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Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 62 (2017), Issue 1 (January)

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p. 1


Tangential Interpolatory Projection for Model Reduction of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems
O. Techakesari, H. I. Nurdin p. 5

A Distributed Networked Approach for Fault Detection of Large-scale Systems
F. Boem, R. M.G. Ferrari, C. Keliris, T. Parisini, M. M. Polycarpou p. 18

Output-based and Decentralized Dynamic Event-Triggered Control with Guaranteed Lp-Gain Performance and Zeno-Freeness
V. S. Dolk, D. P. Borgers, W.P.M.H. Heemels p. 34

Differentially Private Distributed Constrained Optimization
S. Han, U. Topcu, G. J. Pappas p. 50

On Finite-State Stochastic Modeling and Secure Estimation of Cyber-Physical Systems
D. Shi, R. J. Elliott, T. Chen p. 65

Approximate Safety Verification and Control of Partially Observable Stochastic Hybrid Systems
K. Lesser, M. Oishi p. 81

Robust Global Trajectory Tracking for Underactuated VTOL Aerial Vehicles using Inner-Outer Loop Control Paradigms
R. Naldi, M. Furci, R. G. Sanfelice, L. Marconi p. 97

Efficient Feasibility Determination with Multiple Performance Measure Constraints
S. Gao, W. Chen p. 113

Decentralized Robust Synchronization of Unknown High Order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Prescribed Transient and Steady State Performance
C. P. Bechlioulis, G. A. Rovithakis p. 123

Support Vector Machine Informed Explicit Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Using Low-Discrepancy Sequences
A. Chakrabarty, V. Dinh, M. Corless, A. E. Rundell, S. H. Zak, G. T. Buzzard p. 135

Nonlinear Estimator Design on the Special Orthogonal Group using Vector Measurements Directly
D. E. Zlotnik, J. R. Forbes p. 149

Adaptive Search Algorithms for Discrete Stochastic Optimization: A Smooth Best-Response Approach
O. N. Gharehshiran, V. Krishnamurthy, G. Yin p. 161

Self-triggered Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Input-Affine Dynamical Systems via Adaptive Control Samples Selection
K. Hashimoto, S. Adachi, D. V. Dimarogonas p. 177

Deterministic Networked Control of Discrete Event Systems with Nondeterministic Communication Delays
S. Shu, F. Lin p. 190

Convex Relaxation for Optimal Distributed Control Problems
G. Fazelnia, R. Madani, A. Kalbat, J. Lavaei p. 206

Dynamic Games with Asymmetric Information: Common Information Based Perfect Bayesian Equilibria and Sequential Decomposition
Y. Ouyang, H. Tavafoghi, D. Teneketzis p. 222

Robust Output Regulation of Strongly Linear Passive Systems with Multivalued Maximally Monotone Controls
F. A. Miranda, F. Casta±os p. 238

LaSalle-Type Theorem and Its Applications to Infinite Horizon Optimal Control of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
W. Zhang, X. Lin, B-S. Chen p. 250

An Iterative Method for Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Based on Path Integrals
S. Satoh, H. J. Kappen, M. Saeki p. 262

Power Control of an Energy Harvesting Sensor for Remote State Estimation
Y. Li, F. Zhang, D. E. Quevedo, V. K N. Lau, S. Dey, L. Shi p. 277

Distributed Evaluation and Convergence of Self-Appraisals in Social Networks
X. Chen, M. A. Belabbas, T. Basar, J. Liu, Z. Xu p. 291

Optimal Distributed Control for Platooning via Sparse Coprime Factorizations
S. Sabau, C. Oara, S. Warnick, A. Jadbabaie p. 305

Optimal Estimation over the Collision Channel
M. M. Vasconcelos, N. C. Martins p. 321

Convex Synthesis of Robust Controllers for Linear Systems with Polytopic Time-Varying Uncertainty
G. Chesi p. 337

Control for Ito Stochastic Systems with Input Delay
H. Zhang, J. Xu p. 350

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Periodic Event-Triggered Synchronization of Linear Multi-agent Systems with Communication Delays
E. Garcia, Y. Cao, D. W. Casbeer p. 366

Synchronization of Goodwin's Oscillators Under Boundedness and Nonnegativeness Constraints for Solutions
A. V. Proskurnikov, M. Cao p. p. 372

Mixed-Strategy Learning with Continuous Action Sets
S. Perkins, P. Mertikopoulos, D. S. Leslie p. 379

Adaptive Actuator Failure Compensation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Control Direction
C. Wang, C. Wen, Y. Lin p. 385

Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems: Application to Photovoltaic Control Systems
F. Jaramillo-Lopez, G. Kenne, F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue p. 393

Stability of Positive Switched Linear Systems: Weak Excitation and Robustness to Time-varying Delays
Z. Meng, W. Xia, K. H. Johansson, S. Hirche p.399

Stabilization of Delay Systems: Delay-dependent Impulsive Control
X. Li, S. Song p. 406

The Designated Convergence Rate Problem of Consensus/Flocking of Double-Integrator Agents With General Non-Equal Velocity and Position Couplings
W. Li, G. Chen p. 412

A Modified Bayesian Filter for Randomly Delayed Measurements
A. K. Singh, P. Date, S. Bhaumik p. 419

Computing a Guaranteed Approximation of the Zone Explored by a Robot
B. Desrochers, L. Jaulin p. 425

Iterative Control for Networked Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems with Uncertainties
S. Devasia p. 431

Nonsmooth Feedback Control of Time-Delay Systems: A Dynamic Gain Based Approach
W. Lin, X. Zhang, Y. Lin p. 438

Entrainment Control of Phase Dynamics
W. Qiao, J. T. Wen, A. Julius p. 445

A Dynamics Perspective of Pursuit-Evasion: Capturing and Escaping When The Pursuer Runs Faster Than The Agile Evader
W. Li p. 451

Towards Optimal Control of Evolutionary Games on Networks
J. R. Riehl, M. Cao p. 458

Subspace Identification of Distributed Clusters of Homogeneous Systems
C. Yu, M. Verhaegen p. 463

Nonlinear Static State Feedback for Saturated Linear Plants via a Polynomial Approach
G. Valmorbida, L. Zaccarian, S. Tarbouriech, I. Queinnec, A. Papachristodoulou p. 469

Reduced-order Distributed Consensus Controller Design via Edge Dynamics
D. H. Nguyen p. 475

Adaptive Fault-Tolerant PI Tracking Control with Guaranteed Transient and Steady-State Performance
Y. Song, Y. Wang, C. Wen p. 481

Stabilizing Transmission Intervals for Nonlinear Delayed Networked Control Systems
D. Tolic, S. Hirche p. 488

Construction of Synergistic Potential Functions on SO(3) with Application to Velocity-Free Hybrid Attitude Stabilization
S. Berkane, A. Tayebi p. 495

Output Feedback ILC for a Class of Nonminimum Phase Nonlinear Systems with Input Saturation: An Additive-state-decomposition-based Method
Z-B. Wei, Q. Quan, K-Y. Cai p. 502

Corrections to "A Global High-Gain Finite-Time Observer"
T. Menard, E. Moulay, W. Perruquetti p. 509

Correction to "Relative Observability of Discrete-Event Systems and Its Supremal Sublanguages"
K. Cai, R. Zhang, W. M. Wonham p. 511

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 12 (December)

Scanning the Issue
p. 3709


ISS with Respect to Boundary Disturbances for 1-D Parabolic PDEs
I. Karafyllis, M. Krstic p. 3712

Optimal Dynamic Outpatient Scheduling for a Diagnostic Facility with Two Waiting Time Targets
N. Geng, X. Xie p. 3725

An Asynchronous Mini-batch Algorithm for Regularized Stochastic Optimization
H. Reza Feyzmahdavian, A. Aytekin, M. Johansson p. 3740

Interval Bipartite Consensus of Networked Agents Associated With Signed Digraphs
D. Meng, M. Du, Y. Jia p. 3755

Performance Analysis of Gradient-Based Nash Seeking Algorithms Under Quantization
E. Nekouei, G. N. Nair, T. Alpcan p. 3771

Backward Mean-Field Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) Games: Full and Partial Information
J. Huang, S. Wang, Z. Wu p. 3784

Luenberger Type Observers for a Class of Nonlinear Triangular Control Systems
J. Tsinias, D. Theodosis p. 3797

Dissipative Switched Linear Differential Systems
J. C. Mayo-Maldonado, P. Rapisarda p. 3813

Linear Time-Invariant Anytime Codes for Control Over Noisy Channels
R. T. Sukhavasi, B. Hassibi p. 3826

On Network Topology Reconfiguration for Remote State Estimation
A. S. Leong, D. E. Quevedo, A. Ahlen, K. H. Johansson p. 3842

Random Pairwise Gossip on CAT(\kappa) Metric Spaces
A. Bellachehab, J. Jakubowicz p. 3857

Design and Analysis of Distributed Averaging with Quantized Communication
M. El Chamie, J. Liu, T. Basar p. 3870

Stability and Stabilizability of Continuous-Time Linear Compartmental Switched Systems
M. E. Valcher, I. Zorzan p. 3885

A Distributed Optimization Algorithm for the Predictive Control of Smart Grids
P. Braun, L. Gruene, C. M. Kellett, S. R. Weller, K. Worthmann p. 3898

Optimal Stationary Dynamic Output-Feedback Controllers for Discrete-Time Linear Systems with Markovian Jumping Parameters and Additive White Noise Perturbations
V. Dragan, E. F. Costa p. 3912

Distributed Formation Stabilization Using Relative Position Measurements in Local Coordinates
M. Aranda, G. Lopez-Nicolas, C. Sagues, M. M. Zavlanos p. 3925

Stochastic Gradient-Push for Strongly Convex Functions on Time-Varying Directed Graphs
A. Nedich, A. Olshevsky p. 3936

Communication-Free Multi-Agent Control under Local Temporal Tasks and Relative-Distance Constraints
M. Guo, J. Tumova, D. V. Dimarogonas p. 3948

Plug-and-play Fault Detection and Control-Reconfiguration for a Class of Nonlinear Large-Scale Constrained Systems
S. Riverso, F. Boem, G. Ferrari-Trecate, T. Parisini p. 3963

An Adaptive Observer Design for n + 1 Coupled Linear Hyperbolic PDEs Based on Swapping
H. Anfinsen, M. Diagne, O. M. Aamo, M. Krstic p. 3979

Regularization for Design
N. Matni, V. Chandrasekaran p. 3991

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Noise Reduction by Swarming in Social Foraging
S. Pu, A. Garcia, Z. Lin p. 4007

Performance Analysis of the Kalman Filter with Mismatched Noise Covariances
Q. Ge, T. Shao, Z. Duan, C. Wen p. 4014

Distributed Covariance Intersection Fusion Estimation for Cyber-Physical Systems with Communication Constraints
B. Chen, G. Hu, D. W. C. Ho, L. Yu p. 4020

Output Feedback Cooperative Control for Linear Uncertain Multi-agent Systems with Nonidentical Relative Degrees
Y. Su p. 4027

Output Feedback Stabilization and Estimation of the Region of Attraction for Nonlinear Systems: A Vector Control Lyapunov Function Perspective
D. Xu, X. Wang, Y. Hong, Z-P. Jiang, S. Xu p. 4034

Stabilization of Reaction Diffusion Equations with State Delay using Boundary Control Input
T. Hashimoto, M. Krstic p. 4041

Convergence Time of Quantized Metropolis Consensus Over Time-Varying Networks
T. Basar, S. R. Etesami, A. Olshevsky p. 4048

Fundamental Limits and Tradeoffs on Disturbance Propagation in Linear Dynamical Networks
M. Siami, N. Motee p. 4055

On the Effect of Collaborative and Antagonist Interactions on Synchronization and Consensus in Networks of Conspecific Agents
S. Roy, N. Abaid p. 4063

Distributed Stochastic Approximation: Weak Convergence and Network Design
M. S. Stankovic, N. Ilic, S. S. Stankovic p. 4069

Homogeneous Time-Varying Systems: Robustness Analysis
H. Ríos, D. Efimov, A. Polyakov, W. Perruquetti p. 4075

On Distributed Pinning Observers for a Network of Dynamical Systems
C. Edwards, P. P. Menon p. 4081

Global Stabilization via Sampled-Data Output Feedback for a Class of Linearly Uncontrollable and Unobservable Systems
C. Qian, H. Du, S. Li p. 4088

Dynamic Scheduling for Charging Electric Vehicles: A Priority Rule
Y. Xu, F. Pan, L. Tong p. 4094

A One-step Approach to Computing a Polytopic Robust Positively Invariant Set
P. Trodden p. 4100

A Short Note on Constrained Linear Control Systems with Multiplicative Ellipsoidal Uncertainty
B. Houska, A. Mohammadi, M. Diehl p. 4106

Optimal Control of Production Rate in a Manufacturing System Prone to Failure with General Distribution for Repair Time
B. N. Khoury p. 4112

Analysis and Control of Networked Game Dynamics via A Microscopic Deterministic Approach
S. Tan, Y. Wang, J. Lu p. 4118

Graph Distances and Controllability of Networks
A. Y. Yazicioglu, W. Abbas, M. Egerstedt p. 4125

Leader-Following Formation Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Without Direct Position Measurements
X. Liang, Y. H. Liu, H. Wang, W. Chen, K. Xing, T. Liu p. 4131

Stable Model Matching by Non-Regular Static State Feedback
V. Kucera p. 4138

Stability Analysis of Stochastic Delayed Systems with An Application to Multi-agent Systems
X. Wu, Y. Tang, W. Zhang p. 4143

Resilient Estimation for Networked Systems with Variable Communication Capability
L. Zhang, Y. Zhu, Z. Ning, X. Yin p. 4150

LMI-based Reset H-infinity Design for Linear Continuous-time Plants
F. Fichera, C. Prieur, S. Tarbouriech, L. Zaccarian p. 4157

Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Adaptive Optimal Output Regulation of Linear Systems
W. Gao, Z-P. Jiang p. 4164

Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Stochastic Systems with State and Control Dependent Noise
T. Bian, Y. Jiang, Z-P. Jiang p. 4170

Regional Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Dynamic Output Feedback Under Aperiodic Sampling and Input Saturation
J. M. Gomes da Silva Jr, I. Queinnec, A. Seuret, S. Tarbouriech p. 4176

A Robust MPC for Input-Output LPV Models
H. S. Abbas, R. Tóth, N. Meskin, J. Mohammadpour, J. Hanema p. 4183

Model Predictive Control for Switching System with Dwell-time Restriction
C-J. Ong, Z. Wang, M. Dehghan p. 4189

Bounded Integral Control of Input-to-State Practically Stable Nonlinear Systems to Guarantee Closed-loop Stability
G. Konstantopoulos, Q-C. Zhong, B. Ren, M. Krstic p. 4196

Operator-Type Stability Theorem for Retarded Stochastic Systems with Application
X. Zhao, F. Deng p. 4203

Measurement Random Latency Probability Identification
X. Wang, Y. Liang, Q. Pan p. 4210

Local Positive Reachability of Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems
Z. Bartosiewicz p. 4217

Global Stabilization of the Multiple Integrators System by Delayed and Bounded Controls
B. Zhou, X. Yang p. 4222

Adaptive Controller for Linear System with Input Delay and Output Disturbance
A. A. Pyrkin, A. A. Bobtsov p. 4229

Optimal Control of an Inventory System with Joint Production and Pricing Decisions
P. Cao, J. Xie p. 4235

Exponential Stability for Discrete-Time Infinite Markov Jump Systems
T. Hou, H. Ma p. 4241

Joint Pricing and Production Control for a Manufacturer with Volume Flexibility
L. Chen, M. F. Keblis p. 4247

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 11 (November)

Scanning the Issue
P. 3237


Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control of Cooperative Heterogeneous Systems with Actuator Faults and Unreliable Interconnections
H-J. Ma, G.-H. Yang p. 3240

Distributed Detection : Finite-Time Analysis and Impact of Network Topology
S. Shahrampour, A. Rakhlin, A. Jadbabaie p. 3256

Indefinite Mean-Field Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control: From Finite Horizon to Infinite Horizon
Y-H. Ni, X. Li, J-F. Zhang p. 3269

Bi-Orthonormal Polynomial Basis Function Framework with Applications in System Identification
R. van Herpen, O. Bosgra, T. Oomen p. 3285

Control of Homodirectional and General Heterodirectional Linear Coupled Hyperbolic PDEs
L. Hu, F. Di Meglio, R. Vazquez, M. Krstic p. 3301

Decentralized Convergence to Nash Equilibria in Constrained Deterministic Mean Field Control
S. Grammatico, F. Parise, M. Colombino, J. Lygeros p. 3315

Distributed Coverage Control of Mobile Sensor Networks subject to Measurement Error
J. Habibi, H. Mahboubi, A. G. Aghdam p. 3330

Automata Theory Meets Barrier Certificates: Temporal Logic Verification of Nonlinear Systems
T. Wongpiromsarn, U. Topcu, A. Lamperski p.3344

Global Stability Analysis using the Eigenfunctions of the Koopman Operator
A. Mauroy, I. Mezić p. 3356

A Perturbation-Based Proportional Integral Extremum-Seeking Control Approach
M. Guay p. 3370

Relative Observability and Coobservability of Timed Discrete-Event Systems
K. Cai, R. Zhang, W. M. Wonham p. 3382

Transverse Exponential Stability and Applications
V. Andrieu, B. Jayawardhana, L. Praly p. 3396

Inverse Problem for Non-viscous Mean Field Control: Example from Traffic
P. Kachroo, S. Agarwal, S. Sastry p. 3412

Model Reduction by Nice Selections for Linear Switched Systems
M. Bastug, M. Petreczky, R. Wisniewski, J. Leth p. 3422

Parametric Model Order Reduction via Balanced Truncation with Taylor Series Representation
P. Wittmuess, C. Tarin, A. Keck, E. Arnold, O. Sawodny p. 3438

Wave Equation with Cone-Bounded Control Laws
C. Prieur, S. Tarbouriech, J. M. Gomes da Silva Jr. p. 3452

Synthesis of Joint Control and Active Sensing Strategies under Temporal Logic Constraints
J. Fu, U. Topcu p. 3464

Recurrence Principles and Their Application to Stability Theory for a Class of Stochastic Hybrid Systems
A. Subbaraman, A. R. Teel p. 3477

Maximum Lifetime Strategy for Target Monitoring with Controlled Node Mobility in Sensor Networks with Obstacles
H. Mahboubi, W. Masoudimansour, A. G. Aghdam, K. Sayrafian-Pour p. 3493

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Robust Stability of Moving Horizon Estimation Under Bounded Disturbances
L. Ji, J. B. Rawlings, W. Hu, A. Wynn, M. Diehl p. 3509

On Switching Stabilizability for Continuous-Time Switched Linear Systems
Y. Lu, W. Zhang p. 3515

Feedback Passivation of Discrete-Time Systems under Communication Constraints
Y. Zhao, V. Gupta p. 3515

Decentralized Charging of Plug-In Electric Vehicles with Distribution Feeder Overload Control
A. Ghavami, K. Kar, A.Gupta p. 3527

Adding a Single State Memory Optimally Accelerates Symmetric Linear Maps
A. Sarlette p. 3533

Distributed-Observer-Based Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems
X. Yang, W. Huang, Y. Wang p. 3539

Online Distributed Convex Optimization on Dynamic Networks
S. Hosseini, A. Chapman, M. Mesbahi p. 3545

Energy Shaping of Mechanical Systems via PID Control and Extension to Constant Speed Tracking
J. G. Romero, R. Ortega, A. Donaire p. 3551

Cooperative Global Robust Output Regulation for a Class of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with a Nonlinear Leader
M. Lu, J. Huang p. 3557

Nonholonomic Source Localization in 3-D Environments Without Position Measurement
M. Ghadiri-Modarres, M. Mojiri, H. Zohouri-Zangeneh p. 3563

Performance Analysis of a Network of Event-based Systems
C. Ramesh, H. Sandberg, K. H. Johansson p. 3568

Stabilization by Artificial Wiener Processes
Y. Nishimura p. 3574

Nonlinear Observer for 3D Rigid Body Motion Estimation using Doppler Measurements
S. Bras, M. Izadi, C. Silvestre, A. Sanyal, P. Oliveira p. 3580

On Convergence Rate of Leader-Following Consensus of Linear Multi-Agent Systems with Communication Noises
L. Cheng, Y. Wang, W. Ren, Z-G. Hou, M. Tan p. 3586

Balancing Search and Estimation in Random Search Based Stochastic Simulation Optimization
C. Zhu, J. Xu, C-H. Chen, L. H. Lee, J-Q. Hu p. 3593

Convergence of Infinite Products of Stochastic Matrices: A Graphical Decomposition Criterion
Y. Chen, W. Xiong, F. Li p. 3599

On the Zero-Freeness of Tall Multirate Linear Systems
M. Zamani, G. Bottegal, B. D.O. Anderson p. 3606

Semiglobal Uniform Asymptotic Stability of an Easy-to-Implement PLL-like Sensorless Observer for Induction Motors
A. Tilli, C. Conficoni p. 3612

Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Stability of Switched Uncertain Linear Systems under Dwell-Time Constraint
W. Xiang p. 3619

Attitude Synchronization for Flexible Spacecraft with Communication Delays
H. Du, S. Li p. 3625

Exponential Decay Rate Conditions for Uncertain Linear Systems Using Integral Quadratic Constraints
B. Hu, P. Seiler p. 3631

On the Realization of an Embedded Subtractor Module for the Control of Chemical Reaction Networks
C. Cosentino, R. Ambrosino, M. Ariola, M. Bilotta, A. Pironti, F. Amato p. 3638

Decentralized Supervisory Control with Intersection-Based Architecture
X. Yin, S. Lafortune p. 3644

On Decomposed Subspaces of Finite Games
D. Cheng, T. Liu, K. Zhang, H. Qi p. 3651

On Homogeneous Distributed Parameter Systems (15-0885, Technical Note)
A. Polyakov, D. Efimov, E. Fridman, W. Perruquetti p. 3657

Symbolic Models for Networks of Control Systems
G. Pola, P. Pepe, M. D. Di Benedetto p. 3663

Eigenstructure Assignment for Componentwise Ultimate Bound Minimisation in Discrete-Time Linear Systems
R. Heidari, M. M. Seron, J. H. Braslavsky p. 3669

Large-Scale Dissipative and Passive Control Systems and the Role of Star and Cyclic Symmetries
V. Ghanbari, P. Wu, P. J. Antsaklis p. 3676

Stochastic Adaptive Stabilization via Extremum Seeking in Case of Unknown Control Directions
M. S. Radenkovic, T. Altman p. 3681

Parameterization of Nonlinear Observer-Based Fault Detection Systems
Y. Yang, S. X. Ding, L. Li p. 3687

A New Prediction Scheme for Input Delay Compensation in Restricted-Feedback Linearizable Systems
W. Pasillas-Lepine, A. Loria, T-B. Hoang p. 3693

A Minimal State Approach to Dynamic Stabilization of the Rotating Disk-Beam System with Infinite Memory
B. Chentouf p. 3700

Comments on ``Chattering-free Digital Sliding-mode Control with State Observer and Disturbance Rejection''
Vincent Acary, Bernard Brogliato, Yury Orlov p. 3707

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 10 (October)

Scanning the Issue
p. 2753


A Duality Framework for Stochastic Optimal Control of Complex Systems
A. A. Malikopoulos p. 2756

L2-gain Analysis for a Class of Hybrid Systems with Applications to Reset and Event-triggered Control: A Lifting Approach
W.P.M.H. Heemels, G. E. Dullerud, A. R. Teel p. 2766

Stability of an Euler-Bernoulli Beam with a Nonlinear Dynamic Feedback System
D. Stuerzer, A. Kugi, A. Arnold, M. Miletic p. 2782

A Way to Exploit the Fractional Stability Domain for Robust Chaos Suppression and Synchronization via LMIs
B. Aguiar, T. González, M. Bernal p. 2796

Ensemble Control of Time-Invariant Linear Systems with Linear Parameter Variation
J-S. Li, J. Qi p. 2808

Undirected Rigid Formations are Problematic
S. Mou, M. A. Belabbas, A. S. Morse, Z. Sun, B.D.O.Anderson p.2821

Nonlinear Moment Matching-Based Model Order Reduction
T. C. Ionescu, A. Astolfi p. 2837

Convergence of Nonlinear Observers on $R^n$ with a Riemannian Metric (Part II)
R. G. Sanfelice, L. Praly p. 2848

Formal Verification of Stochastic Max-Plus-Linear Systems
S. Esmaeil Zadeh Soudjani, D. Adzkiya, A. Abate p. 2861

Necessary and Sufficient Graphical Conditions for Affine Formation Control
Z. Lin, L. Wang, Z. Chen, M. Fu, Z. Han p. 2877

Stochastic Control with Uncertain Parameters via Chance Constrained Control
M. P. Vitus, Z. Zhou, C. J. Tomlin p. 2892

Second-Order-Optimal Minimum-Energy Filters on Lie Groups
A. Saccon, J. Trumpf, R. Mahony, A. P. Aguiar p. 2906

Nash Equilibrium Computation in Subnetwork Zero-Sum Games with Switching Communications
Y. Lou, Y. Hong, L. Xie, G. Shi, K. H. Johansson p. 2920

Price-Based Coordinated Aggregation of Networked Distributed Energy Resources
B. Gharesifard, T. Basar, A. D. Dominguez-Garcia p. 2936

A Coordinate Descent Primal-Dual Algorithm and Application to Distributed Asynchronous Optimization
P. Bianchi, W. Hachem, F. Iutzeler p. 2947

Clustering-Based Model Reduction of Networked Passive Systems
B. Besselink, H. Sandberg, K. H. Johansson p. 2958

Controller Design for Robust Output Regulation of Regular Linear Systems
L. Paunonen p. 2974

Quantitative Supervisory Control Game for Discrete Event Systems
S. Pruekprasert, T. Ushio, T. Kanazawa p. 2987

State Classification of Time-Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains and Average Reward Optimization of Multi-chains
X-R. Cao p. 3001

Lyapunov Stability and Performance Analysis of the Implicit Discrete Sliding Mode Control
O. Huber, V. Acary, B. Brogliato p. 3016

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Singular Perturbation Approximation of Linear Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws
Y. Tang, C. Prieur, A. Girard p. 3031

Effects of Mixed-Modes on the Stability Analysis of Switched Time-Varying Delay Systems
Q-K. Li, H. Lin p. 3038

A New Minmax Linear Quadratic Tracking Control Design for Batch Processes against Actuator Failures and Disturbance
R. Zhang, R. Lu, A. Xue, F. Gao p. 3045

Foundations of Not Necessarily Rational Negative Imaginary Systems Theory: Relations Between Classes of Negative Imaginary and Positive Real Systems
A. Ferrante, A. Lanzon, L. Ntogramatzidis p. 3052

Inventory Control over a Short Time Horizon under Unknown Demand Distribution
K. Kogan, A. Herbon p. 3058

Hierarchical Fusion Estimation for Clustered Asynchronous Sensor Networks
W-A. Zhang, B. Chen, M. Z. Q. Chen p. 3064

Finding Optimal Observation-based Policies for Constrained POMDPs under the Expected Average Reward Criterion
X. Jiang, H. Xi, X. Wang, F. Liu p. 3070

Global Stabilization of a Class of Nonminimum-Phase Nonlinear Systems by Sampled-Data Output Feedback
W. Lin, W. Wei p. 3076

Adaptive Observer for a Class of Parabolic PDEs
T. Ahmed-Ali, F. Giri, M. Krstic, L. Burlion, F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue p. 3083

On the Equivalence between Strict Positive Realness and Strict Passivity of Linear Systems
D. de S. Madeira, J. Adamy p. 3091

Robustness of Synchronization of Heterogeneous Agents by Strong Coupling and A Large Number of Agents
J. Kim, J. Yang, H. Shim, J. S. Kim, J. H. Seo p. 3096

Network Synchronization with Nonlinear Dynamics and Switching Interactions
T. Yang, Z. Meng, G. Shi, Y. Hong, K. H. Johansson p. 3103

Robust Regulation Theory for Transfer Functions With a Coprime Factorization
P. Laakkonen p. 3109

Disturbance Decoupling with Closed-loop Modes Stability in Switched Linear Systems
E. Zattoni, A. M. Perdon, G. Conte p. 3115

Convexity of Decentralized Controller Synthesis
L. Lessard, S. Lall p. 3122

Embedding Internal Model in Disturbance Observer with Robust Stability
Y. Joo, G. Park, J. Back, H. Shim p. 3128

Further Results on the Achievable Delay Margin Using LTI Control
P. Ju, H. Zhang p. 3134

Generating Patterns with a Unicycle
T. Tripathy, A. Sinha p. 3140

Observer-Based Adaptive Spacecraft Attitude Control with Guaranteed Performance Bounds
A. H. J. de Ruiter p. 3146

The Leader-following Consensus for Multiple Uncertain Euler-Lagrange Systems with an Adaptive Distributed Observer
H. Cai, J. Huang p. 3152

Subsidy-Based Control of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems Modeled by Replicator Dynamics
T. Morimoto, T. Kanazawa, T. Ushio p. 3158

Noise-to-State Stability for a Class of Random Systems with State-Dependent Switching
D. Zhang, Z. Wu, X-M. Sun, W. Wang p. 3164

Adaptive Model Predictive Control for Unconstrained Discrete-Time Linear Systems with Parametric Uncertainties
B. Zhu, X. Xia p. 3171

Higher Accuracy Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control of Sampled-Data Systems
T. Nguyen, W-C. Su, Z. Gajic, C. Edwards p. 3177

Implicit Iterative Algorithms for Continuous Markovian Jump Lyapunov Equations
A-G. Wu, G-R. Duan, W. Liu p. 3183

Dynamic Quantizer Design under Communication Rate Constraints
H. Okajima, K. Sawada, N. Matsunaga p. 3190

A Note on Functional Observability
F. Rotella, I. Zambettakis p. 3197

A Hybrid-Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach for the Model-free Control of Nonlinear Switched Systems
W. Lu, P. Zhu, S. Ferrari p. 3203

State and Output-Feedback Shared-Control for a Class of Linear Constrained Systems
J. Jiang, A. Astolfi p. 3209

Stability Theorems for Delay Differential Inclusions
K-Z. Liu, X-M. Sun, J. Liu, A.R.Teel p. 3215

Event-Triggered H-infinity Control: a Switching Approach
A. Selivanov, E. Fridman p. 3221

Tracking Control for a Class of Unknown Nonsquare MIMO Nonaffine Systems: A Deep-Rooted Information Based Robust Adaptive Approach
Y. Song, X. Huang, C. Wen p. 3227

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 9 (September)

Scanning the Issue


AR Identification of Latent-Variable Graphical Models
M. Zorzi, R. Sepulchre

A Comprehensive Method for Reachability Analysis of Uncertain Nonlinear Hybrid Systems
M. Maiga, N. Ramdani, L. Trave-Massuyes, C. Combastel

Consensus Algorithms and the Decomposition-Separation Theorem
S. Bolouki, R. P. Malhame

Refined Schur Method for Robust Pole Assignment with Repeated Poles
Z-C. Guo, J. Qian, Y-F. Cai, S-F. Xu

Observer Design for Unilaterally Constrained Lagrangian Systems: A Passivity-Based Approach
A. Tanwani, B. Brogliato, C. Prieur

Coordination in Networks of Linear Impulsive Agents
I-C. Morarescu, S. Martin, A. Girard, A. Muller-Gueudin

Hybrid Output Regulation for Linear Systems with Periodic Jumps: Solvability Conditions, Structural Implications and Semi-classical Solutions
D. Carnevale, S. Galeani, L. Menini, M. Sassano

Quantized Leaderless and Leader-following Consensus of High-order Multi-agent Systems with Limited Data Rate
Z. Qiu, L. Xie, Y. Hong

On the Equivalence of Observation Structures for Petri Net Generators
Y. Tong, Z. Li, A. Giua

Impulse Controllability: From Descriptor Systems to Higher Order DAEs
R. K. Kalaimani, C. Praagman, M. N. Belur

Angular Velocity Nonlinear Observer from Single Vector Measurements
L. Magnis, N. Petit

Continuous-Time Consensus under Non-Instantaneous Reciprocity
S. Martin, J. M. Hendrickx

A Distributed Algorithm For Convex Constrained Optimization Under Noise
N. Chatzipanagiotis, M. M. Zavlanos

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Constructive Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Stability of Quasi-Periodic Linear Impulsive Systems
M. Fiacchini, I-C. Morarescu

Fault Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems Based on Intermediate Estimator
J-W. Zhu, G-H. Yang, H. Wang, F. Wang

Vulnerability of Network Synchronization Processes: A Minimum Energy Perspective
R. Dhal, S. Roy

Robust Stability of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Switching Uncertainties
H. Yang, B. Jiang, G. Tao, D. Zhou

Distributionally Robust Counterpart in Markov Decision Processes
P. Yu, H. Xu

Integral Sliding Manifold Design for Linear Systems with Additive Unmatched Disturbances
B. Veselic, B. Drazenovic, C. Milosavljevic

Linear Exponential Quadratic Stochastic Differential Games
T. E. Duncan

On the Number of Unstable Equilibrium Points on Spatially-Periodic Stability Boundary
T. Wang, H-D. Chiang

Globally Monotonic Tracking Control of Multivariable Systems
L. Ntogramatzidis, J-F. Tregouet, R. Schmid, A. Ferrante

Sequential Randomized Algorithms for Convex Optimization in the Presence of Uncertainty
M. Chamanbaz, F. Dabbene, R. Tempo, V. Venkataramanan, Q-G. Wang

Simultaneous Triangularization of Switching Linear Systems: Arbitrary Eigenvalue Assignment and Genericity
H. Haimovich

Dynamic Feedback Synchronization of Lur'e Networks via Incremental Sector Boundedness
F. Zhang, H. L. Trentelman, J. M.A. Scherpen

Fast Constrained LQR Based on MPC with Linear Decomposition
H-N. Nguyen, P-O. Gutman

Nonlinear Predictor Feedback for Input-Affine Systems with Distributed Input Delays
A. Ponomarev

A New Scheme of Fault Detection for Linear Discrete Time-varying Systems
M. Zhong, S. X. Ding, D. Zhou

Composite Learning From Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control
Y. Pan, H. Yu

Tree Based Trajectory Optimization based on Local Linearity of Continuous Non-linear Dynamics
C. H. Kim, S. Sugano

On the Performance Degradation of Cyber-Physical Systems under Stealthy Integrity Attacks
Y. Mo, B. Sinopoli

Delay-Independent Asymptotic Stability in Monotone Systems
E. Devane, I. Lestas

Two-Sided Time-Domain Moment Matching for Linear Systems
T. C. Ionescu

Almost Sure Stability of Switching Markov Jump Linear Systems
Y. Song, J. Yang, T. Yang, M-R. Fei

Approximation Algorithms for Optimization of Combinatorial Dynamical Systems
I. Yang, S. A. Burden, R. Rajagopal, S. S. Sastry, C. J. Tomlin

Linear Threshold Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Networks: Stability and Globally Attractive Sets
T. Shen, I. R. Petersen

Local Pinning of Networks of Multi-Agent Systems with Transmission and Pinning Delays
W. Lu, F. M. Atay

Delay-Variation-Dependent Stability of Delayed Discrete-Time Systems
C-K. Zhang, Y. He, L. Jiang, M. Wu, H-B. Zeng

Mean-Field Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) Games for Stochastic Integral Systems
J. Huang, X. Li, T. Wang

Stability and Performance Analysis for Positive Fractional-order Systems with Time-varying Delays
J. Shen, J. Lam

Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems using Event-Triggered Output Feedback Controllers
M. Abdelrahim, R. Postoyan, J. Daafouz, D. Nesic

N-Player Statistical Nash Game Control : m-th Cost Cumulant Optimization
C. Aduba, C-H. Won

Multi-Sensor Scheduling for State Estimation with Event-Based, Stochastic Triggers
S. Weerakkody, Y. Mo, B. Sinopoli, D. Han, L. Shi

Formation Control and Velocity Tracking for a Group of Nonholonomic Wheeled Robots
E. Vos, A. J. van der Schaft, J. M.A. Scherpen

Consensus-based control for a network of diffusion PDEs with boundary local interaction
A. Pisano, A. Pilloni, Y. Orlov, E. Usai

Modeling and Control of Switched Asynchronous Sequential Machines
J-M. Yang

On the Uncertainty on the Phase of a Stable Linear System in the Periodic Disturbance Cancellation Problem
G. Fedele, A. Ferrise

Using Convex Switching Techniques for Partially Observable Decision Processes
J. Hinz

Observability of Boolean Control Networks: A Unified Approach Based on Finite Automata
K. Zhang, L. Zhang

Analysis of Delayed Sliding Mode Control Systems Under Zero-order Holder Discretization
Z. Galias, X. Yu

Observer-based Fault Detection for Sensor Fault and Limited Communication Capacity
H. Li, Y. Gao, P. Shi, H-K. Lam

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 8 (August)

Scanning the Issue


Distributed Consensus of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Heterogeneous Unknown Inertias and Control Gains Under a Directed Graph
J. Mei, W. Ren, J. Chen

Approximate Kalman-Bucy Filter for Continuous-Time Semi-Markov Jump Linear Systems
B. de Saporta, E. F. Costa

On Feedback Architectures with Zero Vibration Signal Shapers
T. Vyhlidal, M. Hromcik, V. Kucera, M. Anderle

Dissipativity-Based Small-Gain Theorems for Stochastic Network Systems
Z. Wu, H. R. Karimi, P. Shi

Event-Triggered State Observers for Sparse Sensor Noise/Attacks
Y. Shoukry, P. Tabuada

A General Framework for Robust Output Synchronization of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Networked Systems
L. Zhu, Z. Chen, R. Middleton

A Notion of Robustness for Cyber-Physical Systems
M. Rungger, P. Tabuada

Near-Optimal Strategies for Nonlinear and Uncertain Networked Control Systems
L. Busoniu, R. Postoyan, J. Daafouz

A Uniform Approach for Synthesizing Property-Enforcing Supervisors for Partially-Observed Discrete-Event Systems
X. Yin, S. Lafortune

Motion Planning for Continuous Time Stochastic Processes: A Dynamic Programming Approach
P. Mohajerin Esfahani, D. Chatterjee, J. Lygeros

A Characterization of the Minimal Average Data Rate that Guarantees a Given Closed-Loop Performance Level
E. I. Silva, M. S. Derpich, J. Ostergaard, M. A. Encina

On the Steady-State Control of Timed Event Graphs With Firing Date Constraints
V. M. Goncalves, C. A. Maia, L. Hardouin

Characterization and Optimization of l infinity Gains of Linear Switched Systems
M. Naghnaeian, P. G. Voulgaris

Technical Notes and Correspondence

An IQC Approach to Robust Stability of Aperiodic Sampled-Data Systems
C-Y. Kao

A Homogeneous and Self-Dual Interior-Point Linear Programming Algorithm for Economic Model Predictive Control
L. E. Sokoler, G. Frison, A. Skajaa, R. Halvgaard, J. B. Jorgensen

Containment Control of Single-Integrator Network with Limited Communication Data Rate
X. Mu, K. Liu

On Positive-Realness and Lyapunov Functions for Switched Linear Differential Systems
J. C. Mayo-Maldonado, P. Rapisarda

Reference Tracking with Guaranteed Error Bound for Constrained Linear Systems
S. Di Cairano, F. Borrelli

On Minimal Spectral Factors with Zeroes and Poles lying on Prescribed Regions
G. Baggio, A. Ferrante

Finite-Time Synchronization of Coupled Networks with Markovian Topology and Impulsive Effects
X. Yang, J. Lu

Feedback Linearization for Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Input and Output Delays by Using High-Gain Predictors
J. Lei, H. K. Khalil

Properties of Composite Laplacian Quadratics and their Applications in Consensus of Linear Differential Inclusions
F. Chen, L. Xiang, W. Ren

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Non-Parametric FRF for Pulse-Like Excitations
R. Hostettler, W. Birk, M. Lundberg

Slide Window Bounded-Error Time-Varying Systems Identification
J. M. Bravo, A. Suarez, M. Vasallo, T. Alamo

Backstepping Design of Robust Output Feedback Regulators for Boundary Controlled Parabolic PDEs
J. Deutscher

Frequency-Domain Analysis of Control Loops with Intermittent Data Losses
D. J. Antunes, W.P.M.H. Heemels

On the Characterization of Local Nash Equilibria in Continuous Games
L. J. Ratliff, S. A. Burden, S. S. Sastry

A Comparison of LQR Optimal Performance in the Decentralized and Centralized Settings
D. E. Miller

Crowd-Averse Cyber-Physical Systems: The Paradigm of Robust Mean Field Games
D. Bauso, H. Tembine

Global Asymptotic Stabilization of Nonlinear Deterministic Systems Using Wiener Processes
K. Hoshino, Y. Nishimura, Y. Yamashita, D. Tsubakino

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 7 (July)

Scanning the Issue


A Randomized Linear Algorithm for Clock Synchronization in Multi-Agent Systems
S. Bolognani, R. Carli, E. Lovisari, S. Zampieri

A New Notion of Effective Resistance for Directed Graphs---Part I: Definition and Properties
G. F. Young, L. Scardovi, N. E. Leonard

A New Notion of Effective Resistance for Directed Graphs---Part II: Computing Resistances
G. F. Young, L. Scardovi, N. E. Leonard

Self-Tuned Stochastic Approximation Schemes for Non-Lipschitzian Stochastic Multi-User Optimization and Nash Games
F. Yousefian, A. Nedich, U. V. Shanbhag

Robust Distributed Averaging: When are Potential-Theoretic Strategies Optimal?
A. Khanafer, T. Basar

A Common Model for the Approximate Analysis of Tandem Queueing Systems with Blocking
L. Li, Y. Qian, Y. Yang, K. Du

Optimal Estimation in UDP-Like Networked Control Systems with Intermittent Inputs: Stability Analysis and Suboptimal Filter Design
H. Lin, H. Su, Z. Shu, Z-G. Wu, Y. Xu

Simultaneous Identification and Stabilization of Nonlinearly Parameterized Discrete-Time Systems by Nonlinear Least Squares Algorithm
C. Li, Michael Z. Q. Chen

Combined Flocking and Distance-Based Shape Control of Multi-Agent Formations
M. Deghat, B. D.O. Anderson, Z. Lin

Online Network Optimization Using Product-Form Markov Processes
J. Sanders, S. C. Borst, J. S. H. van Leeuwaarden

Learning a Nonlinear Controller from Data: Theory, Computation and Experimental Results
L. Fagiano, C. Novara

An Equalization Approach to Feedback Stabilization Over Fading Channels
G. Gu

Crowd-Averse Robust Mean-Field Games: Approximation via State Space Extension
D. Bauso, T. Mylvaganam, A. Astolfi

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Equivalence of MIMO Circle Criterion to Existence of Quadratic Lyapunov Function
M. Lipkovich, A. Fradkov

Distributional Robustness Analysis for Nonlinear Uncertainty Structures
C. Feng, C. M. Lagoa

On the Input-Output Distinguishability of Single Output Continuous Linear Time-Invariant Systems
K. M. D. Motchon, K. M. Pekpe, J.P. Cassar, S. De Bievre

Integrability for Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems
A. Kaldäe, C. Califano, C. H. Moog

The Mean-square Stability Probability of H-infty Control of Markovian Jump Systems
J. Zhu, X. Yu, T. Zhang, Z. Cao, Y. Yang, Y. Yi

Switching Rule Design for Affine Switched Systems with Guaranteed Cost and Uncertain Equilibrium Condition
G. d. A. Senger, A. Trofino

The Extended Conic Sector Theorem
L. J. Bridgeman, J. R. Forbes

Hierarchical Decomposition Based Consensus Tracking for Uncertain Interconnected Systems via Distributed Adaptive Output Feedback Control
W. Wang, C. Wen, J. Huang, Z. Li

Low-complexity Prescribed Performance Control of Uncertain MIMO Feedback Linearizable Systems
A. Theodorakopoulos, G. A. Rovithakis

Characterization of Admissible Marking Sets in Petri Nets with Uncontrollable Transitions
S. Wang, D. You, M. Zhou, C. Seatzu

A Nonzero Sum Differential Game of BSDE with Time-Delayed Generator and Applications
J. Shi, G. Wang

A Convex Characterization of Robust Stability for Positive and Positively Dominated Linear Systems
M. Colombino, R. S. Smith

Optimal Filtering for Discrete-Time Linear Systems with Time-Correlated Multiplicative Measurement Noises
W. Liu

An Integral-Type Multiple Lyapunov Functions Approach for Switched Nonlinear Systems
L. Long, J. Zhao

Necessary Stability Conditions for Delay Systems with Multiple Pointwise and Distributed Delays
S. Mondié, C. Cuvas

Model Reduction by Matching the Steady-State Response of Explicit Signal Generators
G. Scarciotti, A. Astolfi

Constructive Design of Adaptive Controllers for Nonlinear MIMO Systems with Arbitrary Switchings
S. Dashkovskiy, S. Pavlichkov

Linear Quadratic Optimal Control of Continuous-time LTI Systems with Random Input Gains
W. Chen, Li. Qiu

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 6 (June)

Scanning the Issue


Stability Analysis and Control of Rigid-Body Systems with Impacts and Friction
M. Posa, M. M. Tobenkin, R. Tedrake

Model Reduction of Neutral Linear and Nonlinear Time-Invariant Time-Delay Systems with Discrete and Distributed Delays
G. Scarciotti, A. Astolfi

Ensemble Observability of Linear Systems
S. Zeng, S. Waldherr, C. Ebenbauer, F. Allgöwer

Stability and Criticality Analysis for Integer Linear Programs with Markovian Problem Data
J. Las Fargeas, M. Niendorf, P. Kabamba, A. Girard

Convergence Analysis of Distributed Set-Valued Information Systems
A. Fagiolini, N. Dubbini, S. Martini, A. Bicchi

Robust Distributed Average Consensus via Exchange of Running Sums
C. N. Hadjicostis, N. H. Vaidya, A. D. Dominguez-Garcia

An iISS Framework for Stochastic Robustness of Interconnected Nonlinear Systems
H. Ito, Y. Nishimura

Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks with Hostile Camps: Consensus vs. Polarization
A. V. Proskurnikov, A. S. Matveev, M. Cao

Safety Controller Synthesis for Incrementally Stable Switched Systems using Multiscale Symbolic Models
A. Girard, G. Goessler, S. Mouelhi

Robust Distributed Consensus using Total Variation
W. Ben-Ameur, P. Bianchi, J. Jakubowicz

Bounded Disturbance Amplification for Mass Chains with Passive Interconnection
K. Yamamoto, M. C. Smith

Event-Triggered Stabilization of Linear Systems Under Bounded Bit Rates
P. Tallapragada, J. Cortes

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Novel Criteria for Exponential Stability of Linear Neutral Time-Varying Differential Systems
P. H. A. Ngoc

On the Stability and Robust Stability of Networked Dynamic Systems
T. Zhou, Y. Zhang

Tracking the Algebraic Multiplicity of Crossing Imaginary Roots for Generic Quasipolynomials: A Vandermonde-Based Approach
I. Boussaada, S-I. Niculescu

Noise-to-State Stability of Random Switched Systems and its Applications
H. Zhang, Y. Xia, Z. Wu

Active Disturbance Rejection Control Approach to Output-Feedback Stabilization of a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Subject to Stochastic Disturbance
B-Z. Guo, Z-H. Wu, H-C. Zhou

Almost Sure Exponential Stabilization by Discrete-time Stochastic Feedback Control
X. Mao

Robust Synchronization for Multistable Systems
H. Ahmed, R. Ushirobira, D. Efimov, W. Perruquetti

Multi(2)-Rate Control from a 2-Periodic Perspective: Generalized 2-Rate Control
S. Chakraborty, S. K. Das

Chang Transformation for Decoupling of Singularly Perturbed Linear Time-Varying Systems
X. Yang, J. J. Zhu

Kalman Filtering With Relays Over Wireless Fading Channels
A. S. Leong, D. E. Quevedo

Stability Analysis for a Class of Partial Differential Equations via Semidefinite Programming
G. Valmórbida, M. Ahmadi, A. Papachristodoulou

An Extension of Petersen's Lemma on Matrix Uncertainty
X. Ji, H. Su

On Pinning Controllability of Boolean Control Networks
J. Lu, Z. Jie, C. Huang, J. Cao

Scaled Consensus Problems on Switching Networks
D. Meng

Sampled Measurement Output Feedback Control of Multi-agent Systems with Jointly-Connected Topologies
X. Chen, Z. Chen, C. Mei

Design of Stabilizing Switching Laws for Mixed Switched Affine Systems
M. Hajiahmadi, B. De Schutter, H. Hellendoorn

On the Convergence of Piecewise Linear Strategic Interaction Dynamics on Networks
B. Gharesifard, B. Touri, T. Basar, J. S. Shamma

Design of Proportional-Integral-Retarded (PIR) Controllers for Second-Order LTI Systems
A. RamÌrez, S. MondiÈ, R. Garrido, R. Sipahi

Dissipativity-Based Filtering for Fuzzy Switched Systems with Stochastic Perturbation
P. Shi, X. Su, F. Li

Finite-time Connectivity-Preserving Consensus of Networked Nonlinear Agents with Unknown Lipschitz Terms
Y. Cao, W. Ren, D. W. Casbeer, C. Schumacher

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 5 (May)

Scanning the Issue


L_1 Discretization for Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis via Piecewise Linear Approximation
J. H. Kim, T. Hagiwara

Optimal Steering of a Linear Stochastic System to a Final Probability Distribution, Part I
Y. Chen, T. Georgiou, M. Pavon

Optimal Steering of a Linear Stochastic System to a Final Probability Distribution, Part II
Y. Chen, T. Georgiou, M. Pavon

On the Stabilizability of Discrete-Time Switched Linear Systems: Novel Conditions and Comparisons
M. Fiacchini, A. Girard, M. Jungers

Stability Margins in Adaptive Mixing Control via a Lyapunov-based Switching Criterion
S. Baldi, P. A. Ioannou

Backstepping Control Under Multi-Rate Sampling
V. Tanasa, S. Monaco, D. Normand-Cyrot

Port-Hamiltonian Systems in Adaptive and Learning Control: A Survey
S. P. Nageshrao, G. A. D. Lopes, D. Jeltsema, R. Babuska

Synthesis of Maximally Permissive Supervisors for Partially-Observed Discrete-Event Systems
X. Yin, S. Lafortune

Bearing Rigidity and Almost Global Bearing-Only Formation Stabilization
S. Zhao, D. Zelazo

A Graph Laplacian Approach to Coordinate-free Formation Stabilization for Directed Networks
Z. Lin, L. Wang, Z. Han, M. Fu

MIMO Control over Additive White Noise Channels: Stabilization and Tracking by LTI Controllers
Y. Li, J. Chen, E. Tuncel, W. Su

A Unifying Framework for Robust Synchronisation of Heterogeneous Networks via Integral Quadratic Constraints
S. Z. Khong, E. Lovisari, A. Rantzer

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Fault Detection Filtering for Nonlinear Switched Stochastic Systems
X. Su, P. Shi, L. Wu, Y. Song

Convergence and Stability of a Constrained Partition-Based Moving Horizon Estimator
R. Schneider, W. Marquardt

Energy-Efficient Data Forwarding for State Estimation in Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Cheng, Y. Qi, K. Xin, J. Chen, L. Xie

Randomized Control Strategies under Arbitrary External Noise
K. Amelin, O. Granichin

Sufficient Lie Algebraic Conditions for Sampled-Data Feedback Stabilizability of Affine in the Control Nonlinear Systems
J. Tsinias, D. Theodosis

Minimal Conjunctive Normal Expression of Continuous Piecewise Affine Functions
J. Xu, T. J. J. van den Boom, B. De Schutter, X. Luo

On the Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov Lemma for Positive Systems
A. Rantzer

Non-minimal Order Dynamics Model of Mechanical Systems with Singular Constraints
F. Aghili

Converse Barrier Certificate Theorems
R. Wisniewski, C. Sloth

Switching Signal Estimator Design for a Class of Elementary Systems
L. Menini, C. Possieri, A. Tornambe

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Global External Stochastic Stabilisation of Linear Systems with Input Saturation
A. A. Stoorvogel, A. Saberi

Robust Adaptive Controller Combined with a Linear Quadratic Regulator based on Kalman Filtering
J. M. Kanieski, R. V. Tambara, H. Pinheiro, H. A. Gr¸ndling, R. Cardoso

Explicit Reference Governor for Constrained Nonlinear Systems
E. Garone, M. M. Nicotra

Hybrid Control of a Bioreactor with Quantized Measurements
F. Mairet, J-L. Gouze

Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems: Reduced-order Synchronization and Geometry
F. L. Lewis, B. Cui, T. Ma, Y. Song, C. Zhao

Efficient Rate Allocation in Wireless Networks Under Incomplete Information
A. Garcia, M. Hong

Reach Control Problem for Linear Differential Inclusion Systems on Simplices
Y. Wu, T. Shen

A Note on Delay Coordinates for Locally Observable Analytic Systems
A. Padoan, A. Astolfi

Stability and Disturbance Attenuation for Markov Jump Linear Systems with Time-Varying Transition Probabilities
C. C. Lutz, D. J. Stilwell

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 4 (April)

Scanning the Issue


Extensions of Fast-Lipschitz Optimization
M. Jakobsson, S. Magnusson, C. Fischione, P. C. Weeraddana

Transient Performance Analysis of Serial Production Lines with Geometric Machines
G. Chen, C. Wang, L. Zhang, J. Arinez, G. Xiao

Explicit Convergence Rate of a Distributed Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
F. Iutzeler, P. Bianchi, P. Ciblat, W. Hachem

Observers are Unnecessary for Output-Feedback Control of Lagrangian Systems
A. Loria

System Identification for Passive Linear Quantum Systems
M. Guta, N. Yamamoto

Identification of Dynamic Models in Complex Networks with Prediction Error Methods - Predictor Input Selection
A. Dankers, P. M.J. Van den Hof, X. Bombois, P. S.C. Heuberger

Asynchronous Gossip-Based Random Projection Algorithms Over Networks
S. Lee, A. Nedich

On the Factorization of Rational Discrete-Time Spectral Densities
G. Baggio, A. Ferrante

Verification of Hybrid Automata Diagnosability with Measurement Uncertainty
Y. Deng, A. Dinnocenzo, M. D. Di Benedetto, S. Di Gennaro, A. A. Julius

Newton-Raphson Consensus for Distributed Convex Optimization
D. Varagnolo, F. Zanella, A. Cenedese, G. Pillonetto, L. Schenato

Uncertain Price Competition in a Duopoly with Heterogeneous Availability
M. H. Lotfi, S. Sarkar

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Constrained Output Path Following
T. Faulwasser, R. Findeisen

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Information Centrality and Ordering of Nodes for Accuracy in Noisy Decision-Making Networks
I. Poulakakis, G. F. Young, L. Scardovi, N. E. Leonard

A Rule for Two-Tiered Parallel Servers
S. Saghafian, M. H. Veatch

Shaping the Energy of Mechanical Systems Without Solving Partial Differential Equations
A. Donaire, R. Mehra, R. Ortega, S. Satpute, J. G. Romero, F. Kazi, N. Singh

Lyapunov-Based Sufficient Conditions for Stability of Hybrid Systems with Memory
J. Liu, A. R. Teel

Robust Monotonic Convergent Iterative Learning Control
T. D. Son, G. Pipeleers, J. Swevers

Finite-Time Stabilization and Optimal Feedback Control
W. M. Haddad, A. L'Afflitto

Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems via Potential-based Realization
M. Guay, N. Hudon

Stability Analysis via Averaging Functions
A. Yu. Pogromsky, A. S. Matveev

Nonlinear Scaling of (i)ISS-Lyapunov Functions
C. M. Kellett, F. R. Wirth

Asymptotic Agreement in a Class of Networked Kalman Filters with Intermittent Stochastic Communications
D. Spinello

Approximate Reduction of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Models with Differential Hulls
M. Tschaikowski, M. Tribastone

Distributed Source Localization of Multi-Agent Systems with Bearing Angle Measurements
C. Lin, Z. Lin, R. Zheng, G. Yan, G. Mao

A Quadratic Programming Algorithm Based on Nonnegative Least Squares with Applications to Embedded Model Predictive Control
A. Bemporad

Controllability of Linear Systems with Switching Delays
R. M. Jungers, A. D'Innocenzo, M. D. Di Benedetto

MPC for Tracking Periodic References
D. Limon, M. Pereira, D. Muñoz de la Peña, T. Alamo, C. N. Jones, M. N. Zeilinger

Controllability and Observability of n-Link Planar Robot with a Single Actuator Having Different Driving Configurations
Y. Liu, X. Xin

Containment of Higher-Order Multi-Leader Multi-Agent Systems: A Dynamic Output Approach
G. Wen, Y. Zhao, Z. Duan, W. Yu, G. Chen

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 3 (March)

Scanning the Issue


Synthesis of Optimal Insertion Functions for Opacity Enforcement
Y-C. Wu, S. Lafortune

Spectrum White Space Trade in Cognitive Radio Networks
G. S. Kasbekar, S. Sarkar

String Submodular Functions with Curvature Constraints
Z. Zhang, E. K. P. Chong, A. Pezeshki, W. Moran

Distributed Coordination Control for Multi-Robot Networks Using Lyapunov-Like Barrier Functions
D. Panagou, D. M. Stipanovic, P. G. Voulgaris

A Tractable Fault Detection and Isolation Approach for Nonlinear Systems with Probabilistic Performance
P. Mohajerin Esfahani, J. Lygeros

Invariance-Like Theorems and "lim inf" Convergence Properties
G. Scarciotti, L. Praly, A. Astolfi

On a New Paradigm for Stock Trading Via a Model-Free Feedback Controller
B. R. Barmish, J. A. Primbs

Robust Stability for Multiple Model Adaptive Control: Part I - The Framework
M. French, D. Buchstaller

Robust Stability for Multiple Model Adaptive Control: Part II - Gain Bounds
M. French, D. Buchstaller

A Payoff-based Learning Approach to Cooperative Environmental Monitoring for PTZ Visual Sensor Networks
T. Hatanaka, Y. Wasa, R. Funada, A. G. Charalambides, M. Fujita

Homogeneity based Uniform Stability Analysis for Time-Varying Systems
H. Ríos, D. Efimov, L. M. Fridman, J. A. Moreno, W. Perruquetti

Maximum Hands-Off Control: A Paradigm of Control Effort Minimization
M. Nagahara, D. Quevedo, D. Nesic

Technical Notes and Correspondence

On the Analysis of the Eigenvalues of Uncertain Matrices by mu and nu: Applications to Bifurcation Avoidance and Convergence Rates
M. Kishida, R. D. Braatz

A New Generalised Consensus Problem and its CRT-Based Solution
G. Campobello, L. Galluccio, S. Palazzo, A. Leonardi

Feedback Stabilization for the Mass Balance Equations of a Food Extrusion Process
M. Diagne, P. Shang, Z. Wang

LMI Stability Conditions for 2D Roesser Models
O. Bachelier, W. Paszke, N. Yeganefar, D. Mehdi, A. Cherifi

Stability Analysis for Time-Varying Systems with Delay using Linear Lyapunov Functionals and a Positive Systems Approach
F. Mazenc, M. Malisoff

On Distributed and Parameterized Supervisor Synthesis Problems
L. Lin, A. Stefanescu, R. Su

Common I/O Decoupling for Multi Model Descriptor Systems
F. N. Koumboulis

Simple Covariance Approach to H Infinity Analysis
A. Gattami, B. Bamieh

Analysing the Stability of Linear Systems via Exponential Chebyshev Polynomials
V. Yu. Protasov, R. M. Jungers

Nonblocking Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems Modeled by Mealy Automata with Nondeterministic Output Functions
T. Ushio, S. Takai

Distributed Mixed H2/H_infinity Fusion Estimation with Limited Communication Capacity
B. Chen, G. Hu, W-A. Zhang, L. Yu

Stability Analysis for LTI Control Systems with Controller Failures and its Application in Failure Tolerant Control
W. Xiang, G. Zhai, C. Briat

Distributed Nonlinear MPC of Multi-Agent Systems with Data Compression and Random Delays
S. El Ferik, B. Siddiqui, F. L. Lewis

An Ensemble Kushner-Stratonovich-Poisson Filter for Recursive Estimation in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
M. Venugopal, R. M. Vasu, D. Roy

Discussion Aspects of High Order Sliding Mode Control
V. I. Utkin

Time-Varying Input and State Delay Compensation for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
R. Kamalapurkar, N. Fischer, S. Obuz, W. E. Dixon

L1 Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonaffine-in-Control Nonlinear Systems
R. Choe, E. Xargay, N. Hovakimyan

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 2 (February)

Scanning the Issue


A Parametric Non-Convex Decomposition Algorithm for Real-Time and Distributed NMPC
J-H. Hours, C. N. Jones

A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection in Large-Scale Systems
S. Pequito, S. Kar, A. P. Aguiar

Optimal Control with Noisy Time
A. Lamperski, N. J. Cowan

A Scenario Approach for Non-Convex Control Design
S. Grammatico, X. Zhang, K. Margellos, P. J. Goulart, J. Lygeros

Differentially Positive Systems
F. Forni, R. Sepulchre

Non-Asymptotic Kernel-Based Parametric Estimation of Continuous-time Linear Systems
G. Pin, A. Assalone, M. Lovera, T. Parisini

Reaching a Quantum Consensus: Master Equations that Generate Symmetrization and Synchronization
G. Shi, D. Dong, I. R. Petersen, K. H. Johansson

Compensating Drift Vector Fields with Gradient Vector Fields for Asymptotic Submanifold Stabilization
J. M. Montenbruck, M. Bürger, F. Allgöwer

Asymptotic Behavior of Recursive State Estimations with Intermittent Measurements
T. Zhou

Optimal Placement of Distributed Energy Storage in Power Networks
C. Thrampoulidis, S. Bose, B. Hassibi

Distributionally Robust Control of Constrained Stochastic Systems
B. P. G. Van Parys, D. Kuhn, P. J. Goulart, Manfred Morari

Convergence Time for Unbiased Quantized Consensus Over Static and Dynamic Networks
S. R. Etesami, T. Basar

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Convergence and Complexity Analysis of Recursive-RANSAC: A New Multiple Target Tracking Algorithm
P. C. Niedfeldt, R. W. Beard

Sampled-Data Adaptive Observer For a Class of State-Affine Output-Injection Nonlinear Systems
T. Folin, T. Ahmed-Ali, F. Giri, L. Burlion, F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue

Reduction-Based Robustness Analysis of Linear Predictor Feedback for Distributed Input Delays
A. Ponomarev

Corrective Control of Composite Asynchronous Sequential Machines under Partial Observation
J-M. Yang

On H-infinity Estimation of Randomly Occurring Faults for A Class of Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems with Fading Channels
H. Dong, Z. Wang, S. X. Ding, H. Gao

On the Number and Types of Unstable Equilibria in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Uniformly-Bounded Stability Regions
H-D. Chiang, T. Wang

Negative Imaginary Lemmas for Descriptor Systems
J. Xiong, A. Lanzon, I. R. Petersen

A Graph-Theoretic Condition for Global Identifiability of Weighted Consensus Networks
S. Nabavi, A. Chakrabortty

Stability and Stabilization of Discrete-Time Semi-Markov Jump Linear Systems via Semi-Markov Kernel Approach
L. Zhang, Y. Leng, P. Colaneri

On the Smallest Eigenvalue of Grounded Laplacian Matrices
M. Pirani, S. Sundaram

Distributed Consensus Control of Multi-agent Systems with Higher Order Agent Dynamics and Dynamically Changing Directed Interaction Topologies
S. Su, Z. Lin

Computation of the Structured Singular Value via Moment LMI Relaxations
D. Piga

Stochastic Bridges of Linear Systems
Y. Chen, T. Georgiou

Distributed Satisficing MPC with Guarantee of Stability
M. L. de Lima, D. Limon, D. Muñoz de la Peña, E. Camponogara

A Passivity-Based Approach to Formation Control Using Partial Measurements of Relative Position
G. Stacey, R. Mahony

A Direct Proof of the Discrete-Time Multivariate Circle and Tsypkin Criteria
J. Nygren, K. Pelckmans

Identification Scheme for Hammerstein Output Error models with Bounded Noise
M. Pouliquen, E. Pigeon, O. Gehan

Feedback Particle Filter for a Continuous-time Markov Chain
T. Yang, P. G. Mehta, S. P. Meyn

Integrity of LTI Time-Delay Systems
M. Eslami, A. Nobakhti

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 61 (2016), Issue 1 (January)

Scanning the Issue


Input-to-State Stability, Integral Input-to-State Stability, and L2-Gain Properties: Qualitative Equivalences and Interconnected Systems
C. M. Kellett, P. M. Dower

A Supervisory Control Theory Approach to Control Gene Regulatory Networks
F. L. Baldissera, J. E. R. Cury, J. Raisch

Team-Triggered Coordination for Real-Time Control of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
C. Nowzari, J. Cortes

Nonlinear Observers Robust to Measurement Disturbances in an ISS Sense
H. Shim, D. Liberzon

A Simulation Budget Allocation Procedure for Enhancing the Efficiency of Optimal Subset Selection
S. Zhang, L. H. Lee, E. P. Chew, J. Xu, C-H. Chen

New Approach to the Stability of Chemical Reaction Networks: Piecewise Linear in Rates Lyapunov Functions
M. Ali Al-Radhawi, D. Angeli

Stochastic Averaging in Discrete Time and Its Applications to Extremum Seeking
S-J. Liu, M. Krstic

Sampled Data Models for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems: Truncation Errors and Sampling Zero Dynamics
D. S. Carrasco, G. C. Goodwin, J. I. Yuz

Root Locii for Systems Defined on Hilbert Spaces
B. Jacob, K. Morris

Optimal Distributed Controllers Realizable over Arbitrary Networks
S. M. V. Andalam, N. Elia

On Rates of Convergence for Markov Chains under Random Time State Dependent Drift Criteria
R. Zurkowskski S. Yüksel, T. Linder

Robust Recursive State Estimation with Random Measurement Droppings
T. Zhou

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Unscented Orientation Estimation Based on the Bingham Distribution
I. Gilitschenski, G. Kurz, S. J. Julier, U. D. Hanebeck

''Polynomial Time Verification of Decentralized Diagnosability of Discrete Event Systems'' vs. ''Decentralized Failure Diagnosis of Discrete Event Systems'': A Critical Appraisal
M. V. Moreira, J. C. Basilio, F. G. Cabral

A Sparse Bayesian Approach to the Identification of Nonlinear State-Space Systems
W. Pan, Y. Yuan, J. M. Goncalves, G-B. V. Stan

Stability Analysis of Integral Delay Systems with Multiple Delays
B. Zhou, Z-Y. Li

On the ``Counter-Example'' In the Article ``Max'-Controlled Siphons for Liveness of S^3PGR^2'' Regarding the Results in [1]
S. Reveliotis

Structural Sequence Detectability in Free Choice Interpreted Petri Nets
S-A. Nuño-Sánchez, A. Ramirez-Trevino, J. Ruiz-Leon

Universal Integral Control: An Approach Based on Mollifiers
S. Riachy, D. Efimov, M. Mboup

Weighted Homogeneity for Time-Delay Systems: Finite-Time and Independent of Delay Stability
D. Efimov, A. Polyakov, W. Perruquetti, Jean-Pierre Richard

Memoryless Approach to the LQ and LQG Problems with Variable Input Delay
F. Cacace, F. Conte, A. Germani

Second-Order Consensus of Networked Thrust-Propelled Vehicles on Directed Graphs
H. Wang

Stabilizing Solution and Parameter Dependence of Modified Algebraic Riccati Equation with Applications to Discrete-time Network Synchronization
M. Z. Q. Chen, L. Zhang, H. Su, G. Chen

Discrete-Time Positive Periodic Systems with State and Control Constraints
M. Ait Rami, D. Napp

A New Type of Stability Theorem for Stochastic Systems with Application to Stochastic Stabilization
X. Zhao, F. Deng

Leak Detection, Size Estimation and Localization in Pipe Flows
O. M. Aamo

Exponential Stability with Decay Rate Estimation for Linear Difference Equations
S. Damak, M. Di Loreto, S. Mondié, X. Brun

Persistent Excitation by Deterministic Signals for Subspace Parametric Identification of MISO Hammerstein System
A. Naitali, F. Giri

The Influence of System Stability and Dynamics on the Accuracy of Level-Crossing Prediction
R. Martin

Discrete-time Robust Iterative Learning Kalman Filtering for Repetitive Processes
Z. Cao, R. Zhang, Y. Yang, J. Lu, F. Gao

Characterization of Controllability based on Continuity of Closed-loop Eigenvectors: Application to Controller-Driven Sampling Stabilization
H. Haimovich, E. N. Osella

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 12 (December)

Scanning the Issue


H-infinity Control of Descriptor Systems Possessing Invariant Zeros on the Imaginary Axis and Infinity
J. D. Stefanovski p. 3127

Opportunistic Control Over Shared Wireless Channels
K. Gatsis, M. Pajic, A. Ribeiro, G. J. Pappas p. 3140

Robotic Surveillance and Markov Chains with Minimal Weighted Kemeny Constant
R. Patel, P. Agharkar, F. Bullo p. 3156

Robustness of Stochastic Discrete-time Switched Linear Systems with Application to Control with Shared Resources
L. Greco, A. Chaillet, E. Panteley p. 3168

Probabilistic Performance Guarantees for Distributed Self-Assembly
M. J. Fox, J. S. Shamma p. 3180

Distributed Switching Control to Achieve Almost Sure Safety for Leader-Follower Vehicular Networked Systems
B. Hu, M. D. Lemmon p. 3195

Stability Preserving Simulations and Bisimulations for Hybrid Systems
P. Prabhakar, G. E. Dullerud, M. Viswanathan 3210

Synchronization of Identical Oscillators Coupled through a Symmetric Network with Dynamics: A Constructive Approach with Applications to Parallel Operation of Inverters
L. A. B. Torres, J. P. Hespanha, J. Moehlis p. 3226

Characterizations of Input-to-State Stability for Systems with Multiple Invariant Sets
D. Angeli, D. Efimov p. 3242

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Distributed Blind Calibration in Lossy Sensor Networks via Output Synchronization
M. S. Stankovic, S. S. Stankovic, K. H. Johansson p. 3257

A Nonlinear Transformation for Reaching Dynamic Consensus in Multi-agent Systems
C. Huang, X. Ye p. 3263

SAT-based Control of Concurrent Software for Deadlock Avoidance
J. Stanley, H. Liao, S. Lafortune p. 3269

Cooperative Global Output Regulation of Second-Order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Unknown Control Direction
Y. Su p. 3275

Robust Constrained Control for MIMO Nonlinear Systems Based on Disturbance Observer
M. Chen, P. Shi, C-C. Lim p. 3281

Singularly Perturbed Lie Bracket Approximation
H-B. Dürr, M. Krstic, A. Scheinker, C. Ebenbauer

Towards a Generic Constructive Nonlinear Control Design Tool using Relaxed Control
B. Jayawardhana p. 3293

Risk-Sensitive Control under Markov Modulated Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack Strategies
G. K. Befekadu, V. Gupta, P. J. Antsaklis p. 3299

Further Results on Paracontracting Matrices and Correction to ``Optimal Semistable Control in Ad Hoc Network Systems: A Sequential Two-Stage Approach''
Q. Hui p. 3305

A Second-order Multi-agent Network for Bound-Constrained Distributed Optimization
Q. Liu, J. Wang p.3310

Synchronization of Complex Networks via Aperiodically Intermittent Pinning Control
X. Liu, T. Chen p. 3316

Non-Trivial Output Synchronization of Heterogeneous Passive Systems
S-J. Lee, K-K. Oh, H-S. Ahn p. 3322

Lifted Evaluation of mp-MIQP Solutions
A. Fuchs, D. Axehill, M. Morari p. 3328

A Semidefinite Relaxation Procedure for Fault Tolerant Observer Design
F. R. Segundo Sevilla, I. M. Jaimoukha, B. Chaudhuri, P. Korba p. 3332

Simple Cascade Observer for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Long Output Delays
M. Farza, M. M'Saad, T. Menard, M. Lamine Fall, O. Gehan, E. Pigeon p. 3338

Implicit Lyapunov-Krasovski Functionals For Stability Analysis and Control Design of Time-Delay Systems
A. Polyakov, D. Efimov, W. Perruquetti, J-P. Richard p. 3344

Properties of the Time-Optimal Control for Lagrangian Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
S. A. Reshmin p. 3350

Sequential Randomized Algorithms for Robust Convex Optimization
T. Wada, Y. Fujisaki p. 3356

Receding Horizon Based Feedback Optimization for Mix-valued Logical Networks
D. Cheng, Y. Zhao, T. Xu p. 3362

Stochastic Estimation for Two-State Linear Dynamic Systems with Additive Cauchy Noises
J. H. Fernandez, J. L. Speyer, M. Idan p. 3367

Stochastic Control for Linear Systems with Additive Cauchy Noises
J. H. Fernandez, J. L. Speyer, M. Idan p. 3373

An Existence Result for Hierarchical Stackelberg v/s Stackelberg Games
A. A. Kulkarni, U. V. Shanbhag p. 3379

Spectrum of Monodromy Operator for a Time-Delay System with Application to Stability Analysis
J. H. Kim, T. Hagiwara, K. Hirata p. 3385

On the Problem of Minimum Asymptotic Exit Rate for Stochastically Perturbed Multi-Channel Dynamical Systems
G. K. Befekadu, P. J. Antsaklis p. 3391

Comments on "Observability of Switched Linear Systems: Characterization and Observer Design"
A. Tanwani, H. Shim, D. Liberzon p. 3396

An Asymptotic Ratio Characterization of Input-to-State Stability
D. Liberzon, H. Shim p. 3401

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 11 (November)

Scanning the Issue
p. 2845


Ancillary Service to the Grid Using Intelligent Deferrable Loads
S. P. Meyn, P. Barooah, A. Busic, Y. Chen, J. Ehren p. 2847

A Distributed Algorithm for Solving a Linear Algebraic Equation
S. Mou, J. Liu, A. S. Morse p. 2863

Asymmetric Volterra Models Based on Ladder-Structured Generalized Orthonormal Basis Functions
J. B. Machado, R. J. G. B. Campello, W.C. Amaral p. 2879

A Multiparametric Quadratic Programming Algorithm with Polyhedral Computations Based on Nonnegative Least Squares
A. Bemporad p. 2892

A Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problem of Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Partial Information
G. Wang, Z. Wu, J. Xiong p. 2904

Global Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems
Y. Jiang, Z-P. Jiang p. 2917

Input-to-State Stabilizing Control under Denial-of-Service
C. De Persis, P. Tesi p. 2930

Fractional Order Differentiation by Integration and Error Analysis in Noisy Environment
D-Y. Liu, O. Gibaru, W. Perruquetti, T. M. Laleg Kirati p. 2945

Bounded Model Checking of Hybrid Systems for Control
Y. Kwon, E. Kim p. 2961

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Controllability Analysis of Two-dimensional Systems Using 1D Approaches
A. Argha, L. Li, S. W. Su, H. Nguyen p. 2977

On the Decay Rates of Homogenous Positive Systems of any Degree with Time-Varying Delays
J-G. Dong p. 2983

Classification-Based Approximate Policy Iteration
A-M. Farahmand, D. Precup, A. M.S. Barreto, G. Mohammad p. 2989

Uniform Tube Based Stabilization of Switched Linear Systems with Mode-Dependent Persistent Dwell-Time
L. Zhang, S. Zhuang, P. Shi, Y. Zhu p. 2994

Distributed Seeking of Time-Varying Nash Equilibrium for Non-Cooperative Games
M. Ye, G. Hu p. 3000

On the Stabilization of the Disk-Beam System via Torque and Direct Strain Feedback Controls
B. Chentouf, J-M. Wang p. 3006

Convergence of an Upwind Finite-Difference Scheme for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation in Optimal Control
B. Sun, B-Z. Guo p. 3012

Critical Effects of the Polarity Change in Delayed States within an LTI Dynamics with Multiple Delays
Q. Gao, A. S. Kammer, U. Zalluhoglu, N. Olgac p. 3018

Optimal Denial-of-Service Attack Scheduling with Energy Constraint
H. Zhang, P. Cheng, L. Shi, J. Chen p. 3023

On the Necessity of Diffusive Couplings in Linear Synchronization Problems with Quadratic Cost
J. M. Montenbruck, G. S. Schmidt, G. S. Seyboth, F. Allgower p. 3029

A Polynomial Approach to Robust Estimation of Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems
P. Neveux, E. Blanco p. 3035

Sensor Placement for Fault Isolability Based on Bond Graphs
G. Chi, D. Wang p. 3041

Average Consensus Over High-Order Multiagent Systems
H. Rezaee, F. Abdollahi p. 3047

Consensus under Saturation Constraints in Interconnection States
Y-H. Lim, H-S. Ahn p. 3053

A High-Gain Nonlinear Observer with Limited Gain Power
D. Astolfi, L. Marconi p. 3059

Scalable Safety-Preserving Robust Control Synthesis for Continuous-Time Linear Systems
S. Kaynama, I. M. Mitchell, M. Oishi, G. A. Dumont p. 3065

Networked Control with Stochastic Scheduling
K. Liu, E. Fridman, K. H. Johansson p. 3071

Cone-Copositive Piecewise Quadratic Lyapunov Functions for Conewise Linear Systems
R. Iervolino, F. Vasca, L. Iannelli p. 3077

Energy-Event-Triggered Hybrid Supervisory Control for Cyber-Physical Network Systems
X. Zeng, Q. Hui p. 3083

Partially Informed Agents Can Form a Swarm in a Nash Equilibrium
A. Yildiz, A. B. Ozguler p. 3089

Second-Order Integral Sliding Mode Control for Uncertain Systems with Control Input Time Delay Based on Singular Perturbation Approach
X. Zhang, H. Su, R. Lu p. 3095

A Numerical Algorithm to find all Feedback Nash Equilibria in Scalar Affine Quadratic Differential Games
J. Engwerda p. 3101

Distributed n-Player Approachability and Consensus in Coalitional Games
D. Bauso, G. Notarstefano p. 3107

Model Predictive Tracking Control for Constrained Linear Systems Using Integrator Resets
N. Wada p. 3113

Comment on ``Further Enhancement on Robust H-infty Control Design for Discrete-Time Singular Systems''
X. Ji, M. Ren, H. Su p. 3119

Author's Reply to : Comment on "Further Enhancement on Robust H-infinity Control Design for Discrete-Time Singular Systems"
M. Chadli, M. Darouach p. 3121

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 10 (October)

Scanning the Issue
p. 2565


Robust Distributed Linear Programing
D. Richert, J. Cortes p. 2567

A Systematization of the Unscented Kalman Filter Theory
H. M. T. Menegaz, J. Y. Ishihara, G. A. Borges, A. do N. Vargas p. 2583

Linear Quadratic Regulation and Stabilization of Discrete-time Systems with Delay and Multiplicative Noise
H. Zhang, L. Li, J. Xu, M. Fu p. 2599

H-Infinity and H-Two Norms of 2D Mixed Continuous-Discrete-Time Systems via Rationally-Dependent Complex Lyapunov Functions
G. Chesi, R. H. Middleton p. 2614

Model Reduction Near Periodic Orbits of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
S. A. Burden, S. Revzen, S. S. Sastry p. 2626

A Stochastic Maximum Principle for Risk-Sensitive Mean-Field-Type Control
B. Djehiche, H. Tembine, R. Tempone p. 2640

Worst-Case Optimal Battery Filling Policies with Constrained Adjustable Service
J-Y. LeBoudec, D-C. Tomozei p. 2650

Stochastic Event-Triggered Sensor Schedule for Remote State Estimation
D. Han, Y. Mo, J. Wu, S. Weerakkody, B. Sinopoli, L. Shi p. 2661

Information Relaxation and Dual Formulation of Controlled Markov Diffusions
F. Ye, E. Zhou p.2676

Technical Notes and Correspondence

An Optimal Compensation Framework for Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control over Lossy Networks
J-T. Yu, L-C. Fu p. 2692

A Compartmental Model for Traffic Networks and its Dynamical Behavior
S. Coogan, M. Arcak p. 2698

Direct Synthesis of Fixed-Order H-infinity Controllers
M. Babazadeh, A. Nobakhti p. 2704

Cone Schedules for Processing Systems in Fluctuating Environments
K. Ross, N. Bambos, G. Michailidis p. 2710

On the Connection Between Compression Learning and Scenario Based Single-Stage and Cascading Optimization Problems
K. Margellos, M. Prandini, J. Lygeros p. 2716

Realization of Three-port Spring Networks with Inerter for Effective Mechanical Control
M. Z. Q. Chen, K. Wang, Y. Zou, G. Chen p. 2722

Adaptive Output Feedback based on Closed-loop Reference Models
T. E. Gibson, Z. Qu, A. M. Annaswamy, E. Lavretsky p. 2728

Fault Detection Analysis of Boolean Control Networks
E. Fornasini, M. E. Valcher p. 2734

Stability of Discrete-Time Systems with Time-Varying Delays via a Novel Summation Inequality
A. Seuret, F. Gouaisbaut, E. Fridman p. 2740

A Note on Sampled-Data Stabilization of LTI Systems with Aperiodic Sampling
D. H. Lee, Y. H. Joo p. 2746

Sensor Networks Localization: Extending Trilateration via Shadow Edges
G. Oliva, S. Panzieri, F. Pascucci, R. Setola p. 2752

Cyclic Queueing Networks with Subexponential Service Times and Finite Buffers
J-K. Kim, H. Ayhan p. 2756

Geometric Controllability and Stabilization of Spherical Robot Dynamics
V. Muralidharan, A. D. Mahindrakar p. 2762

Free-Matrix-Based Integral Inequality for Stability Analysis of Systems With Time-Varying Delay
H-B. Zeng, Y. He, M. Wu, J. She p. 2768

A Geometric Transversals Approach to Sensor Motion Planning for Tracking Maneuvering Targets
H. Wei, S. Ferrari p. 2773

Self-Triggered Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems with Zeno-Free Triggers
Y. Fan, L. Liu, G. Feng, Y. Wang p. 2779

Selecting the Best Simulated Design with the Expected Opportunity Cost Bound
S. Gao, L. Shi p. 2785

Low-Rank Second-Order Splitting of Large-Scale Differential Riccati Equations
T. Stillfjord p. 2791

Polynomial Input-Output Stability for Linear Systems
L. Paunonen, P. Laakkonen p. 2797

Accelerated Twisting Algorithm
Y. Dvir, A. Levant p. 28.03

Linear Consensus Algorithms Based on Balanced Asymmetric Chains
S. Bolouki, R. P. Malhame p. 2808

Convex Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Density Safety Constraints in Markov Chain Synthesis
B. Acikmese, N. Demir, M. W. Harris p. 2813

Direct Design of Discrete-Time LPV Feedback Controllers
C. Novara p. 2819

On Invariant-Based Monitors that Enforce Liveness in a Class of Partially Controlled General Petri Nets
E. Salimi, R. S. Sreenivas p. 2825

Jamming Attacks on Remote State Estimation in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Game-Theoretic Approach
Y. Li, L. Shi, P. Cheng, J. Chen, D. E. Quevedo p. 2831

Global Exponential Attitude Tracking Controls on SO(3)
T. Lee p. 2837

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 9 (September)

Scanning the Issue
p. 2289


Quantitative Temporal Simulation and Refinement Distances for Timed Systems
K. Chatterjee, V. S. Prabhu p. 2291

Metrization and Simulation of Controlled Hybrid Systems
S. A. Burden, H. Gonzalez, R. Vasudevan, R. Bajcsy, S. S. Sastry p. 2307

Diagnosis of Time Petri Nets using Fault Diagnosis Graph
X. Wang, C. Mahulea, M. Silva p. 2321

Parameter and State Estimation of Nonlinear Systems Using a Multi-Observer Under the Supervisory Framework
M. S. Chong, D. Nesic, R. Postoyan, L. Kuhlmann p. 2336

Constructive Interconnection and Damping Assignment for Port-controlled Hamiltonian Systems
K. Nunna, M. Sassano, A. Astolfi p. 2350

An Augmented Petri Net Model for Health-Care Protocols
S-J. Whittaker, K. Rudie, P. J. McLellan p. 2362

Cooperative Global Robust Output Regulation for Nonlinear Uncertain Multi-Agent Systems in Lower Triangular Form
Y. Su, J. Huang p. 2378

Neighboring Stable Equilibrium Points in Spatially-Periodic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications
T. Wang, H-D. Chiang p. 2390

Modeling, Analysis and Control of Networked Evolutionary Games
D. Cheng, F. He, H. Qi, T. Xu p. 2402

Technical Notes and Correspondence

The Hegselmann-Krause Dynamics for the Continuous-Agent Model and a Regular Opinion Function Do Not Always Lead to Consensus
E. Wedin, P. Hegarty p. 2416

Distributed Collaborative Coverage-Control Schemes for Non-Convex Domains
Y. Stergiopoulos, M. Thanou, A. Tzes p. 2422

Finite-time Stability and Stabilization of It\^o Stochastic Systems with Markovian Switching: Mode-dependent Parameter Approach
Z. Yan, W. Zhang, G. Zhang p. 2428

On Feedback Passivity of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Networked Control Systems with Packet Drops
Y. Wang, M. Xia, V. Gupta, P. J. Antsaklis p.2434

Notch Filters for Port-Hamiltonian Systems
D. A. Dirksz, J. M.A. Scherpen, A. J. van der Schaft, M. Steinbuch p. 2440

H-infinity Filtering for Discrete-time Switched Systems with Known Sojourn Probabilities
E. Tian, W.K. Wong, D. Yue, T. C. Yang 2446

Event-Based Second-Order Consensus Control for Multi-Agent Systems via Synchronous Periodic Event Detection
M. Cao, F. Xiao, L. Wang p. 2452

Instability Analysis of Uncertain Systems via Determinants and LMIs
G. Chesi p.2458

An Online Simplified Nonlinear Controller for Transient Stabilization Enhancement of DFIG in Multi-Machine Power Systems
G. Kenne, N-N Jean de Dieu, R. Kuate Fochie, B. H. Fotsin p. 2464

Event-Based Recursive Distributed Filtering Over Wireless Sensor Networks
Q. Liu, Z. Wang, X. He, D. H. Zhou p. 2470

Conditional Gauss-Hermite Filtering with Application to Volatility Estimation
H. Singer p. 2476

Stabilization of Polynomial Nonlinear Systems by Algebraic Geometry Techniques
L. Menini, A. Tornambe p. 2482

Finite-Horizon H-ininity Control for Discrete Time-Varying Systems with Randomly Occurring Nonlinearities and Fading Measurements
D. Ding, Z. Wang, J. Lam, B. Shen p. 2488

A Bode-Like Integral for Discrete Linear Time-Periodic Systems
Y. Zhao, V. Gupta p. 2494

Real-Time L1 Adaptive Control for Uncertain Networked Control Systems
X. Wang, E. Kharisov, N. Hovakimyan p. 2500

Potential Feedback Control for the Power Control in LTE
D-D. Phan, E. Moulay, P. Coirault, F. Launay, P. Combeau p. 2506

Hybrid Certainty Equivalence Control of Rigid Bodies with Quaternion Measurements
R. Schlanbusch, E. I. Gotli p. 2512

Robust Partial-Learning in Linear Gaussian Systems
V. NÈmesin, S. Derrode p. 2518

A New Measure of Uncertainty and the Control Loop Performance Assessment for Output Stochastic Distribution Systems
J. Zhou, X. Wang, J. Zhang, H. Wang, G-H. Yang p. 2524

LQ Control of Discrete-Time Jump Systems with Markov Chain in a General Borel Space
O. L. V. Costa, D. Z. Figueiredo p. 2530

Determining Passivity Using Linearization for Systems with Feedthrough Terms
M. Xia, P. J. Antsaklis, V. Gupta, M. J. McCourt p. 2536

A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach to Nonlinear Parametric System Identification
E-W. Bai, H. Ishii, R. Tempo p. 2542

Robust Output Feedback Consensus for Networked Negative-Imaginary Systems
J. Wang, A. Lanzon, I. R. Petersen p. 2547

Event-based H-infinity Consensus Control of Multi-agent Systems with Relative Output Feedback: the Finite-Horizon Case
Q. Liu, Z. Wang, X. He, D. H. Zhou p. 2553

Open-loop Nash Equilibria in a Class of Linear-Quadratic Difference Games with Constraints
P. Viswanadha Reddy, G. Zaccour p. 2559

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 8 (August)

Scanning the Issue
p. 2013


Styled-Velocity Flocking of Autonomous Vehicles: A Systematic Design
T-T. Han, S. S. Ge p. 2015

Formal Verification and Synthesis for Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems
M. Lahijanian, S. B. Andersson, C. Belta p. 2031

Sufficient Statistics for Linear Control Strategies in Decentralized Systems with Partial History Sharing
A. Mahajan, A. Nayyar p. 2046

Optimal Data Scaling for Principal Component Pursuit: A Lyapunov Approach to Convergence
Y. Cheng, D. Shi, T. Chen, Z. Shu p. 2057

A Small-Gain Approach to Robust Event-Triggered Control of Nonlinear Systems
T. Liu, Z-P. Jiang p. 2072

Team Optimal Control of Stochastically Switched Systems with Local Parameter Knowledge
A. Mishra, C. Langbort, G. E. Dullerud p. 2086

Stabilization of Switched Linear Differential Algebraic Equations and Periodic Switching
A. Mironchenko, F. R. Wirth, K. Wulff p. 2102

Graph-Theoretic Methods for Measurement-Based Input Localization in Large Networked Dynamic Systems
T. R. Nudell, A. Chakrabortty p. 2114

Optimal Control of Two-Player Systems with Output Feedback
L. Lessard, S. Lall p. 2129

Backstepping-Forwarding Control and Observation for Hyperbolic PDEs with Fredholm Integrals
F. Bribiesca Argomedo, M. Krstic p. 2145

Technical Notes and Correspondence

A Nonlinear Stochastic Filter for Continuous-Time State Estimation
A. Ghoreyshi, T. D. Sanger p. 2161

Robustness and Performance of Adaptive Suppression of Unknown Periodic Disturbances
S. Jafari, P. A. Ioannou, B. Fitzpatrick, Y. Wang p. 2166

On the Properties of Augmented Open-Loop Stable Plants Using LQG/LTR Control
F. H. D. Guaracy, D. L. F. da Silva, L. Ferreira p. 2172

Coordinating Controllers for Constrained Linear Systems by Virtual State Governors
S. Di Cairano, I. V. Kolmanovsky p. 2177

Supervisor Synthesis for Networked Discrete Event Systems with Communication Delays
S. Shu, F. Lin p. 2183

Strategic Overtaking in a Monopolistic M/M/1 Queue
R. Hassin, J. Erlichman p. 2189

Control Design for a Class of Affine Nonlinear Descriptor Systems with Actuator Saturation
L. Sun, Y. Wang, G. Feng p. 2195

On Finite-Time Stability of Cyclic Switched Nonlinear Systems
H. Yang, B. Jiang, J. Zhao p. 2201

A Lower Bound for the Balanced Truncation Error for MIMO System
M. Opmeer, T. Reis p. 2207

Output Regulation for Unknown Stable Linear Systems
R. Marino, P. Tomei p. 2213

Adaptation and Optimization of Synchronization Gains in the Regulation Control of Networked Distributed Parameter Systems
M. A. Demetriou p. 2219

Actuator Fault Tolerant Control: A Receding Horizon Set-Theoretic Approach
G. Franze', F. Tedesco, D. Famularo p. 2225

Distributed Coordination for Connectivity Adjustment of Linear Compartmental Systems
S-J. Lee, H-S. Ahn p. 2231

From Global, Finite-Time, Linear Computations to Local, Edge-Based Interaction Rules
Z. Costello, M. Egerstedt p. 2237

A Multi-Time-Scale Generalization of Recursive Identification Algorithm for ARMAX Systems
L. Huang, H. Hjalmarsson p. 2242

Nonzero Bound on Fiedler Eigenvalue Causes Exponential Growth of H-infinity Norm of Vehicular Platoon
I. Herman, D. Martinec, Z. Hurak, M. Sebek p. 2248

Feedback Stabilization of Bernoulli Jump Nonlinear Systems: A Passivity-Based Approach
Y. Zhao, V. Gupta p. 2254

Topology Identification of Directed Dynamical Networks via Power Spectral Analysis
S. Shahrampour, V. M. Preciado p. 2260

Event-Based Distributed Clock Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Y. Kadowaki, H. Ishii p. 2266

Robust Switching-based Fault Tolerant Control
L. I. Allerhand, U. Shaked p. 2272

Model Predictive Control for Linear Impulsive Systems
P. Sopasakis, P. Patrinos, H. Sarimveis, A. Bemporad p. 2277

BMI Based Stabilization of Linear Uncertain Plants with Polynomially Time Varying Parameters
L. Jetto, V. Orsini, R. Romagnoli p.2283

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 7 (July)

Scanning the Issue


Closed-loop Optimal Experiment Design: Solution via Moment Extension
R. Hildebrand, M. Gevers, G. Solari p. 1731

Two-Dimensional Dissipative Control and Filtering for Roesser Model
C. K. Ahn, P. Shi, M. V. Basin p. 1745

Analyzing Convergence and Rates of Convergence of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms Using Stochastic Approximation Methods
Q. Yuan, G. Yin p. 1760

Design of Petri Net Controllers for Disjunctive Generalized Mutual Exclusion Constraints
Z. Ma, Z. Li, A. Giua p. 1774

Indefinite Mean-Field Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control
Y-H. Ni, J-F. Zhang, X. Li p. 1786

Game Interactions and Dynamics on Networked Populations
D. Madeo, C. Mocenni p. 1801

Random Coordinate Descent Methods for l0 Regularized Convex Optimization
A. Patrascu, I. Necoara p. 1811

Norm-Controllability of Nonlinear Systems
M. A. Muller, D. Liberzon, F. Allgöwer p. 1825

Optimization of Average Rewards of Time Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains
X-R. Cao p. 1841

Parametric Robust Structured Control Design
P. Apkarian, M. N. Dao, D. Noll p. 1857

Divided State Feedback Control of Stochastic Systems
X. Zhao, F. Deng p. 1870

Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Hegselmann-Krause Model for Opinion Dynamics in Finite Dimensions
S. R. l Etesami, T. Basar p. 1886

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Pointwise Stability of Discrete-time Homogeneous Matrix-valued Markovian Processes
X. Dai, Y. Huang, M. Xiao p. 1898

Control of Heterogeneous Groups of Systems Interconnected through Directed and Switching Topologies
C. Hoffmann, A. Eichler, H. Werner p. 1904

On the Maximum Coverage Area of Wireless Networked Control Systems with Maximum Cost-Efficiency under Convergence Constraint
D. Kilinc, M. Ozger, O. B. Akan p. 1910

On a Sufficient Information Structure for Supervisory Policies that Enforce Liveness in a Class of General Petri Nets
V. Deverakonda, R. S. Sreenivas p. 1915

Control Design for Trajectory Tracking with Untimed Petri Nets
D. Lefebvre, E. Leclercq p. 1921

Synchronization Reachable Topology and Synchronization of Discrete-Time Linear Multi-Agent Systems
X. Wang, J. Zhu, Z. Cheng p. 1927

Fault Detection and Isolation in Inertial Measurement Units Based on Bounding Sets
S. Bras, P. A. N. Rosa, C. Silvestre, P. J. Oliveira p. 1933

Multirate Output Feedback Control of Nonlinear Networked Control Systems
H. Beikzadeh, H. J. Marquez p. 1939

The H2 Control Problem for Quadratically Invariant Systems with Delays
A. Lamperski, J. C. Doyle p. 1945

Fault Detection Filter Design with Optimization and Partial Decoupling
X. Li, H. H-T. Liu, B. Jiang p. 1951

Observation of Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Systems with Unknown Inputs
F. J. Bejarano, W. Perruquetti, T. Floquet, G. Zheng p. 1957

Cooperative Global Robust Output Regulation for a Class of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with Switching Network
W. Liu, J. Huang p. 1963

Constrained Spectrum Control
J-H. Hours, M. N. Zeilinger, R. Gondhalekar, C. N. Jones p. 1969

Nonuniform Line Coverage from Noisy Scalar Measurements
P. Davison, N. E. Leonard, A. Olshevsky, M. A. Schwemmer p. 1975

Nonuniform Coverage Control with Stochastic Intermittent Communication
S. Miah, B. Nguyen, A. Bourque, D. Spinello p. 1981

On Integrability of Observable Space for Discrete-Time Polynomial Control Systems
Y. Kawano, Ü. Kotta p. 1987

Dynamic Triggering Mechanisms for Event-Triggered Control
A. Girard p. 1992

Event-Triggering Sampling Based Leader-Following Consensus in Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems
H. Li, X. Liao, T. Huang, W. Zhu p. 1998

Distributed Optimization With Local Domains: Applications in MPC and Network Flows
J. F. C. Mota, J. M. F. Xavier, P. M. Q. Aguiar, M. Püschel p. 2004

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 6 (June)

Scanning the Issue
p. 1453


Optimal Pricing and Sequencing in a Make-to-Order System with Batch Demand
L. Chen, Y. Feng, G. Hao, M. F. Keblis p. 1455

Distributed Controllers for Multi-Agent Coordination via Gradient-Flow Approach
K. Sakurama, S-i. Azuma, T. Sugie p. 1471

LQ Nash Games with Random Entrance. An Infinite Horizon Major Player and Minor Players of Finite Horizons
I. Kordonis, G. P. Papavassilopoulos p. 1486

Model-Based Modes Detection and Discernibility for Switched Affine Discrete-Time Systems
M. Halimi, G. Millerioux, J. Daafouz p. 1501

Least Restrictive Supervisors for Intersection Collision Avoidance: A Scheduling Approach
A. Colombo, D. Del Vecchio p. 1515

Optimal Temporal Logic Control for Deterministic Transition Systems with Probabilistic Penalties
M. Svorenova, I. Cerna, C. Belta p. 1528

Failure Detection Framework for Stochastic Discrete Event Systems with Guaranteed Error Bounds
J. Chen, R. Kumar p. 1542

Optimal Energy-Aware Epidemic Routing in DTNs
S. Eshghi, MHR. Khouzani, S. Sarkar, N. B. Shroff, S. S. Venkatesh p. 1554

Stochastic Failure Prognosability of Discrete Event Systems
J. Chen, R. Kumar p. 1570

Decentralized Isolation of Multiple Sensor Faults in Large-Scale Interconnected Nonlinear Systems
V. Reppa, M. M. Polycarpou, C. Panayiotou p. 1582

Safety Controller Synthesis Using Human Generated Trajectories
A. Winn, A. A. Julius p. 1597

Graph Controllability Classes for the Laplacian Leader-Follower Dynamics
C. O. Aguilar, B. Gharesifard p. 1611

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Finite-Frequency Model Reduction of Two-Dimensional Digital Filters
D-W. Ding p. 1624

State Attraction under Language Specification for the Reconfiguration of Discrete Event Systems
A. Nooruldeen, K. W. Schmidt p. 1630

System Identification Under Regular, Binary, and Quantized Observations: Moderate Deviations Error Bounds
Q. He, G. Yin, L. Y. Wang p. 1635

Distributed Randomized PageRank Algorithm Based on Stochastic Approximation
J-L. Lei, H-F. Chen p. 1641

Multivariate Spectral Estimation Based on the Concept of Optimal Prediction
M. Zorzi p. 1647

Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation for Tracking under Unknown but Bounded Disturbances
O. Granichin, N. Amelina p. 1653

An Optimal Control Approach to the Multi-Agent Persistent Monitoring Problem in Two-Dimensional Spaces
X. Lin, C. G. Cassandras p. 1659

A New Approach to Design Interval Observers for Linear Systems
F. Cacace, A. Germani, C. Manes p. 1665

On Necessity and Robustness of Dissipativity in Economic Model Predictive Control
M. A. Muller, D. Angeli, F. Alglöwer p. 1671

Adaptive Cooperative Output Regulation for a Class of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems
L. Liu p. 1677

A New Structure Exploiting Derivation of Recursive Direct Weight Optimization
L. Dai, T. (B.) Schön p. 1683

Stabilization of Networked Control Systems with Sparse Observer-Controller Networks
M. Razeghi-Jahromi, A. Seyedi p. 1686

A Less Conservative LMI Condition for Stability of Discrete-Time Systems with Slope-Restricted Nonlinearities
N. S. Ahmad, J. Carrasco, W. P. Heath p. 1692

Nonlinear Local Stabilization of a Viscous Hamilton-Jacobi PDE
N. Bekiaris-Liberis, A. Bayen p. 1698

Stability Analysis with Dissipation Inequalities and Integral Quadratic Constraints
P. Seiler p. 1704

Synchronization of Pulse-Coupled Oscillators on (Strongly) Connected Graphs
F. Núñez, Y. Wang, F. J. Doyle III 1710

Trajectory Based Approach for the Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems with Time Delays
F. Mazenc, M. Malisoff p. 1716

A Dissipativity Approach to Safety Verification for Interconnected Systems
S. Coogan, M. Arcak p. 1722

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 5 (May)

Scanning the Issue
p. 1173


A Generalized Gossip Algorithm on Convex Metric Spaces
I. Matei, C. Somarakis, J. S. Baras p. 1175

Stability and Persistent Excitation in Signal Sets
T-C. Lee, Y. Tan, D. Nesic p. 1188

Epsilon-Optimal Synthesis for Vehicles with Vertically Bounded Field-Of-View
P. Salaris, A. Cristofaro, L. Pallottino, A. Bicchi p. 1204

A Detector-Based Approach for the H2 Control of Markov Jump Linear Systems with Partial Information
O. L. V. Costa, M. Fragoso, M. Todorov p. 1219

Improving the Efficiency and Efficacy of Stochastic Trust-Region Response-Surface Method for Simulation Optimization
K-H. Chang p. 1235

Symmetric Linear Model Predictive Control
C. Danielson, F. Borrelli p. 1244

Distributed Policy Evaluation Under Multiple Behavior Strategies
S. Valcarcel Macua, J. Chen, S. Zazo, A. H. Sayed p. 1260

On Set-Valued Kalman Filtering and its Application to Event-Based State Estimation
D. Shi, T. Chen, L. Shi p. 1275

Event-Based Control and Scheduling Codesign: Stochastic and Robust Approaches
S. Al-Areqi, D. Görges, S. Liu p. 1291

Explicit Solutions to Separable Problems in Optimal Cooperative Control
J-H. Kim, S. Lall p. 1304

Multi-Period Mean-Variance Portfolio Optimization with High-order Coupled Asset Dynamics
J. He, Q-G. Wang, P. Cheng, J. Chen, Y. Sun p. 1320

Gaussian MAP Filtering using Kalman Optimisation
Á. F. García-Fernández, L. Svensson p. 1336

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Distributed Weight Selection in Consensus Protocols by Schatten Norm Minimization
M. El Chamie, G. Neglia, K. E. Avrachenkov p. 1350

Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Two-player Stackelberg Strategy
J. Xu, H. Zhang, T. Chai p. 1356

Event-Based Leader-Following Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Input Time Delay
W. Zhu, Z-P. Jiang p. 1362

Filtering Continuous-time Linear Systems with Time-varying Measurement Delay
F. Cacace, F. Conte, A. Germani p. 1368

Seeking Consensus in Networks of Linear Agents: Communication Noises and Markovian Switching Topologies
Y. Wang, L. Cheng, W. Ren, Z.-G. Hou, M. Tan p. 1374

Logical Matrix Factorization with Application to Topological Structure Analysis of Boolean Network
H. Li, Y. Wang p. 1380

Suboptimal Event-Triggered Control for Time-Delayed Linear Systems
W. Wu, S. Reimann, D. Görges, S. Liu p. 1386

Collective Oscillation Period of Inter-Coupled Biological Negative Cyclic Feedback Oscillators
Y. Wang, Y. Hori, S. Hara, F. Doyle p. 1392

Distributed Fusion Estimation with Communication Bandwidth Constraints
B. Chen, W-A. Zhang, L. Yu, G. Hu, H. Song p. 1398

Supervisory Control of Hybrid Systems Under Partial Observation Based on l-Complete Approximations
S-J. Park, J. Raisch p. 1404

Consensus-Based Linear and Nonlinear Filtering
G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, G. Mugnai, A. Farina, A. Graziano p. 1410

Low-Complexity Polytopic Invariant Sets for Linear Systems Subject to Norm-Bounded Uncertainty
F. Tahir, I. M. Jaimoukha p. 1416

Maximum Principle for Nonzero-Sum Stochastic Differential Game with Delays
L. Chen, Z. Yu p. 1422

Simple PD Control Scheme for Robotic Manipulation of Biological Cell
C.C. Cheah, X. Li, X. Yan, D. Sun p. 1427

Dither Re-use in Nash Equilibrium Seeking
R. Kutadinata, W. H. Moase, C. Manzie p. 1433

Identification of FIR Systems Based on Quantized Output Measurements: a Quadratic Programming-Based Method
J. Wang, Q. Zhang p. 1439

Observer-based Feedback Controller Design for a Class of Stochastic Systems with Non-Gaussian Variables
Y. Liu, H. Wang, L. Guo p. 1445

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 4 (April)

Scanning the Issue
p. 889


Multi-Agent Deployment in 3-D via PDE Control
J. Qi, R. Vazquez, M. Krstic p. 891

The Asymptotic Consensus Problem on Convex Metric Spaces
I. Matei, J. S. Baras p. 907

Linear Convergence Rate of a Class of Distributed Augmented Lagrangian Algorithms
D. Jakovetic, J. M. F. Moura, J. M. F. Xavier p. 922

An Optimizer's Approach to Stochastic Control Problems with Nonclassical Information Structures
A. A. Kulkarni, T. Coleman p. 937

Constructive Epsilon-Nash Equilibria for Nonzero-Sum Differential Games
T. Mylvaganam, M. Sassano, A. Astolfi p. 950

Distributed Reactive Power Feedback Control for Voltage Regulation and Loss Minimization
S. Bolognani, R. Carli, G. Cavraro, S. Zampieri p. 966

A Framework for the Event-Triggered Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems
R. Postoyan, P. Tabuada, D. Nesic, A. Anta p. 982

State Estimation and Fault Diagnosis of Time Labeled Petri Net Systems with Unobservable Transitions
F. Basile, M. P. Cabasino, C. Seatzu p. 997

Optimal Kullback-Leibler Aggregation via Information Bottleneck
B. C. Geiger, T. Petrov, G. Kubin, H. Koeppl p. 1010

Dissipativity-Preserving Model Reduction for Large-Scale Distributed Control Systems
T. Ishizaki, H. Sandberg, K. Kashima, J-i. Imura, Kazuyuki Aihara p. 1023

Stability Criteria of Random Nonlinear Systems and their Applications
Zhaojing Wu p. 1038

Weight and Time Recursions in Dynamic State Estimation Problem with Mixed-Norm Cost Function
P. Akimov, A. Matasov p. 1050

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Inverse Parametric Optimization with an Application to Hybrid System Control
A. B. Hempel, P. J. Goulart, J. Lygeros p. 1064

Finite-Time Consensus Using Stochastic Matrices with Positive Diagonals
J. M. Hendrickx, G. Shi, K. H. Johansson p. 1070

Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems with Application to a Two-Stage Chemical Reactor
X. Zhang, Y. Lin p. 1074

Decentralized H2 Control for Multi-channel Stochastic Systems
H. Mukaidani, H. Xu, V. Dragan p. 1080

Robust Tube MPC for Linear Systems with Multiplicative Uncertainty
J. M. Fleming, B. Kouvaritakis, M. Cannon p. 1087

Frequency-Limited H-infinity Model Reduction for Positive Systems
X. Li, C. (B.) Yu, H. Gao p. 1093

Reachability Using Arbitrary Performance Indices
M. Holzinger, D. Scheeres, J. Hauser p. 1099

Optimal Filter Approximations in Conditionally Gaussian Pairwise Markov Switching Models
N. Abbassi, D. Benboudjema, S. Derrode, W. Pieczynski p. 1104

On Simultaneous Stabilization by Feedback of Finitely Many Oscillators
E.P. Ryan p. 1110

Self-triggered Best Response Dynamics for Continuous Games
A. Cortés, S. Martinez p. 1115

A Maximum Principle for Optimal Control of Discrete-time Stochastic Systems with Multiplicative Noise
X. Lin, W. Zhang p. 1121

An Upper Bound on the Convergence Time for Quantized Consensus of Arbitrary Static Graphs
S. Shang, P. W. Cuff, P. Hui, S. R. Kulkarni p. 1127

Finite-Time Consensus with Disturbance Rejection by Discontinuous Local Interactions in Directed Graphs
M. Franceschelli, A. Pisano, A. Giua, E. Usai p. 1133

Using Inverse Nonlinearities in Robust Output Feedback Guaranteed Cost Control of Nonlinear Systems
O. U. Rehman, I. R. Petersen p. 1139

Secure Estimation in the Presence of Integrity Attacks
Y. Mo, B. Sinopoli p. 1145

Designing Fully Distributed Consensus Protocols for Linear Multi-agent Systems with Directed Graphs
Z. Li, G. Wen, Z. Duan, W. Ren p. 1152

Local Stabilization of Switched Affine Systems
L. Hetel, E. Bernuau p. 1158

Folding Algorithm for Policy Evaluation for Markov Decision Processes with Quasi-Birth Death Structure
Y. Yassir, L. B. White p. 1164

Comments on ìA Controllability Counterexampleî and the Continuation Lemma
D. L. Elliott, L. Tie p. 1169

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 3 (March)

Scanning the Issue
p. 599


Distributed Optimization Over Time-Varying Directed Graphs
A. Nedich, A. Olshevsky p. 601

Global Stabilization of a Class of Invertible MIMO Nonlinear Systems
L. Wang, A. Isidori, H. Su p. 616

Discrete-Time Solutions to the Continuous-Time Differential Lyapunov Equation With Applications to Kalman Filtering
P. Axelsson, F. Gustafsson p. 632

Optimal Parameter Selection for the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM): Quadratic Problems
E. Ghadimi, A. Teixeira, I. Shames, M. Johansson p. 644

Relative Observability of Discrete-Event Systems and its Supremal Sublanguages
K. Cai, R. Zhang, W. M. Wonham p. 659

Synchronization of Networks of Heterogeneous Agents with Common Nominal Behavior
E. Lovisari, C-Y. Kao p. 671

Optimal Control Design under Limited Model Information for Discrete-Time Linear Systems with Stochastically-Varying Parameters
F. Farokhi, K. H. Johansson p. 684

Observer Design for Stochastic Nonlinear Systems via Contraction-Based Incremental Stability
A. P. Dani, S-J. Chung, S. Hutchinson p. 700

Robust Fluid Processing Networks
D. Bertsimas, E. Nasrabadi, I. Ch. Paschalidis p. 715

Equivalent Relaxations of Optimal Power Flow
S. Bose, S. H. Low, T. Teeraratkul, B. Hassibi p. 729

A New Optimal Stepsize for Approximate Dynamic Programming
I. Ryzhov, P. Frazier, W. B. Powell p. 743

Modeling Complex Systems by Generalized Factor Analysis
G. Bottegal, G. Picci p. 759

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Designing Controllers with Reduced Order Internal Models
L. Paunonen p. 775

Protocols Design and Uncontrollable Topologies Construction for Multi-Agent Networks
Z. Ji, H. Lin, H. Yu p. 781

Continuous-Discrete Time Observer Design for Lipschitz Systems with Sampled Measurements
T. N. Dinh, V. Andrieu, M. Nadri, U. Serres p. 787

Achieving Cluster Consensus in Continuous-Time Networks of Multi-Agents with Inter-Cluster Non-Identical Inputs
Y. Han, W. Lu, T. Chen p. 793

Synthesis of Linear Coherent Quantum Control Systems Using A Differential Evolution Algorithm
H. G. Harno, I. R. Petersen p. 799

Stabilization, Controllability and Optimal Control of Boolean Networks with Impulsive Effects and State Constraints
H. Chen, X. Li, J. Sun p. 806

A Relaxed Small-Gain Theorem for Interconnected Discrete-Time Systems
R. Geiselhart, M. Lazar, F. R. Wirth p. 812

A Globally Exponentially Stable Tracking Controller for Mechanical Systems Using Position Feedback
J. G. Romero, R. Ortega, I. Sarras p. 818

Output Feedback Stabilization for One-Dimensional Wave Equation Subject to Boundary Disturbance
B-Z. Guo, F-F. Jin p. 824

Constrained Control of Uncertain, Time-Varying Linear Discrete-Time Systems Subject to Bounded Disturbances
H-N. Nguyen, S. Olaru, P-O. Gutman, M. Hovd p. 831

Socially Optimal Charging Strategies for Electric Vehicles
E. Yudovina, G. Michailidis p. 837

Recursive Identification of Multi-Input Multi-Output Errors-in-Variables Hammerstein Systems
B-Q. Mu, H-F. Chen p. 843

Sampled-data Piecewise Affine Differential Inclusions
M. Moarref, L. Rodrigues p. 850

l-infinity / L-infinity-Gain Analysis for Positive Linear Systems with Unbounded Time-Varying Delays
J. Shen, J. Lam p. 857

Distributed Average Tracking for Reference Signals with Bounded Accelerations
F. Chen, W. Ren, W. Lan, G. Chen p. 863

Nonlinear Gaussian Smoothers with Colored Measurement Noise
X. Wang, Y. Liang, Q. Pan p. 870

Discrete-Time Switched Linear Systems State Feedback Design with Application to Networked Control
G. S. Deaecto, M. Souza, J. C. Geromel p. 877

Stabilizing Switching Signals for Switched Systems
A. Kundu, D. Chatterjee p. 882

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 2 (February)

Scanning the Issue
P. 297


Dynamic Incentives for Congestion Control
A. Garcia, J. Barrera p. 299

State Estimation for Polyhedral Hybrid Systems and Applications to the Godunov Scheme for Highway Traffic Estimation
J. Thai, A. Bayen p. 311

Target Assignment in Robotic Networks: Distance Optimality Guarantees and Hierarchical Strategies
J. Yu, S-J. Chung, P. G. Voulgaris p. 327

Predictable Dynamics of Opinion Forming for Networks with Antagonistic Interactions
C. Altafini, G. Lini 342

On Games with Coupled Constraints
G. Arslan, M. F. Demirkol, S. Yuksel p. 358

On Matrix-Valued Monge-Kantorovich Optimal Mass Transport
L. Ning, T. T. Georgiou, A. Tannenbaum p. 373

Stabilizability and Controllability of Spatially Invariant P.D.E. Systems
R. F. Curtain p. 383

Multi-Input Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Non-Affine Systems with Mono-Directional Actuation
G. Bartolini, E. Punta p. 393

H-infinity Controller Design for Preview and Delayed Systems
A. Kojima p. 404

A Recurrence Pprinciple for Stochastic Difference Inclusions
A. R. Teel p. 420

Intrinsic Filtering on Lie Groups with Applications to Attitude Estimation
A. Barrau, S. Bonnabel p. 436

Using H_2-Control Performance Metrics for the Optimal Actuator Location of Distributed Parameter Systems
K. Morris, M. A. Demetriou, S. D. Yang p. 450

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Evaluating and Approximating FIR Filters: An Approach Based on Functions of Matrices
W. Michiels, H. U. Unal p. 463

A Smoothed Perturbation Analysis of Parisian Options
B. Heidergott, H. Leahu, W. Volk-Makarewicz p. 469

Signal-to-Noise Ratio Limited Output Feedback Control Subject to Channel Input Quantization
A. J. Rojas, F. Lotero p. 475

Optimal Control of a Single-Product Assemble-to-Order System with Multiple Demand Classes and Backordering
Z. Pang p. 480

Novel Criteria for Exponential Stability of Nonlinear Differential Systems with Delay
N. Pham Huu Anh p. 485

Network-Decentralized Control Strategies for Stabilization
F. Blanchini, E. Franco, G. Giordano p. 491

Variable Structure Control with Generalized Relays: A Simple Convex Optimization Approach
L. Hetel, E. Fridman, T. Floquet p. 497

A New Observer for Perspective Vision Systems under Noisy Measurements
I. Grave, Y. Tang p. 503

On Stability and Performance of Stochastic Predictive Control Techniques
D. Chatterjee, J. Lygeros p. 509

Anytime Control Using Input Sequences with Markovian Processor Availability
D. E. Quevedo, W-J. Ma, V. Gupta p. 515

Improving the Performance of Network Congestion Control Algorithms
X. Zhang, A. Papachristodoulou p. 522

Probabilistic Marking Estimation in Labeled Petri Nets
M. P. Cabasino, C. Hadjicostis, C. Seatzu p. 528

A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Computing Finite-Makespan Controllable Sublanguages
R. Su p. 534

Stability Analysis of Time-varying Neutral Time-Delay Systems
F. Mazenc p. 540

Distributed Average Tracking of Networked Euler-Lagrange Systems
F. Chen, G. Feng, L. Liu, W. Ren p. 547

Asymptotic Optimality and Rates of Convergence of Quantized Stationary Policies in Stochastic Control
N. Saldi, T. Linder, S. Yuksel p. 553

Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems Nonlinearly Depending on Fast Time--Varying Parameters: An Immersion and Invariance Approach
L. Wang, R. Ortega, H. Su, Z. Liu p. 559

A Contraction Theory-Based Approach to the Stability and Robustness of the Deterministic Extended Kalman Filter
S. Bonnabel, J-J. Slotine p. 565

Dynamic Server Assignment with Task-Dependent Server Synergy
X. Wang, S. Andradóttir, H. Ayhan p. 570

Towards A Theoretical Framework for Analysis and Intervention of Random Drift on General Networks
S. Tan, J. Lu, D. J. Hill p. 576

Comments on “Robust Stability and Stabilization of Fractional-Order Interval Systems with the Fractional Order \alpha: The 0 < \alpha < 1 Case”
B. Aguiar, T. González, M. Bernal p. 582

Correction to “An Efficient Game Form for Unicast Service Provisioning”
A. Kakhbod, D. Teneketzis p. 584

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 60 (2015), Issue 1 (January)

Scanning the Issue
p. 3


Control Design for Quasi-linear Hyperbolic Systems with an Application to the Heavy Rope
T. Knüppel, F. Woittennek p. 5

Resource Allocation: Realizing Mean-Variability-Fairness Tradeoffs
V. Joseph, G. de Veciana, A. Arapostathis p. 19

Distributed Learning of Distributions via Social Sampling
A. Sarwate, T. Javidi p. 34

Performance Bounds for the Scenario Approach and an Extension to a Class of Non-convex Programs
P. Mohajerin Esfahani, T. Sutter, J. Lygeros 46

A Petri Net Diagnoser for Discrete Event Systems Modeled by Finite State Automata
F. G. Cabral, M. V. Moreira, O. Diene, J. C. Basilio p. 59

Exact Convex Relaxation of Optimal Power Flow in Radial Networks
L. Gan, N. Li, U. Topcu, S. Low p. 72

Simultaneous Reduction of Petri Nets and Linear Constraints for Efficient Supervisor Synthesis
J. Luo, H. Ni, W. Wu, S. Wang, M. Zhou p. 88

Manufacturing Consent
V. Borkar, A. Karnik, J. Nair, S. Nalli p. 104

Supervisory Control of DES with Extended Finite-State Machines and Variable Abstraction
M. Teixeira, R. Malik, J. E. R. Cury, M. H. de Queiroz p. 118

Output-Error Identification of Large Scale 1D-Spatially Varying Interconnected Systems
P. Torres, J-W. van Wingerden, M. Verhaegen p. 130

The Active Disturbance Rejection Control to Stabilization for Multi-Dimensional Wave Equation with Boundary Control Matched Disturbance
B-Z. Guo, H-C. Zhou p. 143

Consensus for Quantum Networks: Symmetry from Gossip Interactions
L. Mazzarella, A. Sarlette, F. Ticozzi p. 158

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Optimal Control of Backward Doubly Stochastic Systems with Partial Information
Q. Zhu, Y. Shi p. 173

A Complete Characterization of the Maximal Contractively Invariant Ellipsoids of Linear Systems under Saturated Linear Feedback
Y. Li, Z. Lin p. 179

Disturbance Rejection in the Interior Domain of Linear 2x2 Hyperbolic Systems
H. Anfinsen, O. M. Aamo p. 186

Haar-Based Stability Analysis of LPV Systems
L. Oliveira de Ara˙jo, P. C. Pellanda, J. Ferreira Galdino, A. Simoes p. 192

Relations Between Sparse-Grid Quadrature Rule and Spherical-Radial Cubature Rule in Nonlinear Gaussian Estimation
B. Jia, M. Xin, Y. Cheng p. 199

On the Complexity of Some State-Counting Problems for Bounded Petri Nets
S. Reveliotis p. 205

Decentralized Integral Controllability Analysis Based on a New Unconditional Stability Criterion
S. W. Su, Andrey Savkin, Y. Guo, B. Celler, H. Nguyen p. 211

Optimal Control of a Capacitor-Type Energy Storage System
D. Lifshitz, G. Weiss p. 216

Switching Stabilization for a Class of Slowly Switched Systems
X. Zhao, B. Niu p. 221

Fastest Mixing Reversible Markov Chains on Graphs with Degree Proportional Stationary Distributions
O. Cihan, M. Akar p. 227

Conditions on Decomposing Linear Systems with More than One Matrix to Block Triangular or Diagonal Form
A. Mesbahi, M. Haeri p. 233

Hybrid Control for Switched Linear Systems with Average Dwell Time
C. Yuan, F. Wu p. 240

Whither Discrete Time Model Predictive Control?
G. Pannocchia, J. B. Rawlings, D. Q. Mayne, G. M. Mancuso p. 246

Constrained Active Fault Detection and Control
I. Puncochar, J. Siroky, M. Simandl p. 253

Exponential Observer for a Class of One-Sided Lipschitz Stochastic Nonlinear Systems
A. Barbata, M. Zasadzinski, H. Souley Ali, H. Messaoud p. 259

Reachability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Using Matrix Measures
J. Maidens, M. Arcak p. 265

Multiple Model Adaptive Control for a Class of Linear-Bounded Nonlinear Systems
M. Huang, X. Wang, Z. Wang p. 271

Continuous Finite-Time Output Regulation for Disturbed Systems under Mismatching Condition
S. Li, H. Sun, J. Yang, X. Yu p. 277

Distributed Surrounding Design of Target Region with Complex Adjacency Matrices
Y. Lou, Y. Hong p. 283

New Iterative Algorithms for Solving Coupled Markovian Jump Lyapunov Equations
A-G. Wu, G. Duan p. 289

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 59 (2014), Issue 12 (December)

Special Issue Papers

Finite Bisimulations for Switched Linear Systems
E. A. Gol, X. Ding, M. Lazar, C. Belta

Symbolic Control of Stochastic Systems Via Approximately Bisimilar Finite Abstractions
M. Zamani, P. Mohajerin Esfahani, R. Majumdar, A. Abate, J. Lygeros

Towards Robustness for Cyber-Physical Systems
P. Tabuada, S. Y. Caliskan, M. Rungger, R. Majumdar

An Input-Output Construction of Finite State p/u Approximations for Control Design
D. C. Tarraf

Supporting Heterogeneity in Cyber-Physical Systems Architectures
A. Rajhans, A. Bhave, I. Ruchkin, B. H. Krogh, D. Garlan, A. Platzer, B. Schmerl

Efficient Computations of a Security Index for False Data Attacks in Power Networks
J. M. Hendrickx, K. H. Johansson, R. M. Jungers, H. Sandberg, K. C. Sou

Detection in Adversarial Environments
K. G. Vamvoudakis, J. P. Hespanha, B. Sinopoli, Y. Mo

A Passivity Framework for Modeling and Mitigating Wormhole Attacks on Networked Control Systems
P. Lee, A. Clark, L. Bushnell, R. Poovendran

Embedded Online Optimization for Model Predictive Control at Megahertz Rates
J. L. Jerez, P. J. Goulart, S. Richter, G. A. Constantinides, E. C. Kerrigan, M. Morari

Modular Design of Jointly Optimal Controllers and Forwarding Policies for Wireless Control
B. Demirel, Z. Zou, P. Soldati, M. Johansson

Event-Based State Estimation with Variance-Based Triggering
S. Trimpe, R. D'Andrea

Price-based Adaptive Scheduling in Multi-Loop Control Systems with Resource Constraints
A. Molin, S. Hirche

Rollout Event-Triggered Control: Beyond Periodic Control Performance
D. Antunes, W.P.M.H. Heemels

Decentralized Event-Triggering for Control of Nonlinear Systems
P. Tallapragada, N. Chopra

Distributed 3-D Localization of Camera Sensor Networks from 2-D Image Measurements
R. Tron, R. Vidal

An MPC-based Approach to Provable System-wide Safety and Liveness of Autonomous Ground Traffic
K-D. Kim, P. R. Kumar

High Confidence Networked Control for Next Generation Air Transportation Systems
P. Park, H. Khadilkar, H. Balakrishnan, C. J. Tomlin

Stochastic Stability of Event-Triggered Anytime Control
D. E. Quevedo, V. Gupta, W-J. Ma, S. Yuksel

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 59 (2014), Issue 11 (November)

Special Issue Papers

Identification of Parameterized Gray-box State-Space Systems: From a Black-Box Linear Time-Invariant Representation to a Structured One
G. Mercère, O. Prot, J. A. Ramos

Frequency Domain Subspace Identification Using Nuclear Norm Minimization and Hankel Matrix Realizations
R. S. Smith

A Unified Framework for Solving a General Class of Conditional and Robust Set-membership Estimation Problems
V. Cerone, J. B. Lasserre, D. Piga, D. Regruto

Feasible Parameter Set Approximation for Linear Models with Bounded Uncertain Regressors
M. Casini, A. Garulli, A. Vicino

Convex Certificates for Model (In)validation of Switched Affine Systems with Unknown Switches
N. Ozay, M. Sznaier, C. M. Lagoa

System Identification via Sparse Multiple Kernel-Based Regularization Using Sequential Convex Optimization Techniques
T. Chen, M. S. Andersen, L. Ljung, A. Chiuso, G. Pillonetto

Compressive Network Analysis
X. Jiang, Y. Yao, H. Liu, L. Guibas

Sparse Estimation of Polynomial and Rational Dynamic Models
C. R. Rojas, R. Tóth, H. Hjalmarsson

Optimal Sensor Scheduling in Batch Processes Using Convex Relaxations and Tchebycheff Systems Theory
T. Abburi, S. Narasimhan

Sensor and Actuator Placement for Linear Systems Based on H2 and H∞; Optimization
U. Münz, M. Pfister, P. Wolfrum

Constrained Optimal Input Signal Design for Data-Centric Estimation Methods
D. E. Rivera, S. Deshpande

LMI-Based Estimation of Scene Points in Vision Systems with Generalized Cameras
G. Chesi

Observability with Random Observations
B. M. Sanandaji, M. B. Wakin, T. L. Vincent

Selective l1 Minimization for Sparse Recovery
V. L. Le, F. Lauer, G. Bloch

Technical Notes and Correspondence

On Stabilizability of Nonlinearly Parameterized Discrete-Time Systems
C. Li, M. Z. Q. Chen

Classical Results on the Stability of Linear Time-Invariant Systems and the Schwarz Form
R. Shorten, K. S. Narendra

Time-Optimal Control of a Two Level Quantum System via Interaction with an Auxiliary System
F. Albertini, D. D'Alessandro

Local Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems through the Reduction Model Approach
F. Mazenc, M. Malisoff

Self-Triggered Output Feedback Control of Linear Plants in the Presence of Unknown Disturbances
J. Almeida, C. Silvestre, A. M. Pascoal

Stability Analysis of Lur'e-Type Switched Systems
J. C. Geromel, G. S. Deaecto

Linear Quadratic Tracking Control of Partially-Unknown Continuous-time Systems using Reinforcement Learning
H. Modares, F. L. Lewis

Output Regulation for Control Systems on SE(n): A Global Approach
G. S. Schmidt, C. Ebenbauer, F. Allgöwer

Efficient Polynomial-time Outer Bounds on State Trajectories for Uncertain Polynomial Systems using Skewed Structured Singular Values
M. Kishida, P. Rumschinski, R. Findeisen, R. D. Braatz

On the Notion of Uncontrollable Marking in Supervisory Control of Petri Nets
B. Lacerda, P. Lima

L1-Adaptive Control: Stability, Robustness, and Interpretations
P. A. Ioannou, A. Annaswamy, K. S. Narendra, S. Jafari, L. Rudd, R. Ortega, J. D. Boskovic

A Recursive Elimination Method for Finite-Horizon Optimal Control Problems of Discrete-Time Rational Systems
T. Ohtsuka

Strong Structural Controllability and Observability of Linear Time-Varying Systems
G. Reissig, C. Hartung, F. Svaricek

Positivity of Continuous-Time Descriptor Systems With Time Delays
Y. Zhang, Q. Zhang, T. Tanaka, X-G. Yan

ISS-Lyapunov Functions for Discontinuous Discrete-Time Systems
L. Gruene, C. M. Kellett

H∞ Consensus Achievement of Multi-Agent Systems with Directed and Switching Topology Networks
I. Saboori, K. Khorasani

A Stochastic Online Sensor Scheduler for Remote State Estimation with Time-out Condition
J. Wu, K. H. Johansson, L. Shi

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 59 (2014), Issue 10 (October)

Scanning the Issue



On Hybrid State Estimation for Stochastic Hybrid Systems
W. Liu, I. Hwang

Stabilizing Dynamic Control Design for Hybrid Systems: A Hybrid Control Lyapunov Function Approach
S. Di Cairano, W.P.M.H. Heemels, M. Lazar, A. Bemporad

Event-Separation Properties of Event-Triggered Control Systems
D. P. Borgers, W.P.M.H. Heemels

Economic MPC for a Changing Economic Criterion for Linear Systems
A. Ferramosca, D. Limon, E. F. Camacho

Controllability and Observability of Network-of-Networks via Cartesian Products
A. Chapman, M. Nabi-Abdolyousefi, M. Mesbahi

Robust Output Synchronization of a Network of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Agents via Nonlinear Regulation Theory
A. Isidori, L. Marconi, G. Casadei

Generalizing Negative Imaginary Systems Theory to Include Free Body Dynamics: Control of Highly Resonant Structures with Free Body Motion
M. A. Mabrok, A. Kallapur, I. R. Petersen, A. Lanzon

The State Feedback Regulator Problem for Regular Linear Systems
V. Natarajan, D. S. Gilliam, G. Weiss

Kalman Filtering with Intermittent Observations: On the Boundedness of the Expected Error Covariance
E. R. Rohr, D. Marelli, M. Fu

Model Reduction for Nonlinear Systems by Incremental Balanced Truncation
B. Besselink, N. Van De Wouw, J. M.A. Scherpen, H. Nijmeijer

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Subspace Identification of Large-Scale Interconnected Systems
A. Haber, M. Verhaegen

Robust Adaptive Compensation of Periodic Disturbances with Unknown Frequency
R. Marino, P. Tomei

Relaxed Persistent Flow/Jump Conditions for Uniform Global Asymptotic Stability
C. Prieur, A. R. Teel, L. Zaccarian

Local Observers on Linear Lie Groups with Linear Estimation Error Dynamics
M. Koldychev, C. Nielsen

Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Sampled-Data Emulated Controllers
Z. Chen, H. Fujioka

Distributed Output Regulation of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems via Host Internal Model
D. Xu, Y. Hong, X. Wang

Reference Tracking MPC Using Dynamic Terminal Set Transformation
D. Simon, J. Löfberg, T. Glad

An Argument for the Bayesian Control of Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
E. Vargo, R. Cogill

A Stochastic Approach to Dubins Vehicle Tracking Problems
R. Anderson, D. Milutinovic

Aggregation of Graph Models and Markov Chains by Deterministic Annealing
Y. Xu, S. Salapaka, C. L. Beck

Efficient Algorithms for Budget-Constrained Markov Decision Processes
C. Caramanis, N. B. Dimitrov, D. P. Morton

Adaptive Estimation for a Class of Nonlinearly Parameterized Dynamical Systems
V. Adetola, M. Guay, D. Lehrer

On the Optimal Solutions of the Infinite-Horizon Linear Sensor Scheduling Problem
L. Zhao, W. Zhang, J. Hu, A. Abate, C. J. Tomlin

Adaptive Control for Regulation of a Quadratic Function of the State
Y. Sharon, A. Annaswamy, A. Motto, A. Chakraborty

Fast Structured Nuclear Norm Minimization with Applications to Set Membership Systems Identification
M. Sznaier, M. Ayazoglu, T. Inanc

How Economic Inequality has Increased by Tax Cuts? Power-Based Modular Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems
S-J. Park

Exponential Stabilization of Boundary Controlled Port-Hamiltonian Systems with Dynamic Feedback
H. Ramirez, Y. Le Gorrec, A. Macchelli, H. Zwart

Dynamic Contract Trading in Spectrum Markets
G. Kasbekar, S. Sarkar, K. Kar, P. Muthuswamy, A. Gupta

A Novel Penalty Approach for Nonlinear Dynamic Optimization Problems with Inequality Path Constraint
X. Liu, Y. Hu, J. Feng, K. Liu

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 59 (2014), Issue 9 (September)

Scanning the Isssue


Optimal Controller Synthesis for Decentralized Systems over Graphs via Spectral Factorization
J. Swigart, S. Lall

Stabilizing a SISO LTI Plant with Gain and Delay Margins as Large as Desire
D. L. Gaudette, D. E. Miller

Control of Linear Switched Systems with Receding Horizon Modal Information
R. Essick, J-W. Lee, G. E. Dullerud

Extremum Problems with Total Variation Distance and their Applications
C. D. Charalambous, I. Tzortzis, S. Loyka, T. Charalambous

Stabilization of Linear Systems Over Gaussian Networks
A. A. Zaidi, T. J. Oechtering, S. Yuksel, M. Skoglund

Prediction-Based Stabilization of Linear Systems Subject to Input-Dependent Input Delay of Integral-Type
D. Bresch-Pietri, J. Chauvin, N. Petit

Submodular Utility Maximization for Deadline Constrained Data Collection in Sensor Networks
Z. Zheng, N. B. Shroff

Structures and Transformations for Model Reduction of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems
H. I. Nurdin

A Converse Lyapunov Theorem and Robustness for Asymptotic Stability in Probability
A. R. Teel, J. P. Hespanha, A. Subbaraman

Network Risk Limiting Dispatch: Optimal Control and Price of Uncertainty
B. Zhang, R. Rajagopal, D. N. Tse

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Design of Optimal Sparse Interconnection Graphs for Synchronization of Oscillator Networks
M. Fardad, F. Lin, M. Jovanovic

Multi-Agent Consensus With Relative-State-Dependent Measurement Noises
T. Li, F. Wu, J-F. Zhang

Multirate Observers for Nonlinear Sampled-Data Systems Using Input-to-State Stability and Discrete-Time Approximation
H. Beikzadeh, H. J. Marquez

The Forest Consensus Theorem
P. Chebotarev, R. Agaev

Bounded Hybrid Connectivity Control of Networked Multiagent Systems
G. De La Torre, T. Yucelen, E. N. Johnson

Minimized Tracking Error Randomness Control for Nonlinear Multivariate and Non-Gaussian Systems Using the Generalized Density Evolution Equation
M. Ren, J. Zhang, H. Wang

Controllability of Discrete Time Bilinear Systems in Finite and Infinite Dimensional Spaces
D. Alami Louati, M. Ouzahra

Forward and Converse Lyapunov Theorems for Discrete Dynamical Systems
R. Jafari, A. Kable, M. T. Hagan

The Observer Error Linearization Problem via Dynamic Compensation
C. Califano, C. Moog

On the Linear Separability of the Safe and Unsafe State Subsets of Single-Unit Resource Allocation Systems
S. Reveliotis

Optimal Stabilization Problem with Minimax Cost in a Critical Case
V. Grushkovskaya, A. Zuyev

Combining iISS and ISS With Respect to Small Inputs: The Strong iISS Property
A. Chaillet, D. Angeli, H. Ito

Dynamical Behaviors of an Euler Discretized Sliding Mode Control Systems
Q. Shaocheng, X. Xia, J. Zhang

Stabilizability Across a Gaussian Product Channel: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
U. Kumar, J. Liu, V. Gupta, N. Laneman

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Pareto Optimality in Infinite Horizon Cooperative Differential Games
P. V. Reddy, J. Engwerda

Infinite-Horizon Continuous-Time NMPC via Time Transformation
L. Wuerth, W. Marquardt

LMMSE Filtering in Feedback Systems with White Random Modes: Application to Tracking in Clutter
D. Sigalov, T. Michaeli, Y. Oshman

Controlled Invariants and Trajectory Planning for Underactuated Mechanical Systems
A. Shiriaev, L. B. Freidovich, M. W. Spong

Zero Forcing Sets and Controllability of Dynamical Systems Defined on Graphs
N. Monshizadeh, S. Zhang, M. K. Camlibel

Formal Synthesis of Control Policies for Continuous Time Markov Processes from Time-Bounded Temporal Logic Specifications
A. Medina Ayala, S. Andersson, C. Belta

Risk-Constrained Markov Decision Processes
V. Borkar, R. Jain

A Class of Position Controllers for Underactuated VTOL Vehicles
A. Roza, M. Maggiore

Optimal Robust Linear Quadratic Regulator for Systems Subject to Uncertainties
M. H. Terra, J. P. Cerri, J. Y. Ishihara

Relationship Between Nash Equilibrium Strategies and $H_2/H_{\infty}$ Control of Stochastic Markov Jump Systems with Multiplicative Noise
L. Sheng, W. Zhang, M. Gao

Leader-following Connectivity Preservation Rendezvous of Multi-agent Systems Based Only Position Measurements
Y. Dong, J. Huang

Stabilization of Singular Markovian Jump Systems with Generally Uncertain Transition Rates
K. Yonggui, J. Xie, C. Wang, H. R. Karimi

The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 59 (2014), Issue 8 (August)


Stability of a General Class of Distributed Algorithms for Power Control in Time-varying Wireless Network
E. Devane, I. Lestas p. 1999

Stability and Performance of Continuous-Time Power Control in Wireless Networks
H. R. Feyzmahdavian, T. Charalambous, M. Johansson p. 2012

Weak Invariant Simulation and its Application to Analysis of Parameterized Network
. M. Hadi Zibaeenejad, J. G. Thistle p. 2024

Stability of Switched Linear Differential Systems
J. C. Mayo-Maldonado, P. Rapisarda, P. Rocha p. 2038

Flow-Level Stability of Wireless Networks: Separation of Congestion Control and Scheduling
J. Ghaderi, R. Srikant, T. Ji p. 2052

Reduction Model Approach for Linear Time-Varying Systems with Delays. F. Mazenc, M. Malisoff, S-I. Niculescu p. 2068

Characterization of the Critical Sets of Quantum Unitary Control Landscapes
J. Dominy, T-S. Ho, H. Rabitz p. 2083

A Distributed Multi-Agent Command Governor Strategy for the Coordination of Networked Interconnected Systems
A. Casavola, E. Garone, F. Tedesco p. 2099

Probabilistic Optimal Estimation with Uniformly Distributed Noise
F. Dabbene, M. Sznaier, R. Tempo p. 2113

Optimal Energy Allocation for Kalman Filtering over Packet Dropping Links with Imperfect Acknowledgments and Energy Harvesting Constraints. M. Nourian
A. S. Leong, S. Dey p. 2128

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Event Based Pulse-Modulated Control of Linear Stochastic Systems
B-C. Wang, X. Meng, T. Chen p. 2144

Robust Stability Analysis of Sparsely Interconnected Uncertain Systems
M. Andersen, S, Khoshfetrat Pakazad, A. Hansson, A. Rantzer p. 2151

Truncated Predictor Feedback Stabilization of Polynomially Unstable Linear Systems with Multiple Time-Varying Input Delays. B. Zhou, Z. Lin p. 2157

Disturbance Attenuation in a Consensus Network of Identical Linear Systems: An H_Inf Approach
K-K. Oh, K. L. Moore, H-S. Ahn p. 2164

Robust Adaptive Inverse Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Prandtl-Ishlinskii Hysteresis Model
S. Liu, C-Y. Su, Z. Li p. 2170

Verification of the Observer Property in Discrete Event Systems
P. N. Pena, H. J. Bravo, A. E. Carrilho da Cunha, R. Malik, S. Lafortune, J. E. R. Cury p. 2176

Localization and Circumnavigation of a Slowly Moving Target Using Bearing Measurements
M. Deghat, I. Shames, B. D.O. Anderson, C. (B.) Yu p. 2182

Computation of the Real Controllability Radius and Minimum-Norm Perturbations of Higher-Order, Descriptor, and Time-Delay LTI Systems
S. Lam, E. J. Davison p. 2189

Stability of Switched Linear Hyperbolic Systems by Lyapunov Techniques
C. Prieur, A. Girard, E. Witrant p. 2196

Stabilization of Continuous-Time Fractional Positive Systems by Using a Lyapunov Function
A. Benzaouia, A. Hmamed, F. Mesquine, M. Benhayoun, F. Tadeo p. 2203

Delay-Independent Stability Conditions for Some Classes of Nonlinear Systems
A. Aleksandrov, G-D. Hu, A. P. Zhabko p. 2209

Convergence Guarantees for Moving Horizon Estimation Based on the Real-time Iteration Scheme
A. Wynn, M. Vukov, M. Diehl p. 2215

Semi-Global Consensus of Nonlinear Second-order Multi-Agent Systems with Measurement Output Feedback
M-C. Fan, Z. Chen, H.-T. Zhang p. 2222

Sarymsakov Matrices and Asynchronous Implementation of Distributed Coordination Algorithms
W. Xia, M. Cao p. 2228

A Synthesis Method of LTI MIMO Robust Controllers for Uncertain LPV Plants
P. A. N. Rosa, G. J. Balas, C. Silvestre, M. Athans p. 2234

Hierarchical Mean Field Games for Multi-Agent Systems with Tracking-Type Costs: Distributed Epsilon-Stackelberg Equilibria
B-C. Wang, J-F. Zhang p. 2241

Advances on the Reachability Index of Positive 2-D Systems
E. Bailo, J. Gelonch, S. Romero Vivo p. 2248

Nuclear Norm Spectrum Estimation from Uniformly Spaced Measurements
H. Akcay p. 2252

On the Road Between Robust Optimization and the Scenario Approach for Chance Constrained Optimization Problems K. Margellos, P. J. Goulart, J. Lygeros p. 2258

Distributed and Truncated Reduced-Order Observer Based Output Feedback Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems
B. Zhou, C. Xu, G. Duan p. 2264

Computation of Time Optimal Feedback Control using Groebner Basis
D. Patil, D. Chakraborty p. 2271

A Difference of Convex Function Algorithm for Switched Linear Regression
T. Pham Dinh, H. M. Le, H. A. Le Thi, F. Lauer p. 2277

Cooperative Control Design for Time-varying Formations of Multi-Agent Systems
L. Briñón Arranz, A. Seuret, C. Canudas de Wit p. 2283

Decoupling Coupled Constraints Through Utility Design
N. Li, J. Marden p. 2289

The Stability of Longest-Queue-First Scheduling With Variable Packet Sizes
S. T. Maguluri, B. Hajek, R. Srikant p. 2295

The Role of Exosystems in Output Regulationz
L. Paunonen p. 2301

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The IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Submission and Review Management System

Table of Contents of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control Volume 62 (2017), Issue 2 (February)

Scanning the Issue
p. 513


Predictor-Feedback Stabilization of Multi-Input Nonlinear Systems
N. Bekiaris-Liberis, M. Krstic p. 516

Linear Convergence and Metric Selection in Douglas-Rachford Splitting and ADMM
P. Giselsson, S. Boyd p. 532

Adaptive Output Feedback Control for Uncertain Linear Time-Delay Systems
Y. Zhu, M. Krstic, H. Su p. 545

Design of Distributed LTI Observers for State Omniscience
S. Park, N. C. Martins p.561

Distributed Winner-take-all in Dynamic Networks
S. Li, M. Zhou, X. Luo, Z. You p. 577

Feedback Nash Equilibria in Linear-Quadratic Difference Games with Constraints
P. V. Reddy, G. Zaccour p. 590

Quadratic Multi-Dimensional Signaling Games and Affine Equilibria
S. Saritas, S. Yüksel, S. Gezici p. 605

Passivity and Dissipativity Analysis of a System and its Approximation
M. Xia, P. J. Antsaklis, V. Gupta, F. Zhu p. 620

Small Noise May Diversify Collective Motion in Vicsek Model
G. Chen p. 636

Analysis and Synthesis of Interconnected Positive Systems
Y. Ebihara, D. Peaucelle, D. Arzelier p. 652

Generalized Engage or Retreat Differential Game with Escort Regions
Z. E. Fuchs, P. P. Khargonekar p. 668

Dynamical Model and Optimal Turning Gait for Mechanical Rectifier Systems
S. Kohannim, T. Iwasaki p. 682

Transient Analysis of Serial Production Lines with Perishable Products: Bernoulli Reliability Model
F. Ju, J. Li, J. A. Horst p. 694

Team Optimality Conditions of Distributed Stochastic Differential Decision Systems with Decentralized Noisy Information Structures
C. D. Charalambous, N. U. Ahmed p. 708

Estimation with Strategic Sensors
F. Farokhi, A. M. H. Teixeira, C. Langbort p. 724

A Partition-based Random Search for Stochastic Constrained Optimization via Simulation
S. Gao, W. Chen p. 740

Privacy Preserving Average Consensus
Y. Mo, R. M. Murray p. 753

On Convergence Rate of Weighted-Averaging Dynamics for Consensus Problems
A. Nedich, J. Liu p. 766

Dual Pairs of Generalized Lyapunov Inequalities and Balanced Truncation of Stochastic Linear Systems
T. Damm, P. Benner, Y. R. Rodriguez Cruz p. 782

Optimal Operation and Economic Value of Energy Storage at Consumer Locations
Y. Xu, L. Tong p. 792

A Lyapunov Redesign of Coordination Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems
C. De Persis, R. Postoyan p. 808

Eigenspectrum-Based Iterative Learning Control for a Class of Distributed Parameter System
T. Xiao, H-X. Li p. 824

Relative Time and Stochastic Control with Non-Smooth Features
X-R. Cao p. 837

Fast Filtering in Switching Approximations of Non-linear Markov Systems with Applications to Stochastic Volatility
I. Gorynin, S. Derrode, E. Monfrini, W. Pieczynski p. 853

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Sliding Mode Control in Stochastic Continuos-Time Systems: μ-zone MS-convergence
A. S. Poznyak p. 853

Simultaneous Velocity and Position Estimation via Distance-only Measurements with Application to Multi-Agent System Control
B. Jiang, M. Deghat, B. D.O. Anderson p. 869

Filtering With Uncertain Noise
R. J. Elliott p. 876

Linear Optimal Unbiased Filter for Time-Variant Systems Without Apriori Information on Initial Conditions
S. Zhao, B. Huang, F. Liu p. 882

Complexity Certification of the Fast Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Linear MPC
Y. Pu, M. N. Zeilinger, C. N. Jones p. 888

Observer Design for Tracking Consensus in Second-order Multi-agent Systems: Fractional Order Less Than Two
W. Yu, Y. Li, G. Wen, X. Yu, J. Cao p. 894

A Study on Stability of the Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm
I. Hwang, C. E. Seah, S. Lee p. 901

Robust Iterative Learning Control for Nonrepetitive Uncertain Systems
D. Meng, K. L. Moore p. 907

Predictor-based Control of Systems with State Multiplicative Noise
E. Gershon, E. Fridman, U. Shaked p. 914

Invariant-based Supervisory Control of Switched Discrete Event Systems
S. Reveliotis, Z. Fei p. 921

An Extremum-Seeking Controller for Distributed Optimization over Sensor Networks
S. Dougherty, M. Guay p. 928

Local Modular Supervisory Control of Timed Discrete-Event Systems
G. Schafaschek, M. H. de Queiroz, J. E. R. Cury p. 934

The Performance and Limitations of epsilon-Stealthy Attacks on Higher Order Systems
E. Kung, S. Dey, L. Shi p. 941

Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators With Uncertain Kinematics and Dynamics
H. Wang p. 948

On the Detection of Valve Nonlinearities in Otherwise Linear Closed-Loop Systems
T. Spinner, B. Srinivasan, R. Rengaswamy p. 955

Characterizing Token Delays of Timed Event Graphs for K-Cyclic Schedules
T-E. Lee, H-J. Kim, D-H. Roh, R. S. Sreenivas p. 961

On Autocovariance Least-Squares Method for Noise Covariance Matrices Estimation
J. Dunik, O. Straka, M. Simandl p. 967

State and Parameter Estimation: A Nonlinear Luenberger Approach
C. Afri, V. Andrieu, L. Bako, P. Dufour p. 973

Adaptive Backstepping Quantized Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
X. Yu, Y. Lin p. 981

Supervisory Control for Behavior Composition
P. Felli, N. Yadav, S. Sardina p. 986

Noise-Tolerant ZNN Models for Solving Time-Varying Zero-Finding Problems: A Control-Theoretic Approach
L. Jin, Y. Zhang, S. Li, Y. Zhang p. 992

Quantum Noises, Physical Realizability and Coherent Quantum Feedback Control
S. L. Vuglar, I. R. Petersen p. 998

Contact-Force Control of a Flexible Timoshenko Arm
T. Endo, M. Sasaki, F. Matsuno p. 1004


Folding Algorithm for Policy Evaluation for Markov Decision Processes with Quasi-Birth Death Structure
Y. Yassir, L. B. White p. p. 1164


Scanning the Issue