Editorial Policy

In the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, the IEEE Control Systems Society publishes high-quality papers on the theory, design, and applications of control engineering. The Transactions is published monthly.

Two types of contributions are regularly considered:

1) Papers-Presentation of significant research, development, or application of control concepts.

2) Technical Notes and Correspondence-Brief technical notes, comments on published areas or established control topics, corrections to papers and notes published in the Transactions.

The Editorial Board will prescreen such submissions and remove from further consideration those that, in its opinion, do not meet one or more requirements that include, but are not limited to: areas of interest to our readership; quality and clarity of presentation; novelty; significance of contribution. Notes or comments on historical precedence of technical results or on minor errors in outdated papers will not be published, unless the Editorial Board determines the appropriateness of such items on an exceptional basis. In all cases where a submission does not pass the prescreening stage, it will promptly be returned to the authors. Prescreening decisions are final and authors may not engage in any further correspondence regarding these decisions.

In addition, special papers (tutorials, surveys, and perspectives on the theory and applications of control systems topics) are solicited. Authors are urged to contact one of the Senior Editors at Large before submitting such papers.

Submission of a manuscript signifies that it has been neither copyrighted nor published, submitted, or accepted for publication elsewhere. IEEE policy requires that when using their own previously published or submitted material as a basis for a new submission authors are expected to "cite the previous work(s) and very clearly indicate how the new submission differs from the previously published work(s)." [IEEE Publications Operations Manual, Section 8.2.4F.] Please see the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual ( and also at the IEEE CSS ( website under Publications.  

If a submitted manuscript has been published or has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of an IEEE conference, it may be considered for publication in the Transactions of Automatic Control if evidence is provided that it adds value relative to its conference version (for example, it contains detailed proofs omitted from the conference version, or additional numerical results). This ensures consistency with the policy stated in the previous paragraph.

If, at its time of submission, a manuscript has also been submitted for publication in the Proceedings of an IEEE conference, it will be considered for publication in the Transactions of Automatic Control with the understanding that, should it be found publishable in both venues, evidence will be provided that its final version adds value relative to its conference version, as explained in the previous paragraph.

Additional information on manuscript submission procedures is provided at: Information for Authors