Current Funded Projects

1. "PFI-BIC: Market-Guided Ionic Liquid Discovery and Design", NSF, award #1237829 (Yong Zhang)

2. "Molecular Simulations of Ionic Liquids: Physical Properties, Melting Points, and Droplet Collision Dynamics" AFOSR FA9550-10-1-0244 (Eliseo Rimoldi).

3. "CO2 Capture With Ionic Liquids Involving Phase Change" DOE ARPA-e DE-AR0000094. (Hao Wu)

4. "Compact, Efficient AC with Ionic Liquid Based Refrigerants" DOE ARPA-e AR0000119. (Akash Sharma)

5. "Chemically Complexing Ionic Liquids for Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture", Stanford University GCEP program. (Ramesh Singh, Quintin Sheridan)

6. "EFRC: Materials Science of Actinides", (with University of Michigan, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Davis, University of Minnesota, George Washington University, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Oak Ridge National Lab, Sandia National Lab, Savannah River National Lab, DOE DE-SC0001089. (Sandip Khan, Surya Tiwari)

7. "Next Generation of Ionic Liquids for Plutonium Science, Separation and Production", Los Alamos National Laboratory, subcontract 118511. (Katie Maerske)

8. "Collaborative Research: Molecular Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Structure and Dynamics of Confined Ionic Liquids and Their Mixtures with Gases" NSF CBET 0967458. (Jindal Shah, Samir Budhathoki)

9.“An Integrated Molecular Simulation, Biophysical Experimentation and Toxicology Bioassay Approach for Mechanistic Understanding of Toxic Effects of Ionic Liquids”, NSF, (Brian Yoo, Jindal Shah).

Edward Maginn