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Insect Physiological Ecology: Archive of readings

Week 2:

Hoffmann AA, JG Sorensen, V. Loeschcke, 2003. Adaptation of Drosophila to temperature extremes: bringing together quantitative andmolecular approaches. Journal of Thermal Biology 28: 175–216.

Dahlhoff EP, NE Rank. 2000. Functional and physiological consequences of genetic variation at phosphoglucose isomerase: Heat shock protein expression is related to enzyme genotype in a montane beetle. PNAS 97: 10056–10061.

Week 3:

Sinclair BJ, P. Vernon, CJ Klok, SL Chown. 2003. Insects at low temperatures: an ecological perspective. TREE 18: 257-262

Sinclair BJ, SL Chown. 2005. Climatic variability and hemispheric differences in insect cold tolerance: support from southern Africa. Functional Ecology 19: 214-221

Week 4:

O’Brien DM, CL Boggs, ML Fogel. 2005. The Amino Acids Used in Reproduction by Butterflies: A Comparative Study of Dietary Sources Using Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis. Phys. and Biochem. Zool. 78: 819–827

O’Brien DM, CL Boggs, ML Fogel. 2003. Pollen feeding in the butterfly Heliconius charitonia: isotopic evidence for essential amino acid transfer from pollen to eggs. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B: 2631-2636