The Allegro Experience

In 1993, the deli in the basement of LaFortune closed with the promise of a cool college coffee shop. The renovators only got halfway there: there is a coffee shop. Half the blame probably lies on the students for not spending enough money there, but the other half certainly lies in the fact that there's no smokey atmosphere, nor are there any nooks in which to hide and talk about life.

How the Gipper spots a cool Coffee House

Courtesy of Junior Campus Watcher Lisa B.

One of the Gipp's Junior Campus Watchers, Lisa B., is from near Cleveland. After visiting Allegro, she composed a list of characteristics that give a coffee shop its character based on her experiences at the Feve in Oberlin and Arabica's in University Heights. Feel free to mail the Gipp with any additions you may have.

Six Distinctions of a Cool Coffee Shop

  1. Gloomy lighting
  2. Dark nooks
  3. Feeling of impending doom
  4. Smokey
  5. Pierced body parts
  6. Photographs that make you feel uncomfortable
  7. Humus, humus, humus