Group News:

  • Jan-2015: Welcome Haichao joining in the group!
  • Mar-2014: The research paper by Doyun is published in PCCP. Congratulations!
  • Jan-2014: Welcome Xiaosong joining in the group!
  • Nov-2013: The research paper by Doyun is published in JMC A. Congratulations!
  • August-2013: Welcome Yi Shi joining the group
  • August-2013: The research paper by Chengyi and Xiaofeng is accepted in MRC. Congratulations!
  • Dec-2012: Welcome Xiaofeng and Robert joining the group Sept-2012: Communication "New Method to Access Hyperbranched Polymers with Uniform Structure via One-Pot Polymerization of Inimer in Microemulsion" by Ke and Haifeng is accepted in JACS.
  • June-2012: Welcome Doyun and Chengyi joining the group
  • Apr-2012: Welcome Chuan joining the group
  • Mar-2012: Feature article "Development of Star Polymers as Unimolecular Containters for Nanomaterials" by Haifeng is published on Macromol. Rapid Commun.
  • Dec-2011: Welcome Ashley, Hannah and Ke joining the group
  • Nov, 2011: Renovation finished. The labs are ready for use.
  • July, 2011: Dr Gao started working at University of Notre Dame
  • April, 2011: Gao group initiated lab construction and renovation


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