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Rhodes Scholarship (U.S.)

Scholarship Summary: 2-3 years of graduate study at Oxford in all fields. Applicants should demonstrate leadership and the will to “fight the world’s fight," and they should have 5-8 very strong letters of recommendation.

Recommenders: Rhodes Recommendation Advice (helpful resource from Reed College); Further Advice (from an experienced fellowship advisor, courtesy of Penn State, which includes samples)

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Notre Dame students and alumni who are citizens of Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica & the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, countries of Southern Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are also eligible for the Rhodes Scholarship, though eligibility requirements and many aspect of the application process will differ. Please visit for more information and contact CUSE National Fellowships so that we can discuss the application process.

What is the Rhodes Scholarship (U.S.)?

Cecil Rhodes hoped to improve “the lot of humankind through the diffusion of leaders motivated to serve their contemporaries, trained in the contemplative life of the mind, and broadened by their acquaintance with one another and by their exposure to cultures different from their own.” Thirty-two Americans are among more than 90 scholars chosen each year to study at the University of Oxford based on four criteria: scholastic attainment; athleticism; devotion to duty to others; and moral force of character. Requires university endorsement.

Who can apply for the Rhodes Scholarship (U.S.)?

From the scholarship's website, an applicant must:

1. Be a U.S. citizen OR be a U.S. permanent resident for at least five years on October 1 in the year of application. (See the NOTE above for information about Rhodes Scholarships available to citizens of other countries.)
2. Be at least 18 but not yet 24 years of age on October 1 in the year of application.
3. Have a bachelor's degree by the time they would commence study at Oxford.
4. Be eligible to apply through one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia: either in the state where he or she was legally resident on April 15 in the year of application, or where he or she will have received at least two years of college training and a bachelor’s degree before October 1 in the year following election.


Important Dates
Date & Time
Information Sessions
2/17/14, 4-5pm
242 O'Shaughnessy Hall
2/21/14, 2:30-3:30pm
Screening Application Workshop
3/3/14, 4-5pm
242 O'Shaughnessy Hall
3/4/14, 2:30-3:30pm
Priority Screening Application Deadline
4/8/14, 12:00 noon
Second Screening Application Deadline
5/14/14, 12:00 noon
Campus Application Workshop
4/28/14, 5-6pm
214 DeBartolo Hall
4/29/14, 2:15-3:15pm
Campus Application Deadline
8/19/14, 12:00 noon
Campus Interviews
Week of 9/2/14
Endorsed Applicant Deadline
9/30/14, 12:00 noon
Final Deadline
10/1/14, 12:00 noon
Mock Reception
Week of 10/13/14
Mock Interviews
Month of 11/14

All online sessions can be accessed at:


What are my next steps if I want to learn more and/or am thinking about applying?

1. Download the Information sheet (PDF)

2. Attend/view an information session and take note of the Screening Application deadlines (see above)

3. If it is after all of the Screening Application deadline, contact us to see if we are still accepting applications

4. Contact CUSE National Fellowships if you still have questions

Once you have decided to apply...

1. Attend/view a Screening Application workshop (see above)

2. Read the Screening Application Instructions (PDF)

3. Read the Advice for completing the Screening Application (PDF)

4. Download and complete the Screening Application Form (Word)

5. Submit the Screening Application Form and Supplementary Material (see Instructions)

6. Wait to hear from CUSE National Fellowships about further steps; meanwhile, watch a video produced by Rhodes Scholars about the Rhodes Scholarship Essay