EE 80656 Advanced Semiconductor Physics

Spring 2014



Debdeep Jena

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Office: Fitz 271



Class Hours

Spring 2014 – Mondays and Wednesdays.

9:30 am – 10:45 am, DBRT 149.

Makeup classes: Some Fridays 5:30 – 7:30 @ Fitz 356A.



Undergraduate level Solid-State Physics and Quantum Mechanics.



The class will provide graduate students with a solid understanding of the basic underlying physics of semiconductors that lead to practical applications.Starting from electronic bandstructure, we will cover topics such as electron-photon and electron-phonon interactions, charge scattering by defects and transport, and optical properties of semiconductors.Quantum confinement effects in optical devices, ballistic transistors, and tunneling FETs will be covered.


Topics [Reading]

1)    Recap of quantum mechanics [notes1]

2)    Formulation of the transport problem: Electric current [notes2]

3)    Ballistic transport and nanoscale FETs [notes3, Natoriís paper]

4)    Time-independent perturbation theory [notes4]

5)    Electron bandstructure and quantized states [notes5]

6)    Time-dependent perturbation theory [notes6]

7)    Electron-photon interactions, optical properties, LEDs and Lasers [notes7]

8)    Electron-phonon interaction and scattering [notes8]

9)    Electron-defect interaction and scattering [notes9]

10) Mobility, drift-diffusion, quasi-ballistic FETs [notes10]

11) High Field-Phenomena: Tunneling transport and tunnel-FETs [notes11]

12) Bottom-up transport: The Non-Equilibrium Greenís Function (NEGF) approach [notes12]



1 - pdfposted: 01/25†† due: 02/05†††††††

2 - pdfposted: 02/16†† due: 02/28†††††††

3 - pdfposted: 03/09†† due: 03/28†††††††

4 - pdfposted: 04/14†† due: 05/07†††††††


Supporting Slides

Slides (pdf)


Supporting Illustrations (Mathematica)

File (*.nb) Note: 1) Right click and save on your computer. 2) It downloads as a *.nb.txt file.Remove the .txt, and say yes when asked if you want to keep .nb extension.

Here is a hands-on introduction to Mathematica.



None required.I will post reading material and suggest book sections for reading when necessary.

Suggested References

1)    Quantum Mechanics for Engineering: Material Science and Applied Physics [Most useful reference]

Herbert Kroemer

2)    Fundamentals of Carrier Transport [2nd most useful reference]

Mark Lundstrom

3)    Physics of Photonic Devices [3rd most useful reference (if you are interested in optical properties)]

S. L. Chuang

4)    Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor [Best treatment of ballistic FET physics]

Supriyo Datta

5)    Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors

John Davies

6)    Physical Properties of Semiconductors

Wolfe, Holonyak, and Stillman




Presentation Schedule




Email: djena at nd dot edu if you have any questions.