Last Update: 3/27/13 

Dagny Nagengast- President
Mike Pilger- Music Director
Lauren Katen- Co-Vice President/Treasurer
Michael Nolan- Co-Vice President
Colleen McCartney- Secretary


Nathan Lin, Sorin College
Heralding straight out of western suburbs of Chicago is the nalgene-toting Nathan Lin. 3 words to describe him are: jackhammer, alpha male, and unoriginal. Sorry. His likes include umphrey's mcgee, the outdoors, most dogs, puns, and soccer. His dislikes consist of taco bell, mosquitoes, skunks' farts, and high school literature class curriculums. Also writing in 3rd person. He plays the guitar and cello and basketball recreationally. If I were a nice, attractive girl with a great personality and similar interests as those stated above, I would probably date him.

Dagny Nagengast, Lewis Hall
As one of the the few, the proud, the ridiculously low amount of Notre Dame students from Iowa, Dagny loves singing off-key in the shower and hates corn. She lovesJustin Timberlakeand Disney music, red and orange gummy bears, comfortable heels, chick-flicks, and teaching people how to pronounce her name. She gets super grouchy when she's hungry or tired. As a member of the class of 2013, she would do anything for a Klondike bar and never wants to leave Notre Dame.

Raquel Falk
Raquel Falk is a PLS major from the Chicago area. She enjoys barefoot running, talking about theology, eating sushi when she can afford it, and finding any excuse to be outside. Her favorite Halftime syllable series is "buh-bah-jah-bah-jah-bah-jah." Anytime she is feeling overwhelmed by all the small stuff in life, she likes to think about whales. They're so big. It doesn't even make sense. What? Whales. Keeping life real.

Lauren Katen, Welsh Family Hall

Mike Pilger, Fisher Hall
Mike is a pre-med and philosophy major from Vienna, Virginia, representing Fisher Hall. He loves meeting people, singing, eating at SDH, wearing brightly colored canvas shoes, playing the guitar, as well as the month of November, coffee, Animal Collective, books and beagles. Making music with Halftime, along with the Glee Club and other musicians around campus, has been the chillest part of his life at ND.
Colleen McCartney

Frank Dyer

Grace Foster
Just west of Philadelphia, born and raised, Grace is a dance-y brunette with an unhealthy obsession for chocolate milkshakes, old movie musicals, and quoting Spongebob Squarepants. She has loved performing ever since she won the hearts of maybe 20 parents with "Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer" in pre-school, and can't get enough of her Halftime, music-making family!
Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan is a fish/human hybrid from outside of Chicago. She can swim fairly well and is on the swim team at ND, but don't ask her to do anything on land as she could cause mass destruction with her clumsiness. She lives a confused life of being an athlete and also a musical-obsessed nerd. She is a Spanish and pre-med major and is PROUD TO BE A WELSH FAM WHIRLWIND! Peace, love, Halftime.
John Corr


Michael Nolan
Michael is a Sophomore Chemical Engineering and Physics double major who, in his abundant free time, enjoys singing and dancing, both in groups at Notre Dame and alone. A resident of Duncan hall, Michael is one of the few people who hail from the underrepresented suburbs of Chicago. He is a fan of bands and singers who hail from Iceland, such as Sigur Ros, Jonsi, and Nicki Minaj. He is proud to be a member of Notre Dame's Co-Ed a Cappella group, Halftime, and he is looking forward to another great year of singing!
Annamarie Dibley
Annamarie Dibley is a Nursing major from SMC. When she is not studying the joys of nursing, she instructs Swing Club, bakes with her roommates, works as a pastoral music leader, and plays with her siblings. Heralding from Holy Cross Hall, she enjoys strolling along The Avenue, singing constantly, and giving free hugs. Whenever she needs a break from her crazy life, she likes to Keep Calm and Aca-On.
Greg Duffy


Kathleen Pallante

Ted Cogan
Ted Cogan lives the bro life in campus' best dorm of O'Neill Family Hall.
As a Computer Engineering intended freshman he hopes to create the iPhone 10 for Apple.
Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, Ted almost couldn't bear leaving the beautiful weather but feels right at home here in South Bend.
Halftime is his haven away from schoolwork, and he loves coming to rehearsal regardless of all the strange members of Halftime.
Ted also spends his time fighting off all the swarming ladies as a Baritone in the Notre Dame Glee Club.
Sarah Neuberger