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Submit Recommendations for Prospective National Fellowships Applicants

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Mentoring National Fellowships Candidates

Identifying and Encouraging Potential Fellowship Candidates

When you encounter exceptional students in your classes or elsewhere at the university, please encourage them to make an appointment with CUSE National Fellowships.  Send us an email so we can follow up with them. Some students are so modest about their accomplishments and capabilities that they will not put themselves forward for such awards without the strong encouragement of faculty who they know and respect; perhaps you can tip the scales.

Encourage your students to avail themselves of challenging classes and research opportunities.

Invite your students to attend lectures and other events that will broaden and deepen their education.

When you host a visiting scholar, consider inviting two or three top students to join you for lunch. Here they can learn and practice interview and social skills as well as scholarly conversation.

Mentoring Fellowship Candidates

When you know a student is applying for national fellowships, offer to review his/her application materials, possibly several times as s/he makes revisions.

Review the criteria for the scholarship for which the student is applying so you can critique effectively.  (Hopefully, s/he will supply this information to you. If you need information, contact us.) Be frank and honest in your feedback. 

Assist the applicant with identifying graduate programs that will best fit his/her skill set as well as academic and career goals.

Offer to write letters of recommendation only if you have the time and personal knowledge of the student to write a detailed, thoughtful letter that will clearly set the student apart from his/her peers.

(Adapted from tips by Jeff Wing, National Scholarship Coordinator, Virginia Commonwealth University)



Assisting CUSE National Fellowships

Serving on Campus Selection Committees

We strive for selection committees that mimic those at the national/regional levels, so we invite you to participate because of your particular expertise (among other attributes). We greatly appreciate your considering taking the time to review and rate the applications, and to participate in this important endeavor.

This is a unique opportunity to work with colleagues with whom you may not regularly interact.  We value everyone’s input, and our group decisions are made to best serve the students and the university.

Reading applications, interviewing potential nominees, and guiding multiple revisions allows us to get to know some exceptional students their triumphs and struggles, their dreams and aspirations and this has proved to be incredibly rewarding for all involved.

Serving on Mock Interview Panels

Mock interviews provide our finalists an experience that approximates the regional/national interview.  Again, we invite you to participate because of your particular expertise (among other attributes).

We provide information on the length, tenor, and scope of each interview based on the experiences of past interviewees and guidance from the scholarship representatives.  Some mock interviews are designed to expose the applicant to as many potential questions as possible, while others are designed to highlight the strengths — and weaknesses — of the candidate’s application.