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1. The following forms are required for enrollment by August 1 for the school year and by May 1 for the summer: 1) Registration, 2) Physical Examination (new children & K children) with current immunizations, 2) Medical Release, 3) Permission for Field Trips, 4) Emergency Information, 5) General Information, 6) Birth Certificate, and 7) Waiver & Release Agreement. For more information about the required forms for enrollment please visit the ECDC Registration Webpage to access the list of “Required Forms for ECDC”.

2. ECDC-SMC is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ECDC-ND is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Punctuality in picking children up before the center closes is imperative. A late fee per child will be assessed to parents picking children up after the center closes.

3. Parents are requested to keep children home when fever, vomiting, diarrhea, hacking cough or sore throat occur. If a child is too sick to participate in outside play activities while at the center, the child is too sick to attend. Parents are requested to contact the ECDC office when their child is absent due to illness.

4. Parents are required to sign children "in" and "out" daily in their child’s activity room.

5. When absenteeism occurs, parents are charged for the day(s) due to the slot being reserved for their child.

6. Medication may be given only upon written authorization from a physician. Medications must be in the original container bearing the original label with prescription number, date, physician's name, directions for use and the child's name.

7. Please dress children in clothing that is child manageable and will not be a hindrance in play activities.

8. In the event of excessive snow, notification of the Center's closing will be announced on WNDU radio and television stations. When the Center is closed due to snow, tuition is not refunded or credited due to ongoing expenses.

9. Parent involvement
~Open Door Policy for Parents
~Monthly parent Letters
~Parent Meetings
~Parent Helper Days during fall & spring breaks
~Parent Assistance on Field Trips
~End of the year Family Picnic Lunch
~Parent-Teacher Conferences two times a year
~Parent Enrichment Seminars
~Two Parents representing each center elected to the Board of Director

10. Parents withdrawing or reducing a child’s school year enrollment schedule on or after July 1st (June 1 for Kindergarten) are responsible and liable for the payment of the full tuition of their original enrollment schedule through the month of December or until another child is enrolled to fill the vacated or reduced enrollment schedule. After January 1, two weeks notice is required when withdrawing or reducing a child's school year schedule. When two weeks notification is not received, two weeks tuition will be assessed. The summer withdrawal or schedule reduction date is May 1st after which parents are responsible and liable for the payment of the full tuition of their original enrollment schedule for the full summer or until another child is enrolled to fill the vacated or reduced enrollment schedule.

11. On occasion, SMC and ND students request permission to photograph children for various academic photography projects. photographs will not be published without parent permission. Contact ECDC if you do not want your child to be photographed while at the center.

12. Parents may provide a commercially prepared, sealed, nutritious snack for their child’s entire class. Examples of appropriate snacks include natural cheese, fresh fruit, popcorn, granola bars, raisins, etc. (Please: no candy, gum or peanuts in the shell.)

13. Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November/December and March/April. Parents wishing to meet with their child’s teacher at other times may request a conference; it will be scheduled at a time convenient for the parent and the teacher.

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