Hesburgh Program in Public Service



Welcome to the Hesburgh Program in Public Service!



"The Hesburgh Program in Public Service seeks to prepare Notre Dame students for an active life devoted to the pursuit of effective and just responses to issues in American society. It is imperative that students in the program become knowledgeable about the processes and institutions formulating policies in the United States, the tools by which policies are analyzed, implemented and evaluated, and the underlying values of American society."


The Hesburgh Program in Public Service is an interdisciplinary minor for undergraduates located in the College of Arts & Letters of the University of Notre Dame. The program welcomes students interested in public policy, whether it be to prepare themselves for a public service career, to pursue graduate studies in public policy or to be an informed citizen.

The Hesburgh Program was founded in 1987 to emulate the years of service by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., and to bring about an awareness of public service and policy issues to our students. The Hesburgh Program welcomes students from all colleges and major fields of study.