28th Annual Flying Irish Basketball Invitational


The rules are subject to change. The final rules will be posted no later than 31 December 2013.


As current and future leaders of the military, we are held to a higher standard of conduct and discipline than ordinary citizens. As such, it is imperative that every player, coach, and staff member exercise outstanding sportsmanship this weekend. The weekend will involve competitive play on the court, but please make sure that the heat of competition does not affect your ability to act with proper sportsmanship and professionalism. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action by the tournament staff and may result in dismissal from the tournament. We are glad to host this tournament to foster camaraderie among our sister services. Enjoy the tournament and good luck to all teams!


1) Game Time: Teams must be at their courts 15 minutes prior to game time. Teams that are not on the court at the official game time may be subject to forfeit at the discretion of the tournament director.
2) Players: Games are 5-on-5, full-court, and are officiated. All student teams must have numbered jerseys, no tape or marker. Females may play on a male team if there are not enough for a full team.
3) Clock: There will be two 20-minute halves per game. The first 18 minutes of the half are continuous clock, while the final two minutes will be run under normal NCAA rules, stopping for fouls, possession changes, etc. There will be one 5-minute halftime.
4) Overtime: If necessary, overtime periods will be 3 minutes. The first two minutes will be continuous clock, while the last minute will be with a stopping clock.
5) Time-outs: Each team will have 3, one minute time outs per game and one more per overtime. Time-outs may be called by the coaches as well as the players.
6) Fouls: Referees will enforce standard NCAA foul rules. After a teamís seventh foul in a half, a one-and-one bonus situation will occur. After ten team fouls in a half, two free throws will be awarded to the opposing team. Each player is allowed five personal fouls before fouling out.
7) Technical fouls:Technical fouls result in two foul shots and the ball for the opposing team. Two technical fouls will result in the ejection of that individual from the game and the next game. This applies to the team's bench as well. Note: All technical fouls will be reported to the tournament director as well as the Notre Dame cadre and may result in dismissal from the tournament for that year as well as the following year.
8) 3 Point Shots: The old, shorter 3 point line will be used for all courts since not every court has the new line painted on it.
9) No jewelry is permitted.
10) All rulings of the referees, on the court, will stand. As officer candidates and officers, everyone needs to respect the position of the referee. In addition, games will be clocked and scored by cadets with varying backgrounds in respect to basketball. It is expected that everyone, players and coaches alike, respect the cadets and work with them to make the game run smoother. Disrespecting the cadets as well as the referees may be grounds for removal from a game or the tournament as a whole.
11) Team Size: Teams may only dress 12 players for each game. Teams are allowed to be larger, but only the 12 players will be allowed to enter the game. Teams will be allowed to dress different players for different games. All potential players need to be listed on the team roster.
12) Mercy Rule: If at half-time or any time during the second half of a game one team is behind by 30 or more points, the losing team may choose to end the game. If the losing team would like to continue playing the game may continue, but the rest of the game will be a running clock. Even if the losing team should come within less than 30 points, the clock will continue to run. If at any time, the losing team (if down by 30 points or more) decides to call off the game, they can. We hope both teams will demonstrate sportsmanship in this event.
13) Playoffs: The winner of each bracket is automatically granted a game in the playoffs and these teams will make up the top 12 spots in the seeding. Seeding order will be first decided by the number of wins vs losses and then by point differential capped at 30 points. In the case of further ties, seeding will be decided based on point differential without a cap. 16 menís teams and 4 womenís teams will compete in the playoffs which may begin on Saturday. **These numbers for are based on their being 48 menís teams (12 brackets) and 16 (4 brackets) womenís teams in the tournament. If numbers are higher, more teams may have an opportunity to compete in playoffs.


1) Cadre games are 3-on-3, half-court, and are not officiated.
2) The first team to score 21 points will win. Field goals will count for 1 point and shots outside the arc will count for 2 points.


All teams must have a cadre chaperone for liability purposes. All players in the tournament must be ROTC students. Staff may play only in the separate cadre bracket. Newly commissioned officers (commissioned at the end of or after the Fall term of the present academic year) are allowed to play on the student teams as long as they were on the roster prior to commissioning and have not yet entered Active duty (i.e., ADD-Lieutenants and Gold Bars can play only in the cadre bracket.). If you have any questions regarding eligibility of one of your players, please ask the tournament staff before playing your first game. Violation of eligibility requirements is grounds for disqualification from the tournament.


For the male division, the first place team from each bracket will advance to the playoffs. For the female division, the first team from each bracket will advance to the playoffs. The male division will have four wildcard teams to advance to playoffs (12 bracket winners + 4 wildcards = 16 playoff teams. 16 teams play down to 8 then 4 then 2). The female division will have no wildcard teams (4 bracket winners play down to 2 finalists). Tiebreakers for rankings will go as follows: Win/Loss Record, Points Differential**, Fewest Technical Fouls, and finally Points-For. The rankings will determine placement in the playoff bracket. The playoffs are single- elimination. There is no consolation bracket.

** Point differential, but there will be a 30 point mercy rule. If in the second half, a team is winning by more than 30 points the game will be called off. If the losing team, at that time, decides to continue play, play will resume as before and points will be tallied as before. If at anytime, the losing team (if down by 30 points or more) decides to call off the game, they can. If the differential is 30 points or more, the clock will continue to run in the last two minutes. We hope both teams will demonstrate sportsmanship in this event.