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Leonard Sander
University of Michigan

A Stochastic Model for Wound Healing

We present a discrete stochastic model which represents many of the salient features of the biological process of wound healing. The model describes fronts of cells invading a wound.  We have numerical results in one and two dimensions. In one dimension we can give analytic results for the front speed as a power series expansion in a parameter, p, that gives the relative size of proliferation and diffusion processes for the invading cells. In two dimensions the model becomes the Eden model for  p near 1. In both one and two dimensions for small p, front propagation for this model should approach that of the Fisher-Kolmogorov equation. However, as in other cases, this discrete model approaches Fisher-Kolmogorov behavior slowly. Work done with T. Callaghan, E. Khain, and R. M. Ziff.

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Last Updated: Friday, November 4, 2005
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