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Hot Annular Nozzle Cascade

The Hot Annular Nozzle Cascade facility is a non-rotating turbomachiery rig designed to test the first stage turbine nozzle of a jet engine. It is the only non-rotating turbomachinery facility at Notre Dame. A system of two centrifugal compressors serve to move air through the ductwork and test section with the objective of matching the design conditions of the real jet engine at the turbine inlet during cruise. A key feature of the facility is the operating air temperature of 700 degees F. A series of valves, flow control mechanisms, auxiliary blower systems and high-grade insulation ensure safe and continuous operation of the facility.

Research Objective

The primary objective of this research is to replicate nozzle inlet temperature profiles seen in real engines. Auxiliary blower are used to inject cooler air at the endwalls and to create a variety of inlet tempratujre profiles. The facility provides the capability to incorporate engine test articles scaled in size in order to better understand the detailed flow physics around the cooled or uncooled turbine nozzle vanes. The Facility also provides the capability to match turbulence intensity levels found at the exit of the combustor and at the inlet of thefirest stage nozzle in the real engine.