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Steps for starting the application process for a national fellowship:

1. Read through the fellowships flowchart. Use the eligibility requirements on page 1 and the summaries on page 2 to make a list of fellowships to which you could apply.

2. Visit the various fellowships pages, based on your list from step 1. Read the information there. You should also visit Other Fellowships Opportunities and read through the list. Some of the flowchart fellowships are listed here, and there are opportunities here that do not appear on the flowchart.

3. If you are still interested, look at our calendar and take note of relevant deadlines and events. Note that online versions of many sessions and workshops are available here.

4. Visit our appointment page to learn how to set up a meeting with a member of the CUSE National Fellowships team to discuss fellowships opportunities in more detail.

5. Re-visit the fellowships pages to find out how to apply. Note that some fellowships require a campus application.