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Post-doctoral position available for agent based modeling of infection transmission

The Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of diverse scientist from institutions across the US.  Environmental Microbiologists, epidemiologists, information scientists, sociologists, modelers, and other scientists work jointly to understand how infection gets from one person to another and how different mechanisms of transmission determine the shapes of networks through which infection flows.  Joe Eisenberg and Jim Koopman in the Epidemiology Dept. at the University of Michigan contribute to CAMRA by developing and analyzing population level transmission models that encompass models of social settings where transmission can take place through air, skin to skin contact between individuals, inanimate objects (fomites) or combinations of these.  We also model how different social settings where infection transmission can occur get linked into infection transmission systems.  We are looking for a post-doc with a primary interest in agent based modeling of social processes and with skills in programming such models, especially using RePast.   This post-doc position would conform to governmental guidelines for support of post-docs but details are negotiable.  This position would link this post-doc to a variety of institutions and disciplines providing broad potential for career advancement.  It would include collaborations at Michigan's Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

Would someone please let me know if this was posted.

Jim Koopman MD MPH                          (734) 763-5629 office

Dept. of Epidemiology    (734) 417-9610 Cell    (734) 995-2954 home

611 Church St.            (906) 484-5119 cottage    (734) 998-6837 fax

Ann Arbor, MI 48104                     e-mail  jkoopman@umich.edu

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