Forthcoming Papers

To the T-AC Readers and Authors-Preprint service by IEEE Xplore

All articles that have been accepted by the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, but have not yet appeared in print, may be found in the Early Acces of the IEEE Xplore site for T-AC. Posted there are the preprints (in pdf format) of the accepted papers as submitted by the authors.

Be warned that there maybe a delay of a few weeks from the time the final manuscript is sent to our Editorial Office to the time it is posted by IEEE in the Forthcoming articles section of Xplore.

The papers are then edited by IEEE staff and reviewed by the author. The final, paginated paper is sent to Xplore once the issue within which it is included is ready for publication. When the final article appears in an issue, the preprint is removed from the Forthcoming section. The publication date of the article is the date it was first posted in Xplore. This date is displayed with all versions of the article, in the first footnote and in the abstract record in Xplore.