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Special Issue of the Journal: Biofilms

SIAM Journal of Multiscale Modeling and Simulations:
Special Issue on Multiscale Modeling in Biology

Biological Networks

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Organogenesis and Tissue Development

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  • Alber, M., H.G.E. Hentschel, B. Kazmierczak, S.A. Newman, Existence of Solutions to a New Model of Biological Pattern Formation, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (to appear)
  • Chaturvedi, R., C. Huang, B. Kazmierczak, Schneider. A. Izaguirre, T. Glimm, G.E. Hentschel, S. A. Newman, J. A. Glazier, M. Alber, On Multiscale Approaches to Three-Dimensional Modeling of Morphogenesis (submitted).


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