Huber Lab

oocyte stages

  The research in our group is focused on various aspects of RNA structure and function.  5S rRNA is a component of the ribosome and its expression and utilization in Xenopus
oocytes provides a simple system for studying developmental control of transcription, intracellular transport of RNA, and the principles of RNA-protein recognition. In fact, current projects in the lab are involved in all three of these areas.
confocal oocytes
  Other members of our group are studying the localization and translational control of Vg1 mRNA.  This RNA is transported to one end of the oocyte during a specific time in development.  Once localized, the mRNA can then be translated.  This process insures that the Vg1 protein is restricted to a particular location in the cell.  More details of our research are inside.

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