is the first door in the hallway.(Note: Do not walk in through the door with stairs in the little archway that runs through Brownson facing the street because that will lead you somewhere else!)


Sign Outside the Lab



Where is Brownson Hall?



Brownson Hall is behind the Main Building



Door to Enter