Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College have agreed to the following conditions for

ND students who enroll in an SMC study-abroad program in the 2006-7 academic



- ND students wishing to attend an SMC international study program must first

apply to an ND international program.  If ND's Office of International Studies (OIS) is unable to accommodate the student into one of its programs, then the student will be permitted to apply to one or more SMC international study programs.  Under no

circumstances will an ND student be permitted to attend an SMC program in a country

where ND has an existing program, unless the student applied but was not admitted

into ND's corresponding program for the upcoming year and has made a good faith

effort to work with ND's OIS staff to try to find an alternative location in one of ND's international study programs.


- ND students who have applied and been accepted to an SMC international study program must receive signature approval by their ND academic advisors for the set of courses they propose to take through an SMC international study program.  This process must be completed before a ND student can confirm participation in the SMC international study program.


- An ND student attending an SMC international study program will pay the equivalent of regular ND tuition, room and board, and applicable fees to ND for the program.


- ND students who are enrolled in an SMC international study program during the academic year may receive any form of financial aid for which the ND Office of Financial Aid has determined the student is qualified.  


This is only a temporary policy for 2006-7 until a revised formal cooperation agreement between ND and SMC can be finalized.

(posted Feb 27th, 2006)