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Welcome! This website is intended as a resource for prospective and current ND Theology grad students. Whether you’re trying to get a feel for what people actually do in South Bend or you’ve been here for a while and need some new ideas, we hope there’s something here for you.

About the GTS

The Graduate Theological Society is the official student organization representing the graduate students in the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame. The GTS exists to foster and promote community, service, and professional development among its members in all aspects of graduate student life, including academic, political, social, and liturgical activities. The Graduate Theological Society seeks to coordinate concerns regarding the corporate life and work of the graduate students in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.

The Graduate Student Union advocates and organizes activities for graduate students in all departments.

Photo: Teeter
GTS Welcome Back BBQ 2007
Photo: Hanneken
GTS Christmas Party 2007