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Energy Week

In October, students across the University were challenged to “Get Your Green On” as part of the first ever Energy Week at Notre Dame. Organized by the student advisory board of the Notre Dame Energy Center (and sponsored by the energy center, the University’s energy and environmental issues committee, the students for environmental action, the Joint Engineering Council, and Notre Dame student government), the week was full of informational and fun activities. In addition to showing movies such as “An Inconvenient Truth,” energy week volunteers showed their fellow students ways to calculate their personal energy footprint. They helped students learn more about renewable energy options, as well as the ways Notre Dame is addressing energy issues. Students also promoted the first campus-wide “lights out,” when students, faculty, and staff voluntarily turned their lights off for an hour, resulting in a 2.7 percent reduction in electricity as measured by the Notre Dame Power Plant.

For a recap and video of the of the week’s activities, visit