Political Economy of War and Peace


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> natural resources: UNEP's latest report

> corporate social responsibility

> final paper topics

> special issue of Development Dialogue: Postneoliberalism–A Beginning Debate

> visualizing one billion dollars. . .

> Michael Klare, "A Pandemic of Economic Violence"

> Chalmers Johnson, "The Looming Crisis at the Pentagon: How Taxpayers Finance Fantasy Wars"


> funding the Canadian military [article]

Christina Woolner: "The Canadian government is set to table a new budget on Tuesday, and I think the implicit assumptions that underlie this article are interesting in regards to the readings for this week [week 2]. There are some interesting links to the right of the article, especially one that examines the fiscal impact of Canada's involvement in Afghanistan."

> special issue of Third World Quarterly, "War, Peace and Progress: Conflict, Development, (In)Security and Violence in the 21st Century" (volume 30, issue 1, February 2009)

including: Marcus Taylor, "Displacing Insecurity in a Divided World: Global Security, International Development and the Endless Accumulation of Capital" (pp. 147-62)

> Global Investment Watch, Blood Coltan [film]

> Alma Marin, "The Unbearable Lightness of Wartime Cuisine," Gastronimica 5 (Spring 2005): 26-36 [pdf]

> National Geographic, Blood Diamonds (Diamonds of War) [film]

> special issue of Food, Culture, and Society, "Food and War" (volume 10, number 2, Summer 2007)


Ellen Messer and Marc J. Cohen, "Conflict, Food Insecurity and Globalization" (pp. 297-315)

Mustafa Koc, Rupen Das, and Carey Jernigan, "Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Iraq: The Impact of War and Sanctions on the Civilian Population" (pp. 317-348)