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Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Award Summary: Post-graduate study at Cambridge University in all fields.
Applicants must be strong academically and demonstrate evidence of a commitment to improving the lives of others.

Official Website

Recommenders: Official Advice for Gates Cambridge Personal Reference (note that the Cambridge graduate application requires two academic references; this personal reference will only be considered by the Gates reviewers should applicants be shortlisted by academic departments as top admitted applicants); Further Advice (from an experienced fellowship advisor, courtesy of Penn State, which includes samples)

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Notre Dame students and alumni who are not citizens of the US or UK are eligible for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. The application process is exactly the same, except that the timeline differs. International students are encouraged to meet the CUSE National Fellowship deadlines (see below), though this is not required. Please contact us to discuss the application process.

What is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship assists students of exceptional academic achievement and scholarly promise for whom advanced study at the University of Cambridge would be particularly appropriate. The awards are based on intellectual ability, leadership capacity, and a demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of others.

Who can apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

To apply, you must be:

1. A citizen of any country outside the United Kingdom
2. Applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge: PhD (three year research-only degree); MSc or MLitt (two year research-only degree); or a one year postgraduate course (e.g. MPhil, LLM, MASt, Diploma, MBA etc.)


Important Dates
Date & Time
Information Sessions
2/11/2015 @ 6pm
Montgomery Aud, LaFortune
2/12/2015 @ 3pm
CUSE (110 Brownson)
Cambridge Application Opens
Final Deadline (U.S. applicants)
Final Deadline (International applicants)

Please RSVP even if you cannot attend or have missed the information sessions, so we know to send you more information.

All online sessions can be accessed at:


What are my next steps if I want to learn more and/or am thinking about applying?

1. Download the Information sheet (PDF)

2. Attend/view an information session and take note of the deadlines (see above). Please RSVP even if you cannot attend a session, and we will send you more information.

3. Consider the Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships; the Fulbright U.S. Student Program; and the Churchill Scholarship (the Churchill is if you're in science or engineering). Those who apply for the Gates also often apply for one or more of these; and vice versa. These programs require you to apply through CUSE National Fellowships, so the process differs from the Gates process.

4. Contact CUSE National Fellowships if you have questions and/or to learn about how we can assist you throughout the application process.