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1 Quick Start For First Time User

  1. Download, extract and run
    1. Portable Emacs 24.3 with Org-Mode 8.07

      Download here

    2. Run with runemacs.bat in Emacs-24.3 folder
    3. .emacs configure

      There is a .emacs file included. Take it as a reference. Change it anyway you want.
      PS, .. means parent folder. I also included a Plans folder for your convenience.

2 For other users

Download portable emacs config file. Extract it in emacs folder (config folder is in a same folder as bin).
Download Plans folder. Extract it. Keep it in a same folder as emacs-24.3.

3 Include modes

Color-theme, muse, remember, etc. modes included.
You may put modes you want in site-lisp folder, and change .emacs file correspondingly.

4 More Portable Apps

  1. For more portable apps, check PORTABLE APPS FOR WINDOWS @ my homepage.

5 GNU Emacs Homepage

6 Org-Mode Homepage

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