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Universities are known for constantly evaluating facilities and repurposing them as required to continue to meet the needs of students. Changes can range from new carpet or a new coat of paint to television and computer projection systems, teleconferencing capabilities, wireless and wired connections, and audio amplification for the hearing impaired. One of the most noticeable changes in the College of Engineering occurred in 2000 when the Cushing Hall auditorium was “remodeled.” Since the building’s dedication in 1932, the auditorium had served student needs as a lecture hall and, at times, a movie theater. It was a place where students gathered to learn and experience University life. The evolution of the 4,000-sq.-ft. facility from auditorium to Engineering Learning Center was a reflection of the direction of the engineering program, which was becoming more team-focused and multidisciplinary in nature. In the learning center students at all levels, from first year to senior year, have hands-on opportunities to work on real-world problems. It is a unique blend of computer cluster, library, and laboratory, and it has become a vital tool for exploration and experimentation.

To see how students and classes use the learning center, visit the center’s live Web cam