CSE 60771/40771
Distributed Systems
Fall 2008


Prof. Douglas Thain
Email: dthain at cse dot nd dot edu
Office: 382 Fitzpatrick
Office Hours: 1:45-2:45 Tuesdays, 2-3PM Wednesdays

TA: Yingxin Jiang
Email: yjiang3 at nd dot edu
Office: 214 Cushing
Office Hours: 4-5PM Mondays, 11-12AM Tuesdays

Class Information

Reference Material

  • Condor
  • Overview Paper of Condor (Lecture Notes)
  • Condor at Notre Dame
  • Condor Reference Manual
  • Chirp
  • Overview Paper of Chirp (Lecture Notes)
  • Chirp Web Pages
  • Chirp API
  • Parrot Web Pages
  • Map-Reduce
  • Outline of Map-Reduce Notes
  • Research Paper Describing Map-Reduce
  • Hadoop Implementation of Map-Reduce
  • How to Log into the Google Academic Cluster