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In the Office of International Studies, we breathe life into the belief that international study is important and life-enhancing for Undergraduate students.

  • We administer 24 adacemic year programs and 3 summer programs in 17 countries, seeking a balance that allows the greatest number of students to study with a fine and diverse faculty.

  • One of our greatest responsibilities is to assure that every study abroad program provides each student with the maximum benefits of academic and research exploration, cultural engagement, and an awareness of their place as leaders in a global world.

  • We actively pursue partnerships with Notre Dame entities whose international involvement brings that same richness to on-campus programs.

  • We promote research and teaching initiatives of university faculty so that they can bring new international perspectives to the Notre Dame classroom, or to bring Notre Dame students to the world.

Goals and Objectives

The ND student who studies abroad will return with an intrinsic understanding of the notion of a global world. The Office of International Studies structures our programs so that this lesson is learned in various dimensions.

  • Students on-site take courses specifically on the country in which they are living. Called 'Area Studies,' these courses are offered in a myriad of academic fields, including History, Language, Political Science, Literature, and the Arts.

  • The successful leaders of tomorrow will need to be multi-lingual. Immersion in an international study program is the best way to become fluent in a foreign language. The experience of speaking to people in their language, not your own, allows a deeper understanding of humankind.

  • Exposure to the teaching methods of our international faculty, which often differ markedly from our own, open students' minds to new ways of thinking.

  • Those students who invest in the full flavor of the international experience, including classroom experiences as complemented by independent research, field work, or an internship, awaken to a new understanding of intellectual independence.

  • Volunteer service opportunities, a unique feature of the Notre Dame study abroad experience, enlighten students on the importance of community.

Why Study Abroad

From their inception, study abroad programs run by Notre Dame have been organized to reflect the university's commitment to learning, service, and faith. Affiliated programs have been selected partly on the basis of their affinity with these values. The number of Notre Dame undergraduate students who study abroad is consistently among the highest in the nation.


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