John Fuller: 2008-2010

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John works on characterizing the termination of diapause in Rhagoletis using respirometry, morphometrics, and histology. He is currently enrolled in medical school at the University of Central Florida.

Genevieve Ochs: 2009-2010

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Gen performed respirometry experiments on population differentiation in diapause depth, and measured PCNA levels during diapause termination to identify when cell cycling resumes following dormancy. She is starting her first year at the University of Virginia medical school.

Serra Goudarzi: 2007-2009

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Serra measured lipid levels and metabolic rate in Rhagoletis to test the hypotheses that either metabolic efficiency or nutrient storage has increased with the recent shift to a more metabolically stressful seasonal life cycle in the apple host race. She is currently a graduate student in the Chemistry department at Stanford.