Welcome to the Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility website

The genomics services of the core are capillary-based Sanger sequencing and DNA fragment length analysis, high-throughput next generation sequencing on Illumina platforms, as well as Affymetrix and NimbleGen microarray services. Bioinformatics support offered includes consultation, data analysis and management, tools, custom development, and access to computing resources. The core is also committed to education and training, so regular workshops and training are also offered.

Consultation with core personnel is highly recommended before services are sought. PIs submitting grants that will incorporate work through the core facility are strongly encouraged to speak with core personnel (Dr. Michael Pfrender for genomics and Dr. Scott Emrich for bioinformatics) to discuss experiments and obtain a letter of support. Additionally, the Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility is an approved Indiana CTSI core facility.

Our policies for collaborative core users are available here.

Important updates

5/2/2013 - We have a new order form for full-service capillary sequencing services. Please use this form for all full-service orders and follow the instructions on the order form.

11/1/2012 - Roche NimbleGen has stopped accepting orders for their microarray platform. We will not be able to obtain any new NimbleGen microarrays in the future, but we can continue to run experiments for any microarrays which are already in your possession.

9/17/2012 - The university has implemented CORES software for all of the University's core facilities and shared resources. Orders must be placed through this system; please view the CORES website for additional information about this system.

Older updates

- Our redo policy for full service Sanger sequencing is now posted on the Services page.

- Sequencher DNA Sequence Assembly Software (Windows only; please view the Services page for other multi-platform alternatives) is available for on-campus users through the OIT Software Download page. To use this software, a computer must be connected to the Notre Dame network and have KeyAccess Client software installed (also available through the OIT Software Download page).