Replication Data and Supplemental Materials for Some of My Studies

Data for Jones et al. 2000. Departmental Article Production Reconsidered. ASA Foonotes 28(6).

Data for Myers 1997. "Racial Rioting in the 1960s..." American Sociological Review 62(1).

Activist Orientation Scale discussed in Corning, A. F., & Myers, D. J. (2002). Individual orientation toward engagement in social action. Political Psychology, 23(4), 703-729.

Supplemental Materials for Bolzendahl, Catherine I. and Daniel J. Myers. 2004. "Feminist Attitudes and Support for Gender Equality: Opinion Change in Women and Men, 1974-1998." Social Forces 83(2).

  • Wording for GSS Survey Items
  • Computer Code for Variable contruction and Transformation (Stata do files): Create data for Women, Create Data for Men, Produce Tables
  • Regression Tables as presented in the published article
  • Detailed Regression Tables: Table 1, Table 2 (Note that variables are presented in the same order as in the published tables)

  • Questions to Dan Myers at