Political Economy of War and Peace


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17 February

Noam Chomsky on "Losing" the world: American decline in perspective

[part 2: The Imperial Way: American Decline in Perspective]


21 February

Economic Alternatives to Capitalism


27 February

7 Worst International Aid Ideas


Final Papers

Ellie Adelman, “In the Shadows: The Role of Wealthy Nations in the Global Sex-Trafficking Industry”

Benjamin Bernard, [the marketization of NGOs, the concept of “philanthrocapitalism,” and use of technology in the field for NGO projects]

Julie Bodnar, [private security industry in South Africa]

Cooper Brown, [Mahatma Gandhi’s economic model of trusteeship, bread labor, and boycotts]

Rachel Fairhurst, “The Call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions: A Case Study”

Maria Gavrilova, [Austrian economics and post-conflict]

Emmanuel Gore, [economic aspects of the new war in Sudan]

Janna Hunter-Bowman, [criticizing capitalism through an epistemology rising from the border experience of torture]

Diane Janzen, “Post-Conflict Economic Reconciliation within a Capitalist Economic System”

Eric Lepp, “Creation Possessed: Unpacking the Notion of Private Property”

Emily Manaen, “The Role of Aid in Violent, Armed Conflict: A Case Study of Northern Uganda”

Daniel Moya Uruena, “Peace, Development and Democracy in 21st-Century Socialism”

Samuel Nichols, [environmental degradation and violence]

Jude Nnorom, “Can Economic Common Good Be Realized in Post-Conflict Societies that Adopt Neoclassical Economic Theory?”

Mina Rizk, “Political Economy of the Egyptian Revolution”

Engy Said, “Economies of the Arab Uprising”

Tamara Shaya, [microfinance and development]

Jessica Shewan, [fair trade vs. aid] Ji Hye Shin, [the North Korean military economy]

Francis Tuhaise, “Both Greed and Grievance Are Responsible for Resource-Conflicts in the Democratic Republic Of Congo”

Laura Weis, “Modernization, Agrarian Policy, and State Power in Iraq: Lessons for Contemporary Conflict and Peacebuilding?”